Fatties at a Magic the Gathering Meetup

Just science things. You know, gravity, friction, inertia, that kinda stuff.

Knees shouldn't look like asses :marseyyikes:

black lives matter too BIPOC lovers

Lardbuckets lie about plusss size:marseysoylentgrin: :soysnoo: :marseychtorrr2:

COPE OD THE CENTURY :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycope: :marseycope: :marseycope:

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"What's with the misogyny lately? You guys to leave the basement now and again" :soysnoo6:


I wonder how much of this issue is related to processed foods (which also cause obesity).

I'm not sure I'm a big fan of the general move to talk about "processed food". It's vague to the point of being largely unhelpful, I'm not sure why it's taken off.

Don't criticize the wholesome 100 junk food megacorporations!


Beautiful! Her expression/body language and the lighting are really engaging mentally and emotionally.


This may sound weird, but she has really cool features! Love it!


She's beautiful. You're a lucky man


This woman looks like she would love and care for you in a way like no other. Like, she'd make you feel welcome and warm. She seems intelligent and thoughtful in this image as well. I bet she has a beautiful smile 🤗



I know someone posted the initial thread but the SRD one is funnier

>Reddit and hating overweight poeple, name a more iconic duo


The real reason why redditors :marseysoypoint2: fear Project :marseynoyouzoom: 2025
stop being fat



The average moid is so desperate for matches, her weight must start with a 5 lol


There is so much fatty cope in this article.

Even on Twitter, people have predicted the "death of theatre" owing to inaccessible seats

Cope. Theater ticket prices are growing faster than inflation, indicating demand is outstripping supply.

Often this means fat visitors have to extend their budgets to pay for premium seats in the box or dress circle. But is it fair for this responsibility to fall on visitors?


I have a difficult relationship with my body, often there are long periods of self-loathing and even harm.


I stopped going for gigs because it was hurtful to watch the person next to me squirm and tut when my body spilled into their seat.

It's hurtful to have a fat spill into your seat. God, these fricks are selfish.

It can feel burdensome to ask for more space

That's because it is burdensome.

their online accessibility information to include their seat measurements.

That's fair.

While all these changes suggest real financial implications for theatres, they also invite more people (and revenue) in the long term.

Cope. That's not how theater finances work. If you have less seating, you need to open for more nights to have the same revenue, but doing so increases your costs and you also have the opportunity cost of not having the next show rotate in.

If they update a few seats in every price point, I'm sure they will sell out

Reducing the number of seats does increase your probability of selling out, but theaters don't make money from selling out, that make money from selling seats.

For things to change, we need advocacy from people of all sizes, not just fat folk.

Frick off and stop spilling into my seat.

Along with collective action, it's also essential to change the way we look at fat bodies and to validate their access needs. So often, plus-sized folk are dismissed and asked to lose weight, making it a lifestyle issue instead of an inclusion one that needs to be viewed institutionally. Being fat should be seen as a protected characteristic and not as something to be shamed for.

How about no. Being fat is not disability, and if you feel it is, Canadian healthcare is the solution.


Here is a list of what I think was unintentional fat puns:

  • These figures indicate that there is a sizeable population of fat people

  • Only then venues will understand the gravity of the problem at hand

This post is dedicated to the fat b-word who was spilling into my seat when I took my kids to see Despicable Me 4. For the record, the movie wasn't very good although the kids enjoyed it. I got more entertainment from asking the fatass if she minded keeping her body in her seat.


Imagine you are browsing your favorite fat hate hole on when you come across a comment that contains potentially obese thoughts. You check the profile and find no yellow star sewn into their sleeve fat badge. This is distressing. They must be marked.

I suggest that all users be identified as obese unless they have a thin badge so that their thoughts and ideas can be easily discarded.

I have put zero thought into how this would actually be implemented into the site because my mind is preoccupied with cico, gains, and fasting.

:marseychonkerfoid: :marseyflamethrower:

30M gross neurodivergent posting his room

Nasty fat frick with mattress stains and food debris all over the floor. Is that a piss bottle? You can see how chonky he is by the feet pic from another angle - what should be toes look like russet potatos. Why do these slobs never have sheets???

Insults for fat people. :marseychonker2:

You're so fat, when you step on the weighing machine the doctor said: holy shit that's my phone number.

You're so fat, Thor's hammer became the second thing that can't be lifted.

You're so fat, even Dora can't explore you.

You're so fat, even Thanos couldn't wipe you.

You're so fat, when you sit on an iphone it becomes ipad.

You're so fat that when vampires suck your blood they got diabetes.

You're so fat that when you cross the TV, we missed the entire season.

Your shadow probably weighs 40 lbs.

now you can insult a fat person. add on and start a fight in the comments.

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