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Vegans are literally dying and having their organs removed because of some vegan delivery service

The USSRโ€™s two greatest mistakes: educating Ayn Rand and treating Solzhenitsynโ€™s cancer.

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Sorry man. This isn't halal. You're going to have to remove it.

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just so, snapster, just so


Vegan foods are extremely Halal.


Yes, I am much hotter than you. Vegan manlets > everyone else. My German dick is massive.

vegans aren't tho, so those organs gotta go.

>no butter

>no cream

>no beef, duck, or chicken fat

Yucky mushy overly-sweet (JFL :marseyxd: at the state of keto vegancels dumping sugar alcohols into shit) foods which give you inflammation and intestinal troubles :marseysoypoint::marsoyhype::marsoy:

No no but see :directlypointingsoyjak:! If we have a professional chef artificially (in more ways than one) go out of his way to reconstruct non vegan foods instead of focusing on what already works you can make very passable and edible food! :sciencejak:

It's the vegan mystery meat recreations that always gets me

:marseytunaktunak: and :marseymonk: have spent the last 2000 year coming up with tasty vegetarian meals, just eat that if you must.

Black bean burgers rock imo

They are good, but like the beyond meat stuff is extracting the proteins out of the beans and then painting them red through chemistry so it looks like meat

Yeah it's r-slurred, just call it a bean burger

black beans are superior to white beans in every way, shape and form

Yts can't resist the BBB.

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