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The Sardines are amongst us

Inside the SRD sneed post about the demise of TumblrinAction, I found evidence of an alarming and despicable phenomenon :#marseyohno::

>They'll come over, thinking they're in good company, but then they discover the homofascism isn't ironic

>Straggotcide when

>Damn I hope not a lot of them come over, already too many rightwing plebs there

Despite being 12% of the population, Sardines commit 56% of violent sneeds on Reddit. This is all a result of our disastrous immigration policies, the enemy are in the walls and as I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.

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I came here from SRD.

I was troll!

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Please report to your nearest roof for further assistance

As resident Roof Gook, I will help them down from the roof in the most expedient manner.

Thank you for your service

Don't shoplift juice and you won't get shot in the back of the head. :marseygeisha:

You should expand to fortune cookies.

That would get you banned if you even thought about saying that to SRD.


Creepy Carp chooses copious coping :marseycarpcrying:



Die in a fucking fire.

Wrong. Most people here enjoy subredditdrama. It's a bit catty tbs, but at the end of the day its the hotspot for any reddit drama.

if by "hotspot for any reddit drama" you mean a bunch of cacs self flagellating and pearl clutching over everything then yes

Yeah, maybe 5 years ago it featured actual drama. Today it's mostly average Redditors freaking out because another sub let someone post something naughty without being jannied.

ur the TiA jannie aren't you, bet you know all aboot that

Yes, I am the infamously lazy jannie who upset Reddit HQ by not banning people for calling a train "ugly".

the correct (and only acceptable) terminology is "heckin cute an valid" I believe

"heckin cute an valid"


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I can understand them not wanting any type of phobia or actual hate speech, but people call people ugly everywhere on reddit. There are entire subs dedicated to it.

Well exactly, Reddit's goons wanted trains to be absolutely beyond criticism. They did so by trying to spin any comment that's not "stunning and brave" as hate speech.

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It's been normified by normie mods


@report republican RIGHTOID

go back to your coutnry latinx rapefugee!

no offense this downvote it’s just business kk 🫱🏾‍🫲🏼


Why were you reading SRD, and why did you come here?

Well i was told it was a hate reddit and i needed to document it for reference.

Fair, we all lurk AHS for the same reason.

Why'd you stick around?

me too unironically, sometime after 2016 or something, specifically could trace it back because I saw them bitching about /r/drama there

Yeah it got a lot better after that, you should rejoin. Its cooler now

I fit in better here