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  • Sneed : (changelog) carpathianflorist is a b-word ass neighbor
  • THOMAS : mypoc <3
  • british : change: dont ban for spam (dramaphobic). Let bans be appealled (let me ping you pls). Bardfinn.
changelog megathread :marseynotes:

a lot of days, I make a shitton of changes in successsion, and I don't wanna make the whole frontpage my changelog posts, so I don't post about them

this thread solves that, so from now on instead of making changelog posts, I'll make changelog comments here

click subscribe on this thread to get notified of changes :wolfnoticeme:

on desktop:

on mobile:

Edit: I'm still not gonna post about bugfixes tho, theres way too many

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  • gerudo : it's broken; look at my comment carp
  • Plop_Gobbler : "I say this as a feminist ally" doesn’t work because of the 3rd person filter. REEEEEEE
  • Maximus : :marseycrap:
  • Harpooner : My chud text is broken, "I" auto changes to my name and I can't comment. Fix it jannies
  • Awoo : Look at all the tombstones in the comments. lmbo
  • coned : yeah no matter how many times i say i stand with israel my post gets removed. GREAT IDEA CARP.
  • chiobu : maybe test it first before you chud everyone fricking dumbasses
  • rDramaHistorian : BARDFINN era has finally arrived. Praise be to Allah (ﷻ) I have dreamt of this day for many moons
  • carpathianflorist : THIS IS FIXED
  • suggynutz : :marseywereback:
  • NSF001 : be sure to bully chiobu today :)
  • Aevann : fixed kings
  • SCD : horse
  • ExplosionCel : Still didn't work for me negro
BUG WHERE SOME PPL COULDNT SAY THEIR PHRASE FIXED is proud to welcome the esteemed Dr. Oaken!

Everyone please say hello to @Bardfinn. You are reading that correctly: Bardfinn. She’s written extensively about us over the years, both collectively and individually, and we’ve extended an all-access pass to her for rDrama in order to assist with her research into racially-motivated violent extremism and a variety of other social justice issues.

Right off the bat, she was repulsed by the things you people say and do and think and threatened to storm out of the rDrama corporate offices if we didn’t take swift and drastic action. And so we’ve given her a button to chud everyone in order to correct behavior and thought among the assorted flavors of misic masses.

(if you find a way to hide the chud required text, let aevann know what it was via dm and you’ll be given 5000mb)

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Announcing the rDrama moderator open interviews!

If you'd like to join the fast-paced, jet-setting world of rDrama content moderation, please take the attached assessment of your potential and post your results here for further consideration. Human Resources will contact you if you are selected to move onto the next round of interviews.

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(changelog) added nuggets


Transferred the commies ping group to #2, @garlicdoors

If @DeletedAccount ever returns it will be restored but as it stands there was no way to approve new members. And while it's fitting that the meme political ideology that always collapses on itself ping group was fundamentally broken and could not be repaired, it is not the best site mechanic.

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black lives matter too

added this


trans lives matter


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8 changes

1. u can now use the "reply" button as a quote button

2. added Donkey Kong emoji tab

3. added more chud phrases

4. when u receive a chud award, u will now see the phrase u have too say

5. /h/countryclub posts are now more distinguished

6. award price is now shown more prominently in the "give award" window

7. made the taglines a little bit shorter

8. bypassing the chud award is now almost impossible

trans lives matter

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(changelog) the chud update

/h/chudrama is now automatically boosted in the ranking algorithm. “No one will see my takes about how trains are the sole reason why the West is falling if I post them there so why would I bother?” is now even less valid an excuse for chudposting outside of Chudrama. We also lowered the truescore requirement to 1488 (down from 5000) some time ago.

Please note that Chudrama is still opt-in. YOU WILL NOT SEE CHUDPOSTS UNLESS YOU CLICK /h/chudrama AND UNBLOCK IT AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN.

You’ve all done much better than usual lately about not pooping up the main feed with boring agendaposts. Please continue that and use this new buff to incentivize your good behavior.

Remember: Black Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. Science is real. Vaccines work. Die mad.

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added !everyone

at current registeration numbers, it costs 5*17183=85915 DC, 5 DC goes to every person

these are the only ppl can afford it rn:
















It’s live :donkeykongchestbeat:


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:marseyantischizo: hid all these marseys from the emoji picker (u still can use them if u remember their names)

hiddem marseys:

:#marseyschizochadthankscapylove: :#marseyschizoschizolove: :#marseyschizochadyescapylove: :#marseyschizochadbasedcapylove: :#marseyschizocapylove: :#marseyschizosorenlove: :#marseyschizocarplove: :#marseyschizosallove: :#marseyschizoidiolove: :#marseyschizostimslove: :#marseyschizobyolove: :#marseyschizocapygitcommitlove: :#marseyschizopennylove: :#marseyschizogrizzlylove: :#marseyschizofartbinnlove: :#marseyschizomajorgenerallove: :#marseyschizosnakeslove: :#marseyschizoabsinthelove: :#marseyschizochadseethecapylove: :#marseyschizodongerlove: :#marseyschizoducklove: :#marseyschizolangleylove: :#marseyschizohobocellove: :#marseyschizojoelove: :#marseyschizobussylove: :#marseyschizohanklove: :#marseyschizogeeselove: :#marseyschizodussylove: :#marseyschizonekolove: :#marseyschizodoggilove: :#marseyschizojclove: :#marseyschizogetogetolove: :#marseyschizochiobulove:

this is to encourage ppl to post their rightoid garbage posts there instead of pooping up the main feed :#marseycapysorenjump2:

!chuds celebrate

!nonchuds deliberate

all non-marsey emojis are now tagged thanks to @Zenzic :platylove:

@Zenzic much appreciated king

@alakavat thank u for the platy tags

u can now click these lines to collapse comments on mobile (like desktop)
simps and haters for comments is back

bottom text

ping groups :marseyunabomber:
u can now position files before u upload them

like this:


result would be:


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(changelog) added like 50 classic emojis

i am unstoppable


added link in the directory to download all emojis as a zip file

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Cara Temukan Perangkat Saya dengan Menggunakan 4 Metode

Untuk temukan perangkat yang hilang, gunakan layanan temukan perangkat dari produsen atau aplikasi pihak ketiga seperti Google Find My Device atau Find My iPhone. Layanan ini bisa melacak perangkat dengan fitur GPS yang masih terhubung ke internet dan aktif. Laporkan kehilangan atau pencurian perangkat kepada pihak berwenang untuk bantuan.


ping groups improvements
  • theres now a link to ping groups on the sidebar


  • u can now cancel ur application to ping groups

  • u can now leave ping groups

  • group owners can now kick members

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  • KneeGrowsSteel : perma ban them everytime they mention their gender until they make new accounts never mentioning it.
  • Penny : mald more u beta b-word boy^^
  • FROZENCHOSENRACEGROYPER : I agree with kneegrows
  • maggotz : perma ban men everytime they mention their gender until they make new accounts never mentioning it.
  • DickButtKiss : ^man is the default state of a person. Thats why its called HuMAN
  • KongThaConquerer : small correction: man and human are synonyms. women aren't actually human.
ping group #1: !biofoids

@Aevann added !biofoids as a sort of a trial of the concept, only members of !biofoids can use it

members are:

right now everything is hardcoded and it's not an actual feature, but if everything goes fine, ill code it properly and make a UI and whatnot

@Penny ur the owner of this group since u have the highest truescore, if u want someone added too it u gotta ping @Aevann for now

trans lives matter


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  • Soren : paypiggies dropping off like whores on big daddy jim, hope this creates more pay pigs, I bet it will
u can now make holes, make ping groups, and participate in betting threads with marseybux :marseybux:


(changelog) did this

welcome ur new fish overlord @Hotepianflorist

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