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Somebody thinks that's how women dress to go to church? Is it supposed to be surrealist or something and it's going over my head, or are they just that sheltered that they've never been to a church?

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Looking at the rest of his comics, I think he's just a degenerate.

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He used to work for Buzzfeed and his comics were substantially worse.

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I remember that being the case but can't/won't remember why they were so bad


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It was Buckley tier artwork with typical buzzfeed smugness. No wonder reddit absolutely loves this.

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... rdrama jerks itself to fricking stonetoss. Let's not pretend anyone on here cares about comic art quality.

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neighbor is 100% a degenerate


Click my profile to see how much hotter I am than you.

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Reminds me of the shadman art style lol

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I dunno, if someone cares about the Rapture they're a lot more likely to have never talked to a Christian than to be one.

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Honestly not a bad comic

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Very Old-Testamenty.

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Libertarian's worst nightmare.

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Old people are technically orphans.

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many such cases!

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For real, a backless mini dress? In the house of the Lord? Absolutely not

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or are they just that sheltered that they've never been to a church?

why would someone have gone to church if they didn't grow up in a religious family

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Because their neighbors did. And that's the best place to pick up chicks. Imagine not chatting up all the girls at the local Christian school on AOL Instant Messenger when you were a kid. NGMI.

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I went to a Greek Orthodox church. Total of like 20 people and nobody unrelated within 15 years of me :(


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Yeah I've been inside like, historical churches? I've never been there during a service or whatever.

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