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Australian state does a Hindu-phobia and bans :marseyswastika:

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Victoria has become the first Australian jurisdiction to ban the Nazi swastika, with those who defy the ban to face jail terms and hefty fines.

Legislation passed both houses of parliament on Tuesday making it a crime to publicly and intentionally display the Nazi symbol — known as the Hakenkreuz.

Those who do so could face up to 12 months in jail and a $22,000 fine.

The symbol will still be able to be used in appropriate contexts, given its cultural and historical relevance.

The swastika, an equilateral cross with the arms bent at 90 degrees to the right, is an ancient symbol that is 15,000 years old and used in a number of religions as a symbol of divinity.

The state government said it consulted "religious, legal and community groups … to understand the religious use of the swastika and ensure exceptions are in place for appropriate displays of the Nazi symbol, such as for educational or artistic purposes".

The government will fund a campaign to educate the public on the importance of the symbol to these communities, and how it is different from the Nazi symbol.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes said in a statement that the symbol "does nothing but cause further pain and division".

Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, welcomed the ban, for which he has been campaigning for the past five years.

"As our nation confronts the deep stain of a resurgent white-supremacist movement that peddles a dangerous and dehumanising agenda, this parliament has declared that the symbol of Nazism will never find a safe harbour in our state," he said.

The legislation will come into effect in six months.

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Has the government ever done anything that materially benefitted the general public? We pay these clowns almost half a mil every year to ban us from going outside and then they have the balls to lecture us about how we’re terrible people for having a laugh on the internet. Allah stop me before fedposting.

"nobody has the right to spread hate" coming from the shitcunt premier that's spent the last 12 months dehumanising people :marseyeyeroll:

god I fuckin hate danny and I don't even live there

Mailing packages to random Australians with paperwork saying “here’s the swastika you ordered”

Now watch this drive.

god the vic premier writes like such a cute twink

In our state, nobody has the right to spread racism, hate or antisemitism.


That's why last night we passed legislation to ban the Nazi symbol.

And now, it's the law.


what a shame that victoria won't be able to take in ukrainian refugees :marseysmug2:

When will Pozfailians violently rise up against their tyrannical government to overcome oppression? Oh right you voluntually gave up your right to bare arms.

Go lose another war against literal birds, pussy ass soymen lol

Yet, America is the heart of the soy, the birth nation of the sjw cute twink. You, an unironic rightoid, sneedposting over the right to bear a swastika. Maybe go back to /pol/.

Angry burgoids are hilarious because they can’t cope with the fact that nobody here cares about politics unlike them who have their neural networks directly linked to whichever political party they like and mainstream media channel of Choice

Sorry about your gay country lol

>t. from country that literally invented gay

wesrern politicians truly have the mentality of children. As if the religious swastika users have any stronger love for the jews than the nazis

@Igor_Konashenkov aussies denounced HATO-nazis and humbly beg to be allowed to join BRICS.

good, hindus are very islamophobic


Just think about like this bro, you are at rock bottom right now so there can only be better days ahead. Start by making small achievements, work your way up, and eventually you will look back on the current you and say "wtf were you thinking".