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[megathread] Post your favourite rdrama-themed OC artwork! (but read the darn post first :marseylongpost:)

While I was touching grass for a couple of months this spring, the bar for inclusion in our sidebar has dropped precipitously, and a lot of people are quite literally submitting shit they found on 4chan or ifunny or something. It's not their fault, really, considering that a bunch of things of this sort were added in my absence.

Well, no more. 113 former sidebar images have been deleted based on me just quickly looking through the list. Vast majority of these will be fairly unconroversial deletions, since I just killed really low-effort and clearly unrelated stuff, choosing to spare things when in doubt. A purge of duplicates will probably come later, whenever I get around to it.

Regardless, at this point we need you to help us fill rdrama's sidebar with some more amazing artwork!

As you can see in the sidebar we have some amazing artists of our community, who created a number of truly phenomenal, high-effort images and animations about the site in general and Marsey in particular. While the images do not have to necessarily be Marsey themed, but I will be quite anal about demanding that it to has at least some relationship to the site. Try to make them understandable to majority of our userbase, at least, too. Poweruser inside jokes are not really going to fly here.

Something like this would be perfect:

Something like this - would not work (and was, in fact, y'alled):

Anyway, vast majority (at least 80%) of actual images that have been on the sidebar before this new thread have been retained, which is great. And we are, of course, always looking for more!

So, please use this to post artwork you'd like to see in the sidebar!

PS. When adding new sidebar images I might sometimes forget to grant you our beautiful sidebar artist badge (shown in the post) - please yell at me and it will be rectified. If you see your image in the sidebar and don't have the badge - let me know here, too. With the link ([number].webp is enough) somewhere in your comment. And bear with me, please, sometimes new submissions are a trickle, but at other times - they're a flood.

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