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Was part of the 10% Elon layoff yesterday. AMA : r/AMA :marseyelonmusk:


Elon is a great cult leader. Knew it from the start and accepted it. My opinion of him changed a few weeks ago when he said, we are cutting 10%. I get it, business is business but I know for a fact that certain people in the company should have been let go long ago. I know a few people who simply walk around the building all day and never do anything.

Opinion changed after getting fired :marseylaugh:

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What's censorship like over at ycombinator? As bad as Reddit, or as good as Slashdot or even here?

Even jannies deserve to be happy.

Quite a lot of chuddery and wrongthink there :chudsey:

Ask @dang


keeping the chuds in line is hard work, but the reward of reading midwit takes on the software industry makes it all worth it

Literally no one calls it ycombinator



Any controversial opinion will get "flagged" by normal, everyday users, making it invisible to most people. This applies to opinions from both sides of the political aisle. Technical discussion is usually left alone.

>I loved this guy until I got laid off


DAE Musk bad?

Nigga shit nigga shit nigga nigga nigga shit


Most of the salaried people in engineering work 12 hours/day and are on call, because they feel they should be, all the time. Even while on vacation. They give it their all every day for years for less pay than the industry norm. 95% of them are so dedicated that they stay far longer than they should.

I have to admit Elon has done a great job to get a cult like following, these r-slurs are being worked to the bone for some PR marketing BS promoting it as they are doing this for the greater good.

Than their boss decides to throw them away like used toiletry and they just grumble about it no real outrage as once again it's for the greater good. :marseyxd:

imagine if this were g*mers and instead of being cut off from their livelihood Elon just put microtransactions in the Last of Us 3

the meltdown would last decades

It would have gotten Kirk Cameron elected President!


less pay than the industry norm.

It's less pay than the silicon valley norm. If I was young and was offered a paycheck that could set me up for life in just a couple years and then I could go find a reasonable job after I wouldn't be a clock watcher either.

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

Having worked a tech job before when I was younger I can understand the appeal of wanting to impress your employers but what I learned it doesn't really matter in the end they don't really give a shit about how much extra you do it's not like the moneys coming out of their pocket they just want to meet there targets for the bonuses.

It depends on how much you are willing to let them take libierties with you however if you can get a decent paying position you can also find a decent employer where you aren't being taken advantage of.

It's like when the manager/boss has that one special employee they are overly friendly with just so they can get them to do all the work the other workers will outright decline.

Honestly I'm guessing the people that work there aren't doing it for only cash (at least the engrs) they're doing it cuz they think it's really really cool to work at Tesla and SpaceX and whatever. Because it is really cool to work at those places lol. One you're building Tesla's and the next gen of cars. The other you're a fuckin rocket scientist lol.

Yep, but they get mad at you if you just do a 9-6 (it's not really 9-5 anymore unless it's finance ime) and don't really care about working late.

IME, the people who move up quick are great at the social game and sit with the CIO/CTO/whatever and talk about what can be done to save money or fix shit. Code monkeys who are good at code monkeying stay where they are and probs will never get laid off but won't move anywhere. The social game is the most important thing in corporate.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

When Tesla announced the cuts all the business experts on twitter were like "Meanwhile Ford and xys are pushing on strong"

Guess who just announced cuts are coming yesterday

But Ford and xys are inclusive and according to reddit that's what you need to make money


Linky link?

pics or it didn't happen bb

That's an awesome attitude i would hire you right now if I had a company and need of your talents just because of that, do it but do it right and pay fairly for the service they provided, in my country bayou should get 3 months pay for something like this

wants to hire a guy that shit-talks former employer. wonder why this lovely redditor isnt in a hiring position :tayhmm:

>yeah if I was in charge I'd...

No one cares cuz you're not in charge. You're not proposing something revolutionary paying your employees a fair wage, you just haven't seen literally any other constraints on the business that company higher ups see

Yeah, it's like going on a first date and they just shit talk all their ex's the whole time.

How did they go about doing it? What was the package they offered?

Clinical. Boss: hey have some news! Me: cool. Boss: you’re fired, we have a meeting. Hr: over teams, you gotta go. Walked out. The whole thing took 15 mins and 5 of that was walking. Scripted… BS. 1 week of pay for 10 years. Lol

This is fiction written by someone that has never held a salaried position, being eaten up by a bunch of children and manchildren that have also never held a salaried position.

:#marseysoycry: :#marseywagie:

Is been mopped lol, seems like it may have been fake :marseyjanny:

Top question in controversial: does tesla have a plan to recycle the batteries?


I actually don’t k le what technicyhappens with the batteries. I do know that any vehicle that is involved in an out of the norm accident is scrutinized. The corporation may not seem like they care but the people behind it do. All of that data is definitely examined. You can rest assured that most of the people at these companies genuinely care about the outcome and improvements to the tech.

Good info from a ten years engineering manager :marseynotes:

idk what elon does, i want a tesla so i can crash my car while playing angry birds on the touch screen. a very honorable death.

1 week severance for 10 years working. Dang that's harsh.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

That's so awful, I almost don't believe it

week of pay for 10 years.


Amerimutts stay losing

It's fake as fuck lol

They should come and work for the Russian Federation. We are always happy to hire more rocket and vehicle engineers to build better weapons to bomb NATO countries with.

believe me you dont want those brainlets, comra-, eh, partner

Can I buy krokodil from you?



Most good engineering people i know love there job so do work too much and are constantly on call. So I wouldn’t think that’s part of the cult vibe