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Vegans are literally dying and having their organs removed because of some vegan delivery service

The USSRโ€™s two greatest mistakes: educating Ayn Rand and treating Solzhenitsynโ€™s cancer.

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The balls on these guys to have to put out a recall since someone's organs are shutting down after eating it and all they do is say link in bio while advertising their other food. Have to respect the hustle and them pissing off other vegans.

What are the vegans even gonna do? Eat meat in protest?

They should but they can just buy their stuff at a grocery store like normal people. But that is probably too much "adulting" for them

Being vegan might be inconvenient but it's not really complicated, worst case scenario you just eat ingredients. Steamed broccoli with steak seasoning (MSG fortified) is one minute of work and better than cheap meat.

and better than cheap meat.

You would need to eat several pounds of broccoli just to match the nutritional density of a single pound of red meat or liver, and that's without considering that plant nutrients are invariably far less bioavailable than animal product nutrients, and that this would only be respective to a couple of nutrients that broccoli has while meats are rich in just about every single nutrient necessary for human health.

There is not a single plant food that can compete with meat nutritionally. Red meats and organ meats are the indisputable king of healthy foods.

Plug ground beef and beef liver in Cronometer, and compare it to any plant "superfood".

You will quickly see that all of the "superfoods" are not so super, and most of the regular plant foods are nutritionally void.

:marseyconfused: i put black beans in and they look similarly nutritious to me

Beans, oatmeal, and potatoes / sweet potatoes, and IIRC maybe nuts are among the most nutritionally dense plant foods (and are thus healthy), but they are still objectively inferior to animal products just in raw nutritional richness, and even if they were the presence of antinutrients among other things will prevent your body from absorbing all the nutrients plantfoods would have to offer.

I would actually stay away from greens. The "superfoods" like spinach, kale, and broccoli can only provide enough nutrition if eaten regularly at quantities that will cause thyroid disease and create a goiter. Essentially they are poisonous at quantities you'd need to take advantage of the "superfood" status.

i eat broccoli mostly for taste tbh, not for the super-foody bs, but aren't these foods usually labelled this way because of stuff like antioxidants, rather than nutrients? that's how i always see them portayed at least. i don't even know what an antioxidant is :marseyretard2: let alone if they are actually beneficial, but i still feel like the 'eat plant based its the best!!!!!!!!' groups are usually advocating for eating mostly stuff like potatoes/beans/lentils as the base of the diet, not kale or brocolli. maybe meat is marginally healthier, idk, but i way prefer beans to cheap red meat anyway so ill keep eating them, don't think it's really gonna hurt me tbh, i might just be coping though

the hell is that even meant to be? a meatball substitute? Looks like a dried turd

Dried turd substitute. Turd is an animal product.

Mince 5 parts cauliflower, 1 part celery, 1 part walnut, .5 part red pepper, .5 part mushroom, season to taste. Bake at 200 for 25 minutes to get hot then sear in a thin layer of olive oil. Serve on top of literally any pasta you can find at the store.

Don't know how that would taste but it can't be worse than this dried turd.

That looks like shit. Just eat Tofu or something.