Encourage fatties to lose weight with this one fun trick!

If you see an overweight (not morbidly obese) woman in a crowded area, give her your seat. Don't say anything, she'll take it and quietly seethe about you assuming she's pregnant.

She won't even be able to freak out at you, so the seethe will last all day.

Rant about Qantas and being fat!

Trying to keep it short, I have a habit of being long-winded.

I'm flying to the USA, I had a ticket with both me and my husband booked in Feb 23. I called last week to book an extra seat for me because I am fat, and they were happy to do that. So they split me from my husband's ticket and booked me a new ticket, I had to fill out a medical form (which I don't really need as Obsitiy wasn't on the form, and pay the Dr to do it) and had my seat confirmed. I did it with the dude on the line, we booked it, we saw it, we confirmed it twice. But I didn't get my ticket in the email he said it might take up to 3 days. I rang a few times during the week to ask where my ticket was to be told it was being processed, don't worry about it.

Today I was told they can't do the extra seat because part of my flight is with AmeriKKKan Airlines and they can't confirm my extra seat so the whole ticket is void and now I have to buy a new ticket. The tickets are no longer on sale so I have to pay the extra $1K to get my seat back on the same flight and I still don't have that extra comfort seat that started this whole issue in the first place!

Lots more :marseylongpost: but that's enough for now.

Let's peek at controversial

Sounds like the easiest thing would be to lose weight.

Sadly, you have outdated knowledge. There is more and more scientific research coming out about genetics and peoples unique dna. What they are finding is that there are certain groups of people that not only absorb fat more, it takes longer for them to lose it. Its not just "metabolism" anymore, it points to certain genetic structures and even gut bacteria can play a huge part. [snipped about 3,000 words of :marseycope:]

Absolutely delusional, probably believe in perpetual energy machines too since that's what you're basically describing


If this is a sign now is a good time to get in shape and get healthy!

Whoops, I think you missed this!

"I have been dealing with my weight for a few years, my doctor is happy with me, I am healthy (enough) I am being seen by like 3 specialists about my weight, I am doing everything I can!"

They didn't miss it, just the kind of buttholes who love to jump on posts like this and berate someone online to compensate for their own issues.


Might not do much but write to your local MP about Qantas. I have. People need to complain.

I'm all for complaining but your local MP can't do anything about Qantas. ACCC would be the place. Alternatively the media.

:marseybigbrain: let's write to our MP and government organization complaining about Qantas because AmeriKKKan Airlines couldn't guarantee me a seat for my grotesquely fat butt

Report the issue to the ombudsmen?


Lose weight


Did feeders won ?

Like there are literally a lot less men that like landwhales that there are landwhales.

We need:


Fat b-word broke his suspension

47th President of The United States of AmeriKKKa: Chris Christie
MFW I encounter yet another hater
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Gorlock the Destroyer


The woman who was much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much larger than the girl....

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Chonkers posting major L's

Has This Ever Happened To You?

So years ago, when I was in my 20s, I was on my way to a night out with friends. It was a going away party at a casual chic restaurant, I was on public transit. As I got off at the terminal (I could walk from there for 10 minutes) a guy approached me and said “You're really sexy, can I give you my number?” I replied “No thanks”.

Why did I say that?

1 - complete stranger with no conversation.

2 - I didn't find him attractive.

3 - no experience with this kind of interaction

4 - he was at least 20 years older than me

5 - he smelled like a brewery

6 - had on a wedding ring

I think about this all these years later and wonder was that my only chance?

I'm late middle age now.

Anyone else have this happen or am I the only freak?

✨️Icons paying tribute to icons ✨️
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Thug Sauce The Sequel Discusses

Twitter Replies

i can't believe you're really gone. my heart is in a million pieces. rest in power, my twin. i will miss you forever. - IVY DAVENPORT: Glamorizing Obesity on the Internet Since '03 💖

so sorry for your loss 😔 - Gassy Fat Chicks: 31 years old GUY/MAN no peepee pics please!. All there in the username folks. Here to share and talk about Gassy Fat Chicks!

Heartbroken honestly. Sending so much love your way - 🐷Weird Wood🐷: ✨professional fatass perv / clip maker & feedee / the fat trans Mikey Way next door / enby (they/them), BBW by trade🐷✨

He will be very missed 😢 He definitely was legendary and his personality was the sweetest..My condolences. Rest in Power - fatfatfat1: Seeking a SUPERCHUB 450+pounds please. I'm 45. Single. No Kids. Able to Host.

So sorry for your loss - OR/WA/NJ/Vegas/EXXXOTICA NJ😈 devils kinky reject: Aside from the usual adult & fetish model/producer/dominatrix life I also offer RV kinky retreats.

Oh no :( He seemed like such a sweet soul! All the hugs! - Kushy Curves: NSFW 18+ 💋 Happy fatty, former BigCutie, feedist. She/They, Queer. Wild and graceful, sometimes silly. Can you tame this hungry beast? Join my OF for more!

Rip - NaughtyJavi: Here to follow you sexy big boys! Big boys, chubs, superchubs, mega chubs all get love from me!

My heart hurts. I'm sorry. - L Void 🖤🩸: 18+ || 26. HE/HIM. Biomechanical Bondage Bear. Perpetually unimpressed leathercute butch. Intersex trans hardfemme. Verse-ish

:( So sorry for your loss dear. - ✦ plump wizard ✦🔞: ⚧︎ silas🐊24🦠he/they🫐taurus💌queer obesity glorifier & mutual feedist🥩fat trans slut🧸⛓🍷

I'm so sorry for your loss, Ivy sending my love and hoping you can get through this trying time 🥺❤️ - softenup (Girl Mode!)🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️: 🔞she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ Trans, 26, Ace, Gainer, Feedee

beautiful picture of both of you 🥺 from everything I read I know he was a treasure and an incredible friend, this is so heartbreaking. - reiinapop 🍩 too fetch, too deadly: feedee princess 👽 👾 #cultofrezz 👾 【=◈︿◈=】 definite maneater 👅🔥 ✨ end systemic racism 👏 fight 4 trans rights & SW rights! 💜

I'm so incredibly sorry, Ivy. Every single thing I've seen about him has been so kind, hilarious, and loving. May his memory be a blessing for you and all of his loved ones for many years to come 💙 - 🔞 Tame 🐮: 🔞 Tame | cow furry | 24 | 🏳️‍⚧️ agender demisexual lesbian 🏳️‍🌈 | they/them | dong collector 🍆

i'm so sorry for your loss. heartbreaking - Gretchen Felker-Martin

this is the :#bardfinn: that wrote a "horror novel" where trans women kill JK Rowling :#marseyemojirofl:

I get angry when I see fat people driving cars

Optional if you have a link or an image.


Its just brutal


00:00 - 01:00 - worst set ever

01:00 - 08:43 - roast pork

08:40 - leaves the stage :kroolrun:

How I Learned to Stop Hating Landwhales and Start Loving Them

I didn't. Landwhales are destroying societies, me being on skinny side hurts extra hard, because a skinny girl has basically godlike status like only 1 in 10 girls is actually skinny and 70% foids ate straight fat. And how they want to fix this problem ? By introducing body positive so even more foids becomes fat, yeah body positive is exclusively foid thing, if you are a guy and fat, body positivity says to you frick you.

Officially local foids are 164cm and 72kg (foids weight needs to be smaller than last 2 digits on her height to not be fat) but in reality they weight 80kg+ and many weight more than me (90kg) a guy who is almost 40cm taller than average foid. Like frick this, when are we banning ice cream ?

Link to article

Unfortunately the janny menace got to it before there was much drama :#marseyitsover: although it's doesn't appear to be locked yet in case any :m#arseyrapscallion: want to add their 5 cents.

Huh, this is super interesting. They mention an intuitive eating influencer, Lindsay Pleskot, being paid off by the sugar industry.


I'm glad to see this posted here. I really enjoy MP, think that the hosts are great etc, but they are weirdly quiet when it comes to the influence of mainstream convenience food companies...

"Just admit you hate fat people" is the catchphrase. Fast food companies obviously don't hate fat people, so there's no problem.


So, my partner's a HAES dietitian. She had to prepare her clients for this article, because it's a problem.

Yes, there's too much money influencing influencers. Absolutely a problem. But everyone mentioned in this article is somewhere in the HAES, body liberation, etc world. They don't mention dietitians that take money from Noom or WW or other diet companies. Which feels fricked up, since I'd bet there's WAY more diet industry money in dietetics than there is food company money.


this article pissed me off. there is no nuance. i follow one of the RDs who made a sponsored aspartame post and the other things she promotes are things like salmon, grapefruit, and sausage, ffs, and is always SUPER clear about what posts are ads. if anything this is a reminder to be media literate, make sure you read the caption, think critically, but also a lot of these dieticians provide excellent content -- are we supposed to just have them do that for free?!


Yup! My partner actually knows that RD fairly well. She turns down sponsorship opportunities daily because she doesn't believe in them


"I'd bet there's WAY more diet industry money in dietetics than there is food company money."

I'm curious about that. Is that a blind bet or do you have some insight? The food companies absolutely SWAMP the diet industry on every other spending metric.


Dramatards when they encounter someone over 29.9 BMI
lardass foid sneeds about being too fat for the scale at the doctors office

what is a wake up call to a normal person is an act of pure hatred to a redditor !thin

Hogcalling Then vs Now

Way back when

Close to now

What do you see

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