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Impotent seething:

>It’s a trip to hear Israeli Jews basically saying the 14 words but in reference to themselves.

>I literally gasped when some ultrazionist ranted at a black man: "You should all be in camps". Like, dude, make some tea,we have a lot to talk about.

>Lol "go back home" bruh....all these people need to touch grass...they straight up moved into peoples houses just kicked them out....

>Can ameriKKKa stop giving them money, now, so they can fall off the face of the Earth?

>Time to cut them off, and see how they do without the United States' funding.

Yeah ok buddy good luck with that lmfao

>Anyone shilling for Israel or U.S. and NATO policy for Israel is a shit human being

>Israel is the new Nazi Germany…

>Dumb comment

>Google forced sterilization of Ethiopian Jews. Israel govt got caught with so much red handed evidence they had to just come clean and admit it.

>White supremacy has gone global. That's the sad part.

>The original Jewish people were not white Europeans who spoke Yiddish. They were black. Of course this inconvenient fact begins to call into question what the right of return actually means and to whom it should apply. I'm a retard but an African ameriKKKan begins to practice Buddhism and then claims a right of return to tibet.

>Jews ☕️

>Yet YE was the bad one.

>Jews be like

>YOU SHOULD ALL BE IN CAMP 😳 darn the audacity of these people! Your ancestors are fuming mad in their graves for having you in their bloodlines🔥

>Is there a single positive thing to say about Israel if you don't have pale skin?

>Im from austria i only have positive things to say about israel (by law)


>Jesus christ, it just gets more fricked up.

>Yikes I didn’t know Israel was so racist.

>Psychopaths. What is wrong with these people?

>fricking Israeli scum did the holocaust teach you anything?

>The antisemitism in this video and comment section 🤦‍♀️ The Israelis in this video are right, what if those Sudanese were a hamas general building weapon 200 missiles hamas base? Remember holocaust 6 millions? Stop being antisemitic reddit.

>Stop being racist Israel

>Shut the frick up racist scum.

>Go to heck racist hypocrite.

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Man wait until ameriKKKans and Europeans find out how Asia (both west and east) feels about black people…

It’s always weird to me to see how white people react to “non-white people” not being a singular entity. The most anti-Semitic people I have ever met where other semites…

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every ethnicity on earth has an in group bias except self hating mayos

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They still seems themselves as superior, they're just helping the less fortunate races be like whitie

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nah tbh Denmark does not not like Black people that much. We dislike Arabs, Somalians, Gypsies, Greenlanders, but not really per sea the Black people we had some which were very dear to our people like these two

@of_blood_and_salt did i miss any1?



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SLAVS, but i suppose they could be classed together with the gypsies

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POV: you're a slav fleeing war.

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POV: he is a TV police officer from Croatia. he spends 50 % of program arresting East Europeans

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Same thing.

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hej vlado!!! :marseywave2:

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I think ameriKKKans know that Asian people are racist af

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