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Vegans are literally dying and having their organs removed because of some vegan delivery service

The USSRโ€™s two greatest mistakes: educating Ayn Rand and treating Solzhenitsynโ€™s cancer.

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Sorry man. This isn't halal. You're going to have to remove it.

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Vegan foods are extremely Halal.


vegans aren't tho, so those organs gotta go.

>no butter

>no cream

>no beef, duck, or chicken fat

Yucky mushy overly-sweet (JFL :marseyxd: at the state of keto vegancels dumping sugar alcohols into shit) foods which give you inflammation and intestinal troubles :marseysoypoint::marsoyhype::marsoy:

No no but see :directlypointingsoyjak:! If we have a professional chef artificially (in more ways than one) go out of his way to reconstruct non vegan foods instead of focusing on what already works you can make very passable and edible food! :sciencejak:

It's the vegan mystery meat recreations that always gets me

:marseytunaktunak: and :marseymonk: have spent the last 2000 year coming up with tasty vegetarian meals, just eat that if you must.

Black bean burgers rock imo

They are good, but like the beyond meat stuff is extracting the proteins out of the beans and then painting them red through chemistry so it looks like meat

Yeah it's r-slurred, just call it a bean burger

black beans are superior to white beans in every way, shape and form

Yts can't resist the BBB.


lentil crumbles

do vegans really? how do those even get food poisoning its a god damn plant.

"So still the scene,It must have beenThe sighing of the breeze."

they touched it with their grubby little vegan hands :marseydisgust:

Veganphobia, very disappointing mom.

I like lentils but I can't imagine paying to get a poverty food delivered, they deserve what they got

My cousin went vegan for a while and had to get his appendix removed because he kept eating raw spinach.

I've been vegan for over 7 years, zero issues other than being neurodivergent and 5'6"

brb going to eat a steak

How does that even follow from A to B. I've been eating raw spinach my whole life.

I stopped when I heard it can give you kidney stones. Shame because spinach and black pepper was my movie-night snack.

In all seriousness, you probably shouldn't, it contains oxalic acid when uncooked, that prevents your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals properly. At least wilt the leaves a little before shoving them in your mouth.



He's just a severely neurodivergent gymbro so I guess it has to do something with the gymshit he consumes

Is that a thing wtf

Apparently :marseyshrug:

Vegans don't have an immune system

How tf did raw spinach cause appendicitis?

People been eating spinach salad for how long now? Sounds like your brother met the wrath of Allah :marseysalat:

He took the Gorillapill and sadly couldn't achieve Silverback Status. Real ones know you need to graze on shoots and leaves, sleep in the trees, beat your chest to intimidate beta males, bodyhairmaxx and recline 24 hours per day to achieve Natty Gorilla Gainz

Kidney beans can kill you if you don't prepare them properly. Lentils though, I don't know.

I make my own lentil dishes, couldn't imagine paying some r-slurred meal delivery service for them.

Sounds like a toxic fungus infected the crop

p.s. everyone should read Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead


Since their heckin liver is heckin shuttin down its probably a fungal infection. Those can occur on legumes and they can be pretty fucking deadly, they produce some nasty carcinogens too.



You can get tainted food from the grocery store sure but the extra handling and logistics of all these meal prep services is one of the reasons I refuse to use them. Getting emergency surgery to remove an organ for fucking lentils


The balls on these guys to have to put out a recall since someone's organs are shutting down after eating it and all they do is say link in bio while advertising their other food. Have to respect the hustle and them pissing off other vegans.

What are the vegans even gonna do? Eat meat in protest?

They should but they can just buy their stuff at a grocery store like normal people. But that is probably too much "adulting" for them

Being vegan might be inconvenient but it's not really complicated, worst case scenario you just eat ingredients. Steamed broccoli with steak seasoning (MSG fortified) is one minute of work and better than cheap meat.

and better than cheap meat.

You would need to eat several pounds of broccoli just to match the nutritional density of a single pound of red meat or liver, and that's without considering that plant nutrients are invariably far less bioavailable than animal product nutrients, and that this would only be respective to a couple of nutrients that broccoli has while meats are rich in just about every single nutrient necessary for human health.

There is not a single plant food that can compete with meat nutritionally. Red meats and organ meats are the indisputable king of healthy foods.

Plug ground beef and beef liver in Cronometer, and compare it to any plant "superfood".

You will quickly see that all of the "superfoods" are not so super, and most of the regular plant foods are nutritionally void.

:marseyconfused: i put black beans in and they look similarly nutritious to me

Beans, oatmeal, and potatoes / sweet potatoes, and IIRC maybe nuts are among the most nutritionally dense plant foods (and are thus healthy), but they are still objectively inferior to animal products just in raw nutritional richness, and even if they were the presence of antinutrients among other things will prevent your body from absorbing all the nutrients plantfoods would have to offer.

