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If you aren't grifting in current year then wtf are you even doing with your life

We live in the perfect age to be a grifter.

We have AI art to fake shit like this:


This can be your profile pic


From there you just rage bait. You can even steal other popular users posts and rewrite them using ChatGPT.

Make them extra rage clickbait and have them funnel to your own blog that is plastered with viagra and sports gambling ads.

Do that multiple times a day and you start making money


So rdrama, if you're not grifting right now, what are you even doing?


If you would like to get started in the grift donate dramacoin or marseybux to me and I'll add you to my grifting masters chat room!

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It's never been easier to set up a GoFundMe, then post on Nextdoor that you're a pregnant broke neighbor who can't pay rent. yts pay up!

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