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Veteran's Association employee headstomps napalm appreciator :!marseyflamethrower: :!marseychingchong:

Im sure that lovely gentlement just had a few pent-up feelings and I hope he will get bailed by the bail project asap :marseyblm:

Currently chilling 615/256 upvotes to comments on /r/publicfreakout

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Excellent drama sourcing skills :marseydetective:

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>posts nothing but a link to the website I am currently on

What did he mean by this?

It’s veterans affairs, civilian

Im so sorry sir, thank you for your service :marseysaluteusa:

Don’t call me sir I work for a living

I'm giving you a half grade bump for that high quality post title.




i dont get it why?


He fucked around

Eww, misatofägs.

Ew a libertarian :marseysmug3:




the two men appear to have a brief argument and Gaillard puts his finger up to Webb’s face. When Webb tries to push it away

"push it away" he smacks it and then holds on to his wrist afterward. But lets downplay how he quickly increased the aggression