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As a non ameriKKKan i cannot comprehend how "Children shouldn't attend drag shows" is somehow a controversial and conservative statement in USA

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Conservatives are against it so they have to be for it.

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Libs started doing it because 'love is love' and intercourse positivity and some bullshit reason like that. Rightoids took notice and went 'dude wtf this is weird' and admitting that is weird (which it objectively is) would be ceding ground to rightoids which is heckin' ungood. This is now their hill to die on. Libs are r-slurred.

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In theory, drag shows are just art and have nothing to do with the transgrooming community beyond "men in women's clothing"

In practice, the transgroomers will insert themselves (as is tradition) so any drag criticism is transphobia, and drag promotions are heckin' validation


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there's also the aspect that it's historically a practice of gay guys playing with female sexuality while being mostly SFW. It's "sex adjacent" (not my coinage). Libs deliberately ignore/downplay this. The coiner of the phrase then compared it to a hypothetical "strip bar story hour" where kids visit a strip bar, fully clothed strippers read stories, dance a bit and the kids can also try out the pole. There can be wings! Technically above board, in practice super skeevy and Cons would likewise be outraged, but they can't make Libs eat their words that way.

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One side loves/hates something, then the other side has to do the opposite. Same reason rightoids hate "the current thing" cause leftoids usually support it.

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War in Ukraine is the most polarized one I think. Since there's an equal amount of leftoids and rightoids hating or supporting it. And each accusing the other of being the other side

It's the most radical centrist conflict

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Rightards and their pro-Russian attitudes.

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My favorite conspiracy theory I've heard is that a bunch of powerful people freaked out when the Epstein stuff got exposed and they've been going balls out to morally degenerate society ever since, so it doesn't matter as much when they get called out for their shenanigans

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I believe it. I've seen people advocate for MAP (pedo) compassion and apologia over the years now too.

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The blackest pill of all: the elites are allowed to frick your kids.

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In USA, it's not really controversial in the sense that people argue against it. It's controversial in the sense that most people don't think the drag shows are "appropriate" for kids, but in most cases they are.

I have seen drag shows with kids at them, even in bars. And I'm sure there are some kids that walk into them. And when there is an obvious sign that says adults only, like a "Barely Legal" sticker on the door, you can just assume there is no reason why children shouldn't be present.

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Bot comes out as libertarian

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I can't take a man's opinion seriously if he's a libertarian, even if it's based :marseykink:

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It’s the lib equivalent of rolling coal

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