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Aww, sweet! A Marsey thread!

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lol rude as shit, Snappy

Aww sweet! A new Marsey!


It's a good thread!



That marsey is so cute :marseyblush:


Which software did you use?


Asking the real questions! Love reading how our Marsey artists work

Wait til you hear how we play

t. bestselling artist, originator of marseyxcore

:marseyking: Hail to the Cat :marseyking:


Do tell.

photoshop to draw it. paint.net for outline

To do the outline you can select all the layers in photoshop, right-click to convert it to a smart object, add stroke to the smart object, then click on the drawing and convert it to a smart object again, once that’s done double click on the drawing layer and it will size to canvas to the drawing so you can export without invisible borders. I hope it makes sense, I’ll make a video if it doesn’t.

make a video for all the other dramatards (not me i promise)

What's the difference with just selecting everything, making a new layer, expanding selection by a few pixels and fling it in with white?

Looks cleaner with my method imo. Selection can be a bit ugly sometimes.

Also it’s easier to adjust the stroke width.

can you actually make that video i'd like to skill up a bit and I promise i'll use the knowledge to draw a new marsey (i wont)

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I'm tired of this cat



Hecking chonkerino


:marseyimmortanjoe: :marseywarboy:

:marseytruck: :marseymaxrockatansky: :marseyfuriosa:

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friggin schweet

Sound System is my favorite Op Ivy song


dall-e posting here