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Stripping our womb-carriers of their ability to have children is the continuation of over 500 years of misogynistic violence against Indigenous peoples.

Every time they try one of these new names they always somehow manage to make it sound worse than the last one

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Trans rights activists have objectified women in a few short years so much more effectively than incels ever did :marseylaugh::marseylaugh::marseylaugh:


Anyone have the image of the trans woman with a receding hairline asking how bio foids/bio holes can even compete?

Our special trans operatives have done especially well for themselves. At this rate, we will have achieved assigned tradwives within 2 years.

...but they'll be trans tradwives.

So, the best kind of tradwife?

Best tradwife is a bio foid sadly because they can reproduce.

Woman for duty, twink for pleasure, melon for ecstacy

@dont_log_me_out disagree. Temporary fetus shelters should learn too not make every single issue about themselves. Other people have issues they need resolved too ya know. Trans lives matter.

I hope i can show this to my grandchildren and laugh hopefully ir would become ridiculous by that time

Your grandchildren will call you a barbarian for saying "women need access to abortion" because that wording is trans-genocidal. Then you'll ask them to define woman, and they'll say that gender and sex don't exist. And then you'll ask how someone can be trans if gender and sex don't exist, and then their eyeballs will melt.

Like you're gonna have grandchildren

>Did a jizz-propeller write this?



Trans lives matter

Womb Carrier sounds like a silent hill enemy wtf lol


Whats the deal with the "Intersex" argument everytime? doesn't even make sense. "google intersex" and what? read up on genetic anomalies?

Lol the intersex don't even like trains

@BigBussyHunter 's monthly reminder

Monthly reminder of how much Intersex people appreciate troids culturally appropriating their condition

What the Intersex Society of North America has to say on certain train issuesβ€”

  • John "I like children in a lolbertarian way" Money was full of shit




third gender is bullshit

Ok but what about the other 71 genders?

>72 genders

Just like the 72 demons of Solomon!


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Saying that humans have 10 toes is not inclusive of those born with webbed toes!

my favorite will always be "bodies with vaginas"

buttskin vaginas are vaginas too tho

Sounds like the old "vagina support system joke".

even more than "bleeders"?

I got your womb carrier right here


Aw sweet, man made horrors beyond my comprehension


good thing they reproduce in other ways


Report: Temporary fetus shelters mad at finding out that trans lives matter

The reason i left incel communities is because they can't come close to shit like this

The only true way to leave incel communities is via the pipeline

How are the hormones treating you?

Im superstraight




Wait, who is stopping foids from popping out crotch goblins?



They deleted it after getting ratio’d, lol:marseysmug3: