(changelog) new badge and new stuff you can do and also a warning

Good morning.

You can now upload a background FOR YOUR PROFILE without having to peepee around with css witchery. Just press that cute little “upload profile background” button on your profile and there you go :star:

This was actually originally going to be a profile upgrade you buy in the shop, but aevann pointed out that people customizing their stuff is desirable in the first place. So now you get the originally-going-to-be-like-20k badge for FREE. This was I think the first thing I ever animated well over a year ago so it’s even more uninteresting and ghetto. Sorry. That is the Windows XP background though. Clever.

PAYPIGS can upload their own backgrounds FOR THE SITE from the SETTINGS PAGE. This was poorly explained yesterday and I am sorry.

And, finally, I’d like to point out that /h/glory was deleted after four days of inactivity instead of a week.



So you all blew 50k for nothing. Stop donating to holes. Stop posting in holes. Holes are stupid and so are you.


(changelog) added profile walls, profile views

This is actually really self-explanatory. And while I really love talking down to you people, I am tied up on the phone for the foreseeable future and it’s hard to make good written sentences like this.

Go to someone’s profile and you can leave them a post. Others can reply to this. It’s very handy for a lot of things even if you stupidly don’t see why just yet. You voted for this TWICE so no b-wording. It’s also something I’ve been b-wording to add since like August 2021.

While I am typing about profile walls and to save time, I will submit a request to Aevann here with the aim of further adding utility and MySpace pizazz: How about a third profile privacy setting? Friends only? That means people you follow who also follow you.

Not sure how walls work with private profiles at present but I assume they’re restricted.

We also made profile views free. This was formerly a paypig feature, but now everyone can use it. I’m pretty sure you can see who’s viewed others’ profiles too.. Pretty funny.

Paypigs can now upload their own site backgrounds if they want. Or that’s coming soon. It’s unclear. But it’s either now or soon. Go check out your settings page and see if it’s possible.

You may also be interested to know that I gave a like 4000 word interview to a Canadian journoid about WPD this afternoon. He’s published in a bunch of leaf publications and the Daily Mail or some other bong tabloid. Interesting resume. He doesn’t use Twitter much but he likes a lot of super-lib and coof doomer stuff there. I think he’s interviewing other snuff site admins as well, based on what he was saying. I don’t know if they’ll bite. So it’s probably going to either be just a few select quotes most likely chosen to push whatever his angle is, but here’s to hoping. I shouted you guys out a few times.

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Country Club Rework

We have three holes now with various restrictions on viewing:

There is no longer a "Club" toggle. Use /h/countryclub. Keep in mind the truescore limit on club had been *1* for the past couple months, so this is a big upgrade in exclusivity.

This is partially a compromise solution, but it makes the code actually manageable and gives people all of the reasonable asks: masterbaiters gayops won't get outed to Google and loggedoutcels, and countryclub 1000 TS restricts to 10% of all accounts and 30% of weekly active accounts for whatever semi-exclusive crap you want to post.

Addressing frequent suggestions:

"1000 TS is too easy to get, it should be 5000 TS" — The latter is still like 20% of weekly active accounts. The difference isn't as big as you think it is.

"I think Bardfinn has <x> truescore, you should make the limit <x+1>" — Is this Bardfinn in the room with us right now? If you have credible evidence of someone being Bardfinn, modmail us and we'll ban xim, which excludes from the restricted holes. There are people who seem to think Bardfinn has a secret account with over 10 000 truescore. There is no level that will "exclude Bardfinn" in everyone's mind.

"Let us choose whatever arbitrary truescore requirement we want" — This is dumb and you should feel bad for suggesting it. It's an idea with great UX, and it will totally accomplish what you hope it will: I would've posted something if only ≥1050 TS people could see it, but not ≥1000, no sir. You know what we need? More amorphous conditions on who can see what on a site with low-four-digits of active users. (42 069 TS Century Club when?)

fsdfsd.net — New rDrama Source Code Repository :capygitcommit:

We reported earlier that Aevann's GitHub account got jannied. Still no official word why, but our best guess at present is:


rDrama, being one of the most malevolent, cruel, coldhearted online communities you'll ever find, is resilient enough to host our own shit when we get deplatformed. We'd already planned for this inevitability, and we are proud to present our own Gitea instance:

fsdfsd.net :capygitcommit:

Anyone who wants to contribute code to the site or to host any other rDrama-related Git repo is free to sign up. No more need for a burner GitHub account! We don't verify emails; it just has to be the same as your git config user.email—even if that's a fake address without a mailbox like <username>@fsdfsd.net if you want.

We have to manually approve new accounts—Neko says there's sexy Indian dude spammers who target Gitea instances :marseytunaktunak:—so ping 'aevann sneks jc' with your fsdfsd username if it takes us more than a couple hours to notice.

For people with existing copies of the site repo, you can git remote set-url <remote> https://fsdfsd.net/rDrama/rDrama.git. Note also we renamed the default branch from frost to master—if we're off GitHub, we're using the politically-incorrect branch name.

Special thanks to @justcool393 for porting the rDrama midnight.css theme over and Marsifying the site (Marsey comment reactions coming soon), and thanks to @nekobit for inspiring the domain name.

Finally, if anyone wants to speculate wildly about how the GitHub account got jannied, maybe a certain Dr. Oaken who we know watched the GitHub might be to blame.

hey we added a cool leaderboard for world cup bets

i hear there might even be badges at the end of it :)


We have new backgrounds. They are glitter.

They are amazing.

Anyone that says they aren't is a child raping republiKKKan.

That's all!



Mandatory glitter.

I am in control and my whims are law.


you can now download the New™️ Rdrama™️ Mobile App™️ using the instructions in the linked page

also, new accounts now have a special hat to let you know to be kind to them :)))


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reduced Country Club threshold from 1000 truescore too 1 truescore

trans lives matter


(changelog) giving a cosmetic award now grants the recipient 10% of its cost

People aren’t using cosmetic awards nearly as much as I’d like them to so now we’re doing this.

Cosmetic awards are things like fireflies, wholesome, stripper cake, glowie, etc.

Go forth and break threads.

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  • xiraclaus: Hats.
  • peepeehands: hat
  • whyareyou: making chuds is dramaphobic because people wont expect chuddery if someones not chud awarded and tha
reduced chud award price from 2500 to 500 (death to rightoids)

:#!marseymini: :chudsey: :#marseymini:

(changelog) couple of small casino updates


you can now bet on 0 and 00 on roulette

not sure why that wasn't there before but you can do it now

now you have two new fun ways to lose your coins and marseybux

everything else

we added stats to each of the game pages so you can see how many games you've won vs how many you've lost! if you even get more wins then losses you'll get a nice green to show for it! there's no badge but you can be a greenchad dunking on the redcels :)

lmk if you have any ideas or any bug reports or anything for the casino


have fun! :marseylove:

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(changelog) some changes to lawlzposts

hey all,

by popular demand, we made some changes to our code specifically to accommodate lawlzposts. we've made it so that when @MasterLawlz makes a post it gets

  1. automatically stickied for 24 hours

  2. automatically distinguished

  3. automatically flaired

in addition, lawlz pins can't be unpinned by jannies or unpin awards. they are affected by pin awards however, which will add an hour of time to the pin.

they also appear at the top above every other pinned post, regardless of when it was made



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(changelog) added profanity filter, upgraded slur filter, added new shibboleth filters

You can disable the freaking profanity filter if you’re some kind of gosh dang a-hole poophead but I’d advise against it. Broaden your vocabulary instead!

The slur filter now supports regex or whatever so we can have RNG replacements. But a lot of my original replacements have become a thing so I didn’t add any besides for niglet I don’t think. I also replaced dyke because whoever came up with “cute lesbian” was really uninspired and should be ashamed.

There are new cheeky replacements as well but we don’t talk about those. I will be adding more as time goes on.

This upgrade was inspired by the brilliant mind of Dr. Oaken


and we are now roughly 40% more inscrutable if you’re brand new to the internet, or are completely incapable of picking up on context clues to infer obvious meaning like her.

Next up is a boring revision to the clusterfrick that is the Settings pages. Given that simply blocking cuss words took Devrama down for like a half hour, I project that making settings coherent will bring down the main site for roughly 4 years. This outage will begin tomorrow, or possibly tonight if I can’t sleep.

Pic unrelated but far more important than any of this nonsense - look at this amazing new MT I scored. For the gay losers who don’t know what this means, allow me to explain:

This is an alien style rifle. That has the highest base damage output in NMS, for one thing. For another, it’s absolutely ridiculous looking which is excellent.

But the really important part is the supercharged tech slot placement. See those Scatter Blaster mods? Those are the 4 SC slots. Not the legendary 2x2 positioning, but one of those has yet to be proven to actually exist. The 3x1 layout is almost functionally identical to a theoretical 2x2 and better according to some schools of thought.

I grabbed two. The PVP variant obviously has Blaze Javelin modules in the SC slots, but here we have the PVE one where I don’t even need to use over half the available slots because that fricking Scatter Blaster can take out a mech with one volley and a walker with a single clip.

Incredible find.

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  • BlitzenGod: The only satisfaction I need from this site is saying kneegur :marseytroll:
(changelog) updated settings and NEW BADGES oh my!

good evening everyone! if you remember from the post you prolly didn't read from carp last night, we've made some changes to settings! we've basically gutted all of the old messy garbage that was the ruqqus code!

so go check out your settings now!

personal is your theme and site experience and all that fun stuff
advanced is boring nerd poweruser crap like page sizes
css is your custom css for your profile and your own custom css
security is like your email and password and stuff
apps/bots are apps and bots

also like carp mentioned there are TWO NEW BADGES!

turn on your filters (you have them already right?)


when you turn them on, a link will appear that will let you make them permanent!

if you do, you can get one or both of the new badges


Social Justice Berserker - awarded for turning on the slur filter permanently


Soapy-Mouthed Angel - awarded for turning on the profanity filter permanently


so go on, check out your settings and get those new badges! after all, carp has already done it

have an amazing evening and stay awesome! :marseylove:

(aevan joan pewkie carp idio the_homocracy schizocel sneks jc geese kippy mccox chiobu donger soren discuss)

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!slots and !slotsmb are back

pls dont spam, if u plan too gamble repeatedly use the casino, its faster and better

the minimum limit for gambling is 100 coins/MB in comments and 5 coins/MB in the casino



New schizochangelog just dropped


Ghost posting is free again

Only cosmetic awards and pin awards work on ghost posts now - so you can't use a ban award to unmask a ghost poster anymore


Removemaxxxed @pizzashill auto upsorens

( @pizzashill used to get 4 automatic sorens on every post or comment he made)


@pizzashill now has permanent progressive stack, so his content is given double weighing in the rankings

@Impassionata and sneks :marseyschizosnakeslove: and jc :marseyschizojclove: also have permanent progressive stack now


The menace formerly known as Soren has been forcibly and permanently assimilated into Soren (:marseyschizosal:)


@BeauBiden @Soren @duck @Klenny @Snakes @justcool394 @justcool395 discuss

Gigavaxxers vs Zombies: NEW RULES, NEW REWARDS

Team Vaxxmaxxed: Gets 3x dramacoin from votes on their posts/comments (responsible contributors to herd immunity get rewarded by the globoking capitalist state).

Team Zombie: Gets free progressive stack on their posts and comments (fast zombies), AND gets a free bite award every 24hrs to spread the love.

You can now vax yourself. It takes one vax to go from infected to healthy. Any vaxxes after that make you VAXXED, which takes two bites to deplete back to healthy. You can stack up to five (5) vaxxes for a total of eleven bites until zombification.

ALSO, we are tracking bites and vaxxes. There winning team when Homoween ends will get a very special [redacted]. There will definitely be a fun stats post about who the biggest superspreaders and CDC lackies were.

:#marseyzombie: :#questionmark: :#!marseygigavaxxer:

Add 91 Non-Marsey Emoji


:percent: :caret: :asterisk: :apostrophe: :quotation: :ialt: :0alt: :ccedilla:


:marseyflagcalifornia: :marseyflageu: :marseyflagpalau:


:thumbup: :thumbdown:


:sharkymegalodon: :sharkydinosaur:

:chadnoproblemkingcapy: :chadnoproblemqueencapy: :chadmusk:

:dinoyes: :dinono: :dinoconfused:

:realisticelephant: :sneedcat: :mussolini:

:bitchhaditcomin: :duckdance: :stoning: :stoningpills:

:srdinepoppy: :sneedbuddy:

:soren: :upsoren: :downdonger:


:parrot: :parrotaccessible: :parrotcongaparty: :parrotcop: :parrotevil: :parrotgithub: :parrothmm: :parrothypno: :parrotimposter: :parrotisrael: :parrotkazakhstan: :parrotmergetrain: :parrotmoonwalking: :parrotportalblue: :parrotportalorange: :parrotpumpkin: :parrotrevolution: :parrotrip: :parrotscience: :parrotshort: :parrotsleeping: :parrotslow: :parrottrans: :parrotultrafast: :parrotunitedstatesofamerica: :parrotwitnessprotection: :parrotzombie:


:chadbaby: :chadstalin: :chudette: :chudgrug: :chudnazi: :chudsmug: :soy4dchess: :soyjaktantrum:


:asianenbyjak: :asiangirl: :asiantwinkjak: :bobateagirl: :chadasian2: :chadindianheadset: :chinesenobleman: :chinesepolitician: :chinesesoldierjak: :greendesigirl: :imperialjapanesesoldier: :indiandoomergirl: :kimjojongjak: :kimonogirl: :maojak: :mongoljak: :scaryasianwife: :shorthairasiangirl: :singaporeansoldierjak: :suprisedasianwife: :tiawanesesoldierjak: :witheredricefarmer: :yakuzajak:

I didn't keep track of who made most of these, but thanks to all who contributed. I think this is most/all of the non-r-slurred ones from the backlog.

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(changelog) marsify awards last 24 hours now

bottom text

also who was that person who wrote this like long post about all of the awards on rdrama i forget who they were and i can't find their post now but they're the reason why i thought of the idea and also the idea to halve the cosmetic award prices so ya

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removed "@jannies" pinging all jannies

@jannies discuss

trans lives matter


android app v2.6, restored pull to refresh


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(changelog) The Chud Update, subtitle: stop b-wording about content that hurts your feelings

Hiiiiiiiiii! Aevann had a really wonderful idea this morning after I posted that thread titled “There are more cases of monkeypox among children than women. What does this mean gaybros??” with a link to a monkeypox study.

Before we proceed, I’d like to clarify something: almost a hundred of you upvoted this thread in like an hour. The thing is, the study linked didn’t say that. The study linked had nothing to do with women and children. It was just a random study about monkeypox, I have no clue what it said. You’re reactionary morons, all of you. Some of you gloated. Some of you defended it - “maybe it’s from roughhousing, maybe it’s child superspreader events.” You’re all idiots. Not one person even clicked the thing, the title alone would have given away that it was just some completely irrelevant study. Shame on you.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Aevann had this really great idea to give our r-slurs a home without having to constantly clean it up for free and/or banish them to another platform. The deuxrama experiment was terrible and it was terribly mismanaged by the tards appointed to it. This is better.

Introducing: /h/chudrama!

Here is where you can post your chuddy bullshit. It better be funny though, or at least good slapfights. It’s not meant to be a displaced .win community. The catch is that you need 5,000 truescore to even view Chudrama. This should keep us from getting invaded by boring, unfunny qoomers and Nazis. They’ll still banned on sight. This is for established members who also like to chudpost. It is also hidden by default which brings me to the next part of this update:

(NOTE: posts in Chudrama are immune to the effects of the Chud Award)

Stealth Mode for Holes

Hole possessors can now navigate to their Hole settings page and enable Stealth Mode. What Stealth Mode does is keep the Hole’s content from appearing in the main feed to anyone not subscribed to the Hole. You can subscribe to a Hole by navigating to the Hole itself’s main page, and clicking that big ol button with the eye at the top. This applies by default to the following Holes:

to protect us from mean deplatforming bullies.

Stealth Holes will appear in a scary red font in the master list of Holes.

If you’d like to do CSS for Chudrama, send me a DM and I’ll go over what I’d like.

And, as a reminder, if you don’t like something that’s posted, you have many options! These include, but are by no means limited to: Scrolling down. Scrolling up. Closing your eyes. Going outside. Rethinking your life and the terrible decisions that led to you being this way. Going back to Reddit. Just dealing with it. Contrary to popular belief, you actually do not have to repeatedly cry to forum moderators to protect you!


I love you.

xoxo Carp 💋