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Orange website discuss: What happened to Reddit? :marseynouautism:

Pretty homophobic ban over here



Terrible UX, mostly useless answers (most replies to posts are either poorly sarcastic or not replying to the actual point). Before it wasn't like this. Did the Reddit board voluntarily or involuntarily cause this via technical decisions, or it's just unavoidable to get this degradation after the userbase grows too much?


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unavoidable to get this degradation after the userbase grows too much

It's this.



Too little Marseys



eternal september

Reddit was fine if a little cringe pre ~2015/2016 but after the Tumblr exodus and it's explosion in popularity during the election it became clear very quickly that the username shifted from weirdos/meme culture people to Tumblr and Twitter users obsessed with communism and trans issues. It really felt like an overnight switch.

still used reddit when helping someone look for a car. There are just so many good questions with ranked answers going back YEARS that it's pretty invaluable.

I use reddit when i need to know if a product is good. Go back like 7 years and you can avoid shills


Can't use it anymore for anything popular (ie shows, clothing, shoes, furniture, etc) it's just astroturf all the way down

The Star Trek sub has to be all bots. It HAS TO. There's no way that many people think newtrek is legitimately good.

We ended up getting a honda fit btw. Pretty good car so far

Normies happened to reddit.

Remember guys, updoot all the comments shitting on jannies.

Trans lives matter



Pretty homophobic ban over here

Lol you know cute twinks lost the plot when they post rape porn and expect no consequences.

Both parties were awake sweaty and consented where is the rape