I would actually stay away from greens. The "superfoods" like spinach, kale, and broccoli can only provide enough nutrition if eaten regularly at quantities that will cause thyroid disease and create a goiter. Essentially they are poisonous at quantities you'd need to take advantage of the "superfood" status.

i eat broccoli mostly for taste tbh, not for the super-foody bs, but aren't these foods usually labelled this way because of stuff like antioxidants, rather than nutrients? that's how i always see them portayed at least. i don't even know what an antioxidant is :marseyretard2: let alone if they are actually beneficial, but i still feel like the 'eat plant based its the best!!!!!!!!' groups are usually advocating for eating mostly stuff like potatoes/beans/lentils as the base of the diet, not kale or brocolli. maybe meat is marginally healthier, idk, but i way prefer beans to cheap red meat anyway so ill keep eating them, don't think it's really gonna hurt me tbh, i might just be coping though

the hell is that even meant to be? a meatball substitute? Looks like a dried turd

Dried turd substitute. Turd is an animal product.

Mince 5 parts cauliflower, 1 part celery, 1 part walnut, .5 part red pepper, .5 part mushroom, season to taste. Bake at 200 for 25 minutes to get hot then sear in a thin layer of olive oil. Serve on top of literally any pasta you can find at the store.

Don't know how that would taste but it can't be worse than this dried turd.

That looks like shit. Just eat Tofu or something.

:#marseysickos2: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead:

This but unironically

Iโ€™ll immediately rush to drama on my comfortable doomposting desktop setup if I get a thermonuclear :marseyhappening::marseybongoukraine::marseyradioactive::marseyliquidator: event AMBER alert :marseywave:

All this time we thought grillers just wanted to grill... if only we had known their true plans, we could have supported stopped :marseyglow2: them

:marseygrilling2: :marseyamogus:

But I thought cities were walkable?

Hi :marseywave:

you dont understand, i cant walk a couple of blocks because i have severe anxiety, and it's not from living in this hellscape, i love it here.

You don't understand CHUD, living in the city is about nightlife (which I avoid because of covid), diverse restaurants and food (which I avoid because of anxiety), and higher income (which doesn't matter because I post on /r/antiwork).


Temporarily embarrassed party officials

The virgin "revolutionary useful idiot" vs the Chad "Middle management life-destroyer regardless of political regime"

Lol someone says there are grocery stores everywhere and mentions a "stop n shop". Not sure what that is but it's obviously not a real grocery store. I feel so bad for citycels

I feel so bad for citycels


Stop n Shop is a grocery store chain


he doesn't know about stop n shop


but ya no it's just Safeway for the northeast

but i thought nyc had BODEGAS and they're so COOL and UNIQUE and totally useful for shopping and COMMUNITY

Reminds me of this certified hustle'n'bustle classic:

The Diet Enjoyer Fears the Cup Of Butter Bulkmaster

Do newyorkcels not have grocery stores in walking distance? Why tf would you need to take a bus, I don't think I've ever seen someone carrying groceries on a bus

These people consider a 10 minute walk not walkable distance


Walkin distance is the distance to mah scooter, and not an inch more

NYC has everything in walking distance. Grocery stores, department stores, Chinese food at 3 AM, trap houses, schizophrenic hobos. You name it, they got it.


Costs me 3 Euros to get my groceries delivered in Naziland with fresh vegetables (and fresh meat from my local butcher).

Beer included.

Order online or via a app.

I could also just walk across the street, but I'm rich.

Burgers are so cucked.

NYC confirmed food desert


lugging groceries on a bus or train is impractical.

What a lame excuse. It's impractical compared to how luxurious it is to shop with a car, but its no excuse to just not bother buying groceries. Tons of old people manage it just fine. Get one of those shopping trolleys and you dont even have to carry it yourself.






Imagine getting liver damage because you wanted to be food-smug.

At least just be an alcoholic, people will like you more

Easier on the liver, too (apparently :marseyxd:)

They sent free samples of these lentil crumbles to a bunch of influencers, based

They knew what they were doing.


What kind of food poisoning causes people to lose organs! :marseywtf2:

some of the victims speculate it's aflatoxin, from mold

vegans die too

revv up the bait posts bois

this is veganmisia and that's a good thing. plants are friends and not food.

Why do vegans insist on eating fake meat instead of just eating vegetables.

I hope they suffer. Fucking morons cant even buy their own vegetables they need a fucking subscription service to deliver them, these fucking hippy vegan subhuman inbred morons act all high and mighty too while adding so much unnecessary pollution due to their uniquely american lazyness.

This is pretty hilarious though how tf do you get organ failure from vegetables :marseylaugh:

The fact that signatures exist proves that the creators of this website belong in a retirement home

Theys probably consuming to much of that funky fake meat shit tbh.

Deliverycells are like the new pinnacle amerifats

my husband does QA for food mfg...thought it was probably a toxin, like aflatoxin, from fungus at the... farm). ... thereโ€™s no way to kill the toxin before eating and also places donโ€™t normally test for this.


Aflatoxin is produced by moulds on nuts and seeds. Heat treating the nuts and seeds e.g. roasting, will kill the moulds ...but ... heating below incineration will not remove the aflatoxin already present. Aflatoxin... is not easily broken down once...certainly not by cooking at normal temperatures. ... some people suggest that sprouting the seeds before consumption will reduce... aflatoxin, but .... It seems more likely... the concentration per gram goes down. If you have nuts or seeds that look mouldy, the best advice really is not to eat them..... I would recommend buying food from a reputable supplier. Storing it in dry cool conditions and not eating it if it appears to be mouldy.

At least they can open the packaging unassisted, unlike the soylent drinkers