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So the American Sociological Association had a conference... "I was the Black woman that was attacked and degraded publicly by this man who used his white-adjacent privilege to over power me and weaponize his formerly incarcerated status to claim victimhood.

Formerly incarnated teach Robert D. Weide started beef with Black Guerilla Family[1] word ho Brittany Freidman. She snitched and got him booted out of the conference for harassment.

Weide puts Brittany's snitching on blast, claims an academic presentation she gave led to intra-gang violence.

B-girl claps back... "This is not academic drama. It is abuse... Let's be clear of who I am. I am a system-impacted Black scholar, not someone who parades in the Ivory Tower."

  1. Edit: this is a prison gang.
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Black Guerilla

You can't call them that. :marseypearlclutch:

>white-adjacent privilege

Lmao I hope this becomes a more-common tactic to shut down non-black minorities.

It already has been for a while on Hotep Twitter, just have to wait until it inevitably becomes mainstream :marseysmug:

I used to sneed at it but now I recognize what an improvement the black-capitalization-but-not-white-capitalization is in terms of saving time to determine if someone is r-slurred. Absolutely wonderful, so much more free time.

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Repeat after me:

Women and their consequences have been a disaster for the academy.

That title just gets better and better as it goes along.

Very impressive oppression Olympics

WIPOC vs birthing person insufferability contest?

Fr though is there more context I can't even tell what they're saying.

As far as I can tell, they both research prison gangs. She wanted him to cite her, but he thinks she doesn't reciprocate or share info. This resulted in a public argument over who has the correct identity.