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the more pointless badges you collect, the more of a redditor you are. this isn't rocket science. I personally would still like my r-slurred as heck "bug finder" badge removed, as I never found a bug. typos aren't bugs, and only women think otherwise. This isn't complicated stuff.

In addition, whoever supposedly died in a shooting but didn't actually should have the "outlived the queen" badge removed because that'd be pretty funny.

In conclusion, frick you carp

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>"I don't want the badge but Im also going to gatekeep how easy they are to get."

Sure are a lot of layers to how much you hate fun

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

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I'm going to give you the "got 100%" award!!! you did 20%!!!

That's how you sound. you sound like a participation award loser. if you want the "bug report" badge report actual bugs. typos aren't bugs unless you're a woman, and considering this is a gay only site, I'd be wary of being a woman if I were you. Seriously.

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Wow. you think this is funny, don't you? you think it's good to have a laugh at other people's expense. bloating their profile with useless fricking rewards to get a reaction? Wow. Pathetic. But I agree, it's funny as frick. frick you carp you fish riding whore, I'll remember this. you're going on the official enemy list.


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We need a Carp Woz Here badge for you.

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this was either brilliant reverse psychology or interesting autism

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It's called being a contrarian. I'd suggest you try it sometime if you were smart enough, in the meantime, continue being a sheep

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I personally would still like my r-slurred as heck "bug finder" badge removed, as I never found a bug

I would also like this person's "bug chaser - found a bug" badge removed and replaced with the far more appropriate "bug chaser - still seeking the gift"

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