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Babe wake up, Tariq is :marseyschizowall: posting

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Wait you think I am a liberal? How r-slurred can you be. Well then again looking at your post history I can see that you certainly type like your IQ is in the single digits. I already told you that a couple thousand people is not representative of 10's of millions of people and you keep on insisting that the study is believable because it's made by pew. Like the idiots who buy Apple devices because they have an apple sticker glued to the front. You're the r-slurred fricking ape that replied to a thread that no one had replied to in a week. You're the one who started throwing around names when I replied back to you initially. You want to be like that, then so be it. Go frick yourself you r-slurred piece of shit. I'm done talking to the likes of you


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