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Wife 'learns husband of ten months is actually a woman - despite the couple being 'intimate' :marseygoodnight:

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A wife has learned that her husband of ten months is actually a woman, despite the couple being 'intimate' multiple times, local media claims.

The Indonesian wife, named only as NA, 22, is suing her ex-partner who also claimed to be a neurologist who graduated in New York.

The couple first met on a dating app with the 'husband' going by the name Ahnaf Arrafif in Jambi City.

After sparking up a relationship online, they met up for in-person dates and Ahnaf even came to stay with NA for a week and helped take care of her unwell parents.

The trickster proposed after only weeks of dating and NA's parents gave their blessing, Tribun News reported.

But four months after their marriage, her family started becoming suspicious of NA's new husband.

Ahnaf never introduced 'his' own family and appeared to have a very relaxed schedule despite claiming to be a qualified doctor.

NA's mother also picked up on the fact that Ahnaf never took off 'his' clothes and would even bathe with clothes on when others were at home.

When the wife confronted her partner about lumps on his chest, Ahnaf responded that it was a hormonal problem.

Eventually, the mother demanded that 'he' strip to prove he was indeed a man and at that point, Ahnaf revealed he was actually a woman named Erayani who had lied about everything including her job.

NA told the Jambi District Court she had never suspected the person she married was a man until her mother started to doubt their relationship.

She said they had been 'intimate' multiple times but her partner insisted on only using hands.

Erayani is now in court, but for falsifying her qualifications as a doctor and not for claiming to be a different gender.

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Her first clue should have been that her β€œhusband” was able to make her cum.


this is why you never ever relent when faced with scrutiny. Just keep saying youre a man, they can't disagree.




I just don't know