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:!marseywagie: Why do supervisors take credit for someone else’s work? Just…WHY? (+ a lot of :marseyl: in her post history :marseywholesome:)

I’m like about to start rage crying right now because I’m so angry. I just started my job three weeks ago and I really like my supervisor. She’s a great person and boss. Until today.

So I’m like seething and then she has the nerve to ask me afterwards “are you okay?”. No I’m not okay! I work hard, I love what I do, and my ideas are good. I know that they are because you just took credit for them.


Today was the first day of my new job and he didn’t even reach out.

He said he wanted space, so I’m trying to give that to him. So I haven’t contacted him, and have waited for him to come to me, because he said he would. But he knew how important today was for me. So fucking important. And he didn’t even say good luck or anything.

Today I think I lost a little bit of my feelings for him. Which may not be a bad thing.


My bisexuality was questioned because I haven’t been with a woman.


I am THE independent woman, but sometimes, I just want to be loved.

After many years of self growth, and lots of just terrible situations, I am pretty content with being by myself. I obviously have platonic companionship, but romantically, I’m cool with being single. Prefer it…most of the time.

Until the other day when I read a stupid romance book. And for some reason, it just wrecked me. I’m still thinking about it days later. I just cried and cried for hours after reading it.


My mom thinks I’m fat.

For the past two years, I have been working so hard to reframe how I view my body. And I’m really confident. But I think my mom hates that. Because she’s not?

This past year she lost a ton of weight and I feel like that has made things worse. Like she thinks she better than me. I’m the heaviest I’ve been but I think I look great. But she’s skinnier than me now.


Why do you think that most men genuinely don’t like women?

As a personal anecdote, none of the guys I’ve dated never really liked me, they merely tolerated me. It took me two years of no dating and soul searching to realize that. It was like they were, forced to hang out with me? They always agreed to hang out begrudgingly. Like I was an annoying coworker they had to “deal with”.


Why do men continuously complain about women being “so sensitive and too emotional”, when they are worse than we are?

I made a comment on a Tiktok a girl posted about Midwest men. I lived in the Midwest for a bit, and I just didn’t vibe with the men there. All my comment said was “I don’t miss the Midwest boys”, as a joke in response to the video.

Somehow, all these men found my comment and completely lost it. They went to my profile, and started harassing me. Calling me ugly, telling me I looked 40, calling me fat, all this shit. I had to delete the comment because it got so bad.

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Hell of a post history, you can put together half their life story

  • Grew up in conservative household

  • :marseychonker2:

  • Babied by parents too much so has the maturity and life experience of a teenager in her mid-twenties

  • Rebels against family teenager style and gets into progressive internet communities

  • After driving all her support network away, she turns to reddit to solve her problems

  • Falls in love with first guy to show her any interest (I assume he also looks like her father)

  • He becomes her support network

  • Gets dumped when dude realizes the pussy ain't worth dealing with an adult baby

  • Back to reddit as support network, soon to be a terminal FDS janny

not just one guy

Midwest boys got off easy.


My mom used to be a lot heavier. And I feel like she would always project that on to me. Like, she let me go on SlimFast when I was FOURTEEN


This past year she lost a ton of weight and I feel like that has made things worse. Like she thinks she better than me. I’m the heaviest I’ve been but I think I look great. But she’s skinnier than me now.


let me go on slimfast

Bitch its chocalate milk with healtier ingredients, not an experimental drug with dangerous side effects.

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

I take credit for my employees ideas and work all the fucking time lmao. What the fuck are they gonna do? Cry to me about it?


I, too, laugh at foids posting their Ls, Snappy.


I’m like seething


We should set up keyword searches for cope and seethe

When ladies sperg out about being called old I imagine this: