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fsdfsd.net — New rDrama Source Code Repository :capygitcommit:


We reported earlier that Aevann's GitHub account got jannied. Still no official word why, but our best guess at present is:


rDrama, being one of the most malevolent, cruel, coldhearted online communities you'll ever find, is resilient enough to host our own shit when we get deplatformed. We'd already planned for this inevitability, and we are proud to present our own Gitea instance:

fsdfsd.net :capygitcommit:

Anyone who wants to contribute code to the site or to host any other rDrama-related Git repo is free to sign up. No more need for a burner GitHub account! We don't verify emails; it just has to be the same as your git config user.email—even if that's a fake address without a mailbox like <username>@fsdfsd.net if you want.

We have to manually approve new accounts—Neko says there's sexy Indian dude spammers who target Gitea instances :marseytunaktunak:—so ping 'aevann sneks jc' with your fsdfsd username if it takes us more than a couple hours to notice.

For people with existing copies of the site repo, you can git remote set-url <remote> https://fsdfsd.net/rDrama/rDrama.git. Note also we renamed the default branch from frost to master—if we're off GitHub, we're using the politically-incorrect branch name.

Special thanks to @justcool393 for porting the rDrama midnight.css theme over and Marsifying the site (Marsey comment reactions coming soon), and thanks to @nekobit for inspiring the domain name.

Finally, if anyone wants to speculate wildly about how the GitHub account got jannied, maybe a certain Dr. Oaken who we know watched the GitHub might be to blame.

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hi pphands was it u that wanted a second season of inside job? saw it promo'd on netflix in case u haven't yet. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie hope u get good food n fam n friends n not too drunk 🙏🏾

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come backkkkkkkkkk i bet it was an inside job to oust you :marseycrying:


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Original Name: MrPennyCoomsToKids

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thanks penny you too

already got my day planned out i'm gonna eat frozen pizza and get blackout drunk

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:@peepeehandspat: don't pass out on ur back pls 🙏🏾

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