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Babe wake up, Tariq is :marseyschizowall: posting

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Facebook average?

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Foundational Black ameriKKKan aka blacks who descended from slave stock, as opposed to newer African immigrants.

Tariq is pretty much in full-time seethe mode against Africans because they actually care about education and success.

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That's so petty. Even racist mayos tend to accept white yuropoors as their own when they come to the US

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The Irish would like a word with you

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Sorry there laddie but that there mortgage application has been denied :marseyhibernian:

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The hiberian menace strikes again

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no thanks, can't understand the accent

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Tariq's shtick has been "reparations" for years since he abandoned the PUA stuff, and he doesn't want to share with Jollof and Oxtail folks.

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African immigrants also don’t support reputations as strongly as they won’t get some

Stop Femboy erasure! Love a femboy today ![](

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