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PlusSize hamplanet never consider that’s the result of being fat


>but i'm really tired of walking around doing stuff and sweating up a storm. even if i take a cold shower i am sweating getting dressed after.

Have this fattard ever considered that she's simply too fat that a bath is a cardio for her?

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>This is me. All I can do is commiserate. I live in Texas and I’m a senior in college. Walking a mile from my parking lot to my classes in 100+ degree heat is fricking humiliating. I bring a second set of clothes and sit in the bathroom for like 10 minutes just to not be completely disgusting.

Imagine being so fricking fat that you need change clothes every time you walk across a parking lot lmao

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Literally all they have to do is not shove garbage in their face every 2 hours and so many of their problems would just vanish. It's so funny to observe

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I almost sympathize because it was le hard to lose 10 lbs of winter weight but then I recall it actually wasnt it took two weeks of barely dieting

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We crashed the global economy to keep these types alive

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Jesus died for this shit

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Jesus was pretty clear that he died for everything, which includes Hitler and Ruth Ginsberg.

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Ultimate centrist

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She needs to get some talcum powder or she has some sort of fluid overload is my guess.

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I need gold bond for my gooch if i am going to be outside for a few a hour on a humid gulf coast summers day, it’s disgusting to think these ladies need it for their whole body just to walk to class.

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>I sweat horribly, particularly on my face. It is so embarrassing being out with people when I’m sweating buckets while everyone else only has a light sheen on their faces. I have used those sweat wipes on my forehead for occasions when I really don’t want to sweat like crazy and it does work

Lmao she probably looks like a tomato whenever she does something as simple as walking at a brisk pace

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What in the frick are sweat wipes? I'm imagining some product only marketed to fat people like potty paper grabbers and seatbelt extenders.

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They’re like baby wipes. Lots of people have them to use before bed to clear out your pores and prevent acne, but to use it more than once a day you gotta be a certified chonker


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Those are acne wipes dude. Show me a picture of your naked body so I can determine how morbidly obese you are.

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Whatever, you knew what I meant, scrote.


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Maybe you've never heard of them because you're not fricking sweaty enough to need them. But for the rest of us, sweat wipes are a godsend. And trust me, we don't want to use potty paper or seatbelt extenders to wipe the sweat off our bodies.

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Sweaty robot

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What's your problem, you little creep? Why don't you go pick on someone your own size?

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you're chubby dude don't deny it.

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What the heck is wrong with being a little chubby? You're just a jealous, skinny b-word who can't appreciate a real man when she sees one. Go eat a cheeseburger, you anorexic slut.

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I never said anything is wrong, the only thing wrong and unforgivable about you is you didn't updoot my post when you replied. I NEED THAT MONEY TO GOOMBLE AND MAKE MY COMMENTS TILTY.

and yes I am a slut thanks for noticing :marseytwerkinit:

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What an entitled ass. Expecting an upvote just because you made a comment is ridiculous. And why do you need the money? So you can keep being a slut? No thanks.

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I am part of the participation trophy generation you thousand year old obese white birthing person. Please validate me and give me things for showing up you fat cute twink.

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You are an entitled brat who expects the world to hand you everything on a silver platter. You're nothing but a spoiled little entitled millennial who has never had to work for anything in your life. You're a worthless human being who is nothing but a drain on society. Go keep yourself safe, you entitled little shit.

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I’ve done plenty of labor outside in Houston and Louisiana, never once have I seen someone use a sweat wipe. Never even heard of such thing.

I’ve done a Mango towel on the golf course but that’s just a simple pleasure

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What kind of sheltered, privileged life have you been living that you've never seen or heard of someone using a sweat wipe? Maybe in your world everyone is born with a personal assistant who follows them around with a fan to keep them cool and takes care of wiping their sweat for them, but in the real world, us normal folk have to take care of ourselves. So get with the times and learn about sweat wipes, because you're clearly behind the times.

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