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Musk banning pedos is bad, actually

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Why do leftists lie so much? :marseydepressed:

You can dislike Elon because he treats his workers shitty and has major ego issues. Making shit up about people just makes us all look fricking r-slurred.

I fricking hate being a leftie in current year.

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Back when I still considered myself a lefty this made me cringe to death. I would argue against people doing it constantly and then get shit on every fricking time. Predominant leftoid society is really focused on black-and-white thinking. Someone can't just be wrong, or kind of an butthole, they have to be a LITERAL NAZI LIBERTARIAN DEATH EATER and if they aren't people will make shit up to fit them into that mold so they can masturbate to their fantasies of being the plucky hero. It's embarrassing as frick.

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People have just abandoned negotiation because that's hard. If you're not already their friend then you're an enemy who deserves to be treated as such.


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Nuanced thinking is harder, and current year society :marseysociety2: does everything possible to discourage it, so it's unsurprising on some level that drooling r-slurs gleefully consider it the greatest sin.

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It doesn't help with the ruling class of the country is also drinking the koolaid on this black and white thinking.

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The ruling class isn't drinking the koolaid, they're the ones actively manufacturing it.

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Yeah ok but the DC apparatchiks and the chattering class are definitely getting high off their own supply.

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No doubt.

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Wingcuckery is turning everyone into either a nazi or a groomer, no in between.

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Wingcucks of all shades do this. Anyone left of trump is a Marxist libtard who loves to groom and r*pe children

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If it makes you feel better, being a rightie in current year is pretty bad too

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As a radical centrist, I say both are equally bad

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cry moar cute twink


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based movie tbh

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Reddit ass*


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Being a capitalist is fricking awesome.

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Unironically true. My finances have been fricking awesome in the past few years. Praise capitalism.

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Genuinely believe these people aren't left wing but progressive cultists kinda like MAGAtards but they worship their own smugness instead of DDR.

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Genuinely believe these people aren't left wing but progressive cultists

I wonder if this can sentiment can cause sane leftoid dramatards to create their own sub to talk about leftoid politicope without all of the idpol pushed by corporate elites to divide and distract the working class..... :marseythonk:

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idpol pushed by corporate elites to divide and distract the working class

Lol I'll never forget that Ford Superbowl ad about how illegal immigration at the border was some glorious, liberating strut to freedom instead of a place where women get raped and Mexicans get exploited.

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Itโ€™s so obvious why these companies push it too. Who do you think staffs Ford plants?

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Probably the Mexicans still in Mexico since a shit load of their plants are down there

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Youโ€™re probably right, I just saw a pinned tweet on the OP about some scifi future of work book and made some very wrong assumptions. Looking deeper into his tweets he just looks like a typical tech worshiping shitlib. :marseybeanrelieved:

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Imagine being a wingcel at all while the globalist elites contort each side's puppet strings to go "me side good, you side bad" all year round

Take the burn every investment bank down pill

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Couldn't you tell? This is clearly a joke. Unless of course my friends see some truth in it then maybe it's worth repeating ad nauseum.

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An actual dog-whistle for once?

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They lie because saying a nuanced take on what's happening won't get people on board to completely overthrow their entire society. If musk is just a self centered jerk people won't care,he has to be literally Hitler 2.0

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