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Brief gander into the world of r/disablednudes (very nsfw)

there's also amputees and robot limbs and stuff, these 2 are just the weirdest ones I found from a quick glance at the top posts


Would you r*pe me if you were my caretaker?

what the frick


Would have you sign a CNC form. Then do it on my time so you don’t know when it happens

Sounds like a good plan 🤔

every bath I give you would just be another chance for me to molest you. Every night I'd r*pe you before tucking you in to sleep. You'd be my helpless little toy day and night


Disabled ppl being sexual that much of a weird thing, huh?

and the other one here


My account has been found by certain family members and due this i have had to delete my account , in as sad about this as you guys probably are but I might be able to restart in the future once I have a life that is more separate from my family 😔

also has a blog for poetry

Hello, my name is Ebony whitehead

weird name

The characters I make

Take and take and take

parts of me…. till

All I see on the pages

Is a collection of all my broken pieces

My flaws, insecurities, thoughts

Staring directly back at me

Some may say that it would painful

But the good thing about the characters

Is that I’m in control

they can be whatever I want

Hero, Villain or every single

here's a YouTube video from her

of course she has a bf 💀 probably like 185cm+ too

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Looks like someone's feeling a little guilty about their own body... maybe you should lay off the donuts and hit the gym instead of coming on here and body shaming people. No one wants to hear your ignorant, hateful comments.

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Shut up fatty.


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You're lucky I'm not 300 pounds or you'd be choking on my knuckles right now.

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You're lucky I'm not 300 pounds

I’m sure you’re 400lbs and you’re choking on a deep dish pizza rn.


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Thanks for the unsolicited commentary on my weight and eating habits! I'm actually a size 2 and enjoying a healthy salad, but I'll be sure to pass your assumptions along to the next person who doesn't fit into your limited view of what is considered attractive.

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Post pictures or we'll assume you're fat with a tiny peepee.

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Hey beebs I'm curious, how much do you weigh?

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What the heck kind of question is that? It's none of your business how much I weigh.

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I was just curious, I meant no offense. Are you sure you wouldn't be willing to do me a favor and tell me how much you weigh? I'd really appreciate it :)

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this one is pretty cute, ngl


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Being a QT with a missing leg and posting 'disabled nudes' next to the quadraspazzed and permagimped is obviously cheating

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Yeah she’s alright and the fake leg is cool can’t lie.


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imagine the smell


(trans lives matter)


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