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MMA, Grooming, and my favorite ex neo-nazi on twitter [First Effort Post]

Linked video is some nerd explaining the relevant drama, im going to go into unnecessary levels of detail below.

Its an open, mostly unspoken secret in MMA gyms that the coach game is OP when it comes to hooking up with students. Its interesting because its really just MMA . Boxing gyms are mostly man territory and boxers get in trouble for beating their wives but rape and grooming shit seems to be coming from BJJ/MMA clubs. Im pretty sure this is because boxing in burgerland is run by Kangs, while mma, esp Brazilian Jiu Jitsu attracts mayos 🤢 🤢. Super redditor style weird mayos too. Something about wanting to know how to hurt people but scared to get hurt at all yourself I think. (BJJ is all grappling, often starting from your knees, no strikes, and you tap out once it starts to hurt if you arent an idiot)

Case in point is the Lloyd Irvin cult, but its unrelated to the current drama other than proving my point here. Still some crazy shit on its own tho.

Anyways, MMA gyms are a closed off ecosystem with clear alpha(s), primal stuff in the air, and lots of physical contact. MMA gyms having mayos makes them more suburb friendly, so they usually have casual classes to pay the bills with a team of fighters to actually win fights, credibility, etc. Enter in some yoga pantsed mayo foids that thinks it looks fun to get in shape and people are having sex mk. And if youre the coach, the king of your own little ecosystem, you typically get your pick of the litter. and yes i meant for that to start sounding creepy.

Sometimes theres some friction between the coach and the top fighter, classic young buck/old bull dichotomy is real. Either way, guys (and gals) that get into fighting that seriously generally have something wrong with them, so the drama can get crazy too. “Kingdom” does a good job making a show out of all of this. Which is some of the best TV ive ever seen in my life tbh. Even if you dont follow mma I recommend to anyone. The coolest ive ever seen a twinky jonas brother do too.

If youre still reading im assuming thats enough context so lets talk about Rose Namajunas, top level UFC 115lb womens fighter, but one of the most annoying, starting with trying to figure how tf to pronounce her name, and then finding out shes a total spoiled headcase foid. Reddit used to simp for her hard but even they are getting sick of her shit in light of recent events.

This video was hella cute tho.

Dont let it fool you, shes always crying about her mental health. Guess she has been through some shit, but shes the stereotypical “dont question my trauma and therefore any of my choices” white girl. To her credit tho, when shes found something that works for keeping her head straight, shes done some amazing shit, knocking out a polish and then a chinese pair of juggernaughts. Her last fight was terrible tho, she barely did anything, had the audacity to act like she kicked the girls ass definitively, and ended up losing the decision.

Part of the problem is clearly her husband in her corner, ex-ufc heavyweight Pat Barry. Best known for being on the receiving end of a viral knockout And being a semi psycho goofball until recently. This rslur is giving corner advice like “you hear those boos? That means its working!” And “youre the best, youre amazing!” After a rd where she didnt do shit but move around. Afterwards, one of the excuses Pat threw out as an explanation were the recent comments made by Sean Strickland,

Who is Sean Strickland you say? Im so happy you asked. Sean is a top ten ufc middleweight contender, proud white trash, ex neo nazi, porn star wooing dramanaught, through and through.

I couldnt pick just a few, his whole timeline is a goldmine of rslurred basedness, constantly making redditards seethe, its great. Recently tho, theyve magically found some common ground, Seans been calling out the groomers in MMA

Im pretty sure Sean is just enjoying using his powers of assholia for good, and its great, cus hes also one of the few men in the world that could say this shit to their faces and be just fine with any of them. (MW is 185, but walking around hes probably 210ish on the heavy side. Itd be totally normal if he jumped into “hard sparring” with heavyweights. Gym wars over some personal shit are better fights than a lot of what we see on tv too btw.

Anyways, the coach game is already OP, so when its being run on literal children thats just beyond unacceptable. Well sometimes these mma power couples got questionable timelines, and the Rose-Pat Barry one is the most well known cus its bad, Pats almost 10 years older, said it was “love at first sight” and someone did the math, they met when Rose started training at like 15-16. Open and shut case officer.

Sean has been talking that shit loud and proud and good for him. But another fighting Dramanaught, Paulo Costa, took advantage of the noise being made to troll the fuck out Dana White with a well photoshopped picture originally of Pat and Rose.

Rose and Pat are trying to say Sean talking shit fucked her head up and I actually believe it, which is hilarious. Theyve been doing constant cope and seethe interviews trying to explain away her loss and the grooming allegations and its just coming off worse and worse. Cringe moments.

Seans shitposting has actually affected reality, what a dimension we’re in, lol.

TL:DR; highly neurodivergent Ex neo nazi shitposting ufc fighter calls out notorious groomer couple in the ufc. Groomed fighter loses her fight, redditors are grudgingly being drawn to the based light.

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Good post. Krav Maga people are the most obnoxious so I like to try and make sure they hear me pronounce it Krav MAGA

Nothing worse than a “my shit is so deadly i cant actually show you any of it, cus then I’d kill you” mf.

Real krav maga is legit, as in israelis that are legitimately fucking each other up to train it. It would never fly in America, so outside of credentialed military, krav maga is bullshit on bullshit.

That's because krav maga is just grabbing you and destroying your testicles.

Marines just call that hazing

a little horseplay


Forgive me if I sound r-slurred but wasn’t there a military martial art used by the US Marine Corps that targeted the nervous system and it was pretty effective but discontinued it because marines and veterans were then using them on their spouses when they had episodes?

I heard that about “line training” which was before my time. I can tell you it’s replacement, “MCMAP” is effectively neutered af.

I got up to brown belt my brother all the way to black belt tan tab (he can certify belts all the way up to brown, only red tabs means you can create tan tabs and I think black belts but I’m not 100 on that one). Anyways neither of us ever got punched in the face (in training) to get any of our certifications

Lots of demonstrating moves, grappling, rare body sparring, and “warrior ethos” discussions. The cliche of the new softer marine corps is a tired one but this I can’t deny

Would you have liked to learn line if given the chance?

Sure, but boxing is my favorite overall. It’s not just cus it’s what every street fight starts with but more importantly I get to actually go live with someone weekly.

Not much will make you more confident in your ability to crack someone than having done it recently.

Another "fun" one is Valentina Shevchenko's coach Pavel. He started coaching her and her sister when they were preteens and he married Antonina. Totally not sketchy. Him and Valentina also frequently go on trips together (without Antonina) and totally aren't banging.

Since valentina is a dominant champ and antonina basically a scrub, the joke is that he groomed anotnina and actually trained valentina.

Yeah Valentina was 5 and her sister was 8 when Pavel started training them. They also moved to Peru together (only Shevchenko sisters + Pavel) when she was 19.

Nice effort post King :#marseykingcrown:.

I enjoy watching boxing and UFC but I don't bother keeping up with any drama outside the ring (except Nate Diaz who is a constant drama factory) so this was an enjoyable read.

Sean Strickland is a drama mine he's legit crazy. He's said if he hadn't found fighting he'd be cooking meth in a trailer in commiefornia.

Thanks, I’m a try hard fan of combat sports and drama so I jumped at a chance to overlap.

can this just be a combat sport thread, holy shit canelo looked bad last week

Fun fact, Bivol and GGG are both half Korean

I can't stand Dustin Porier and I think it might just be because I'm contrarian, he seems like a nice enough dude.

Rose was so cute with long hair.

The best part of the MMA community turning against her is that I don't have to see redditards virtue signal about how she's hotter with a buzz cut. These are the same weirdos who lust after Holly Holm.


>MMA moids and foids be fuckin


Same goes for karate. Who knew that sweating around fit people for an hour or two brings a lot of :marseyhearts: feelings.

For the college zoomies here (and really everyone else), it's a great place to socialize (be less neurodivergent) and enjoy life. If you're looking to lose weight or get fit but don't like exercising by yourself, you could join a boxing gym. You'll get results much more quickly than joining a mamby pamby cycle class. Besides, it's great to feel capable of dealing with angry r-slurs.

If the state wanted to halve crime and solve the incel menace, martial arts classes would be mandatory.


Never seent that before. Great call by the ref to not end it too soon.

Americans being violent af but scared to actually risk getting hit in the face is a perfect microcosm of americas military stance to the world

All the birthing people that walk into an mma gym have something wrong with them. Don't care if it's cardio kickboxing or no gi bjj, there's something twisted in their head. Judo is good though, judoka are easily a class or two higher than mma practioners. Bjj girls are generally trashy whereas judo girls are upper middle class +.

Judos one art that’s on my bucket list but I haven’t trained at all. Probably the actual best for street fights tho.

I live for the future viral clip of a kang tryna jump an Asian and getting hip tossed onto the concrete mat.

So yeah, judo is really hard and it'll take you two years or so to have skills that might translate to a street fight (people are very good at staying on their feet and people aren't wearing gis). Lots of wear and tear because of the nature of the take lots and lots and lots of falls and fighting for grips is hard. Overall, I rate it above gi bjj and recommend it to anyone who's not fat and out of shape.

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