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German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach: “Meat Consumption is Completely Unreasonable, Bordering on Delusional” :!marseyzwei:


The German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach spoke in an interview at the ZEIT für Forschung conference, emphasising how meat consumption should be discouraged, as reported to vegconomist by the country’s ZEIT publication.

“As a child and as a young man I was very fond of meat, and from that point of view it was not easy for me to say goodbye. Meat was a pleasure for me,” said Lauterbach, who insists that a change in the dietary habits of Germans is fundamental.

“Meat consumption in Germany is, after all, completely unreasonable in many respects, bordering on the delusional if you think about it. It already starts with the cruelty to animals. The animals usually live in torment, the cheap meat cannot be produced otherwise.”

As well as highlighting the health issues around meat consumption, the SPD politician also emphasised the effects on the climate: “Thirdly, there is climate change, i.e. the fact that we have CO2 and methane release due to cattle breeding, which is much worse, and then the poor energy balance that the whole thing has – it is simply unreasonable in every respect.”

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Germans and vegetarianism. Name a more iconic duo.


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Germans and paraphilic cannibalism :marseyhannibal:


Consumption of Russian gas is unreasonable but the krauts keep doing that…..

Not if Article 5 gets a war triggered LOL

We just want cheap gas. For ... science :marseysmug:

man. saying "we should treat animals better" would piss off fewer people but you wouldn't be able to work global warming lies in there too so gg I guess

Now say that from an elected position bitch

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Veganism should be banned and meat consumption should be made mandatory.