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Colorado shooter proves his idpol credentials by making autists forget how their made up rules work.

Post truth cope:

I guess for me this is hard because there’s a part of me that wants so badly to fight against just accepting a “post-truth” society, I want to say “look at these facts - really analyze this information and how RWers do ID games to cause chaos. THINK” idk how else to cope

Everything I disagree with is identity politics:

they literally want us to engage in vapid idpol to deflect from the fact that this was a hate crime

Truly this is what faith in your beliefs looks like:

am of the opinion truth or not I will use they/them and doesn’t absolve the hate. If true self hatred is a thing

I'm staying well away from all of this as much as possible for a lot of reasons, but I'm erring on the side of "use they/them but also acknowledge the complexity of the current situation and the context in which this has occurred".

Maybe you should shoot your mother:

Ugh the accuracy. Saw multiple tweet threads today claiming they can't be because the mom refers to them with he/him pronouns! Guess what! My mom doesn't use my correct pronouns either!

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Apparently his dad was also on intervention

Truly a family of dramatic kings/xings :marseykneel:

full episode:

you are fat :marseypuke:

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Watching these free range r-slurs indulge in their shenanigans like -


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Lenin destroyed Russia and multiple countries with his rhetoric because he was a huge dramachad. He would be an admin of this site if he was alive today. :marseyantiwork: :marseyantiwork2:

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Bertrand Russel personally met Lenin and thought he was a hack and a midwit

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Still a fitting rdrama admin then. Lenin is good to read on just his political strats alone.

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but god bless amerikkka :marseymutt: Hope you r-slurs accelerate further and further than ever thought possible 🙏🏻

you are fat :marseypuke:

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We'll know it's the end when the media gives the people the reality tv they really want.

Amerikkkas next top mass shooter is looking for love.

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goon king


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Already edited it in lol but thanks :marseysonic:

you are fat :marseypuke:

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There should be a fricked up version of this that says "Meth"

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Holy 💩. Nice find

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Oh shit you’re back :marseyshook:

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Yeah, I was totally gone for exactly as long as you think I was :marseyagreefast:

you are fat :marseypuke:

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That’s more than when I took adderall

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