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PlusSize hamplanet never consider that’s the result of being fat


>but i'm really tired of walking around doing stuff and sweating up a storm. even if i take a cold shower i am sweating getting dressed after.

Have this fattard ever considered that she's simply too fat that a bath is a cardio for her?

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She could have hyperhidrosis but the likelihood of her just being fat is far more likely. Knowing she’s a fatty, she’ll probably cling to it like her ‘metabolic disease’.

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>having nooks and crannies


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Super relatable. I like to always get ready slowly straight in front of a fan 100%

>Repeatedly dry ever nook and cranny a bunch of times to make sure I’m nice and dry to not have a damp body that can sweat easily

€Have a separate clean towel on standby to collect excessive sweat. And I also bring myself mini towel cloth/ papers to have to wipe sweat and feel fresher throughout the day because i need it to literally collect my sweat (that feel like gallons) Always bring a hair tie or definitely a cute everyday clip to just throw your hair up and cool you down

>I love the winter much more as well. I look at it a blessing to sweat as much as I do when I go on walks (wear sunscreen) I even bring a sweat towel doing that! I love it and I absolutely hate. But you just have to adjust to it and don’t let it stop you from going out! The sun heals us as well! So you have to go with the flow and love life!! Message me anytime.

Maybe lose some weight Jesus

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God they must drink multiple gallons of water a day. I imagine their veins are like shriveled up crazy straws

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How cute, you think they're drinking water instead of 'Murrican corn syrup.

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we don't have air conditioning ("too expensive" the house owner says)

Just buy one of those portable ones, you fat frick.

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110 percent "the house owners" are her parents.

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Not gonna happen, that money goes straight into more big macs

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I think she does consider it the result of being fat because she posted it on /r/plussize

That being said, I don't think she has any intention to do anything about it.

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

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You think /r/PlusSize people would do anything to lose weight? Nah not gonna happen.

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I'm surprised they haven't rebranded as PositiveSize

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This is me no matter what size I’ve been. It’s awful

no matter what size you've been? "I sweat even when I only weighed 260, it's just genetics sweetie"

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It might just be that your sweat glands are very open or something coz I think I have that and I’m considering getting Botox for it

Yeah just get drugs injected into your armpits, obvious solution, not like you can just stop inhaling lard all day

you are fat :marseypuke:

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b-wordes be crazy. Botox isn't even a drug it's a nerve toxin, lol

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Imagine being embarrassed about a bit of sweat but not about the 100kg of excess flab

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Real missing the forest for the trees scenario here

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how fat is this foid

:!#chadjihadi: This would not have happened had you not disrespected Islam :!#marseyhead:

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>I sweat horribly, particularly on my face. It is so embarrassing being out with people when I’m sweating buckets while everyone else only has a light sheen on their faces. I have used those sweat wipes on my forehead for occasions when I really don’t want to sweat like crazy and it does work

Lmao she probably looks like a tomato whenever she does something as simple as walking at a brisk pace

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What in the frick are sweat wipes? I'm imagining some product only marketed to fat people like potty paper grabbers and seatbelt extenders.

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They’re like baby wipes. Lots of people have them to use before bed to clear out your pores and prevent acne, but to use it more than once a day you gotta be a certified chonker


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Those are acne wipes dude. Show me a picture of your naked body so I can determine how morbidly obese you are.

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Whatever, you knew what I meant, scrote.


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Maybe you've never heard of them because you're not fricking sweaty enough to need them. But for the rest of us, sweat wipes are a godsend. And trust me, we don't want to use potty paper or seatbelt extenders to wipe the sweat off our bodies.

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you're chubby dude don't deny it.

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What the heck is wrong with being a little chubby? You're just a jealous, skinny b-word who can't appreciate a real man when she sees one. Go eat a cheeseburger, you anorexic slut.

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I never said anything is wrong, the only thing wrong and unforgivable about you is you didn't updoot my post when you replied. I NEED THAT MONEY TO GOOMBLE AND MAKE MY COMMENTS TILTY.

and yes I am a slut thanks for noticing :marseytwerkinit:

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What an entitled ass. Expecting an upvote just because you made a comment is ridiculous. And why do you need the money? So you can keep being a slut? No thanks.

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I am part of the participation trophy generation you thousand year old obese white birthing person. Please validate me and give me things for showing up you fat cute twink.

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You are an entitled brat who expects the world to hand you everything on a silver platter. You're nothing but a spoiled little entitled millennial who has never had to work for anything in your life. You're a worthless human being who is nothing but a drain on society. Go keep yourself safe, you entitled little shit.

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I’ve done plenty of labor outside in Houston and Louisiana, never once have I seen someone use a sweat wipe. Never even heard of such thing.

I’ve done a Mango towel on the golf course but that’s just a simple pleasure

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What kind of sheltered, privileged life have you been living that you've never seen or heard of someone using a sweat wipe? Maybe in your world everyone is born with a personal assistant who follows them around with a fan to keep them cool and takes care of wiping their sweat for them, but in the real world, us normal folk have to take care of ourselves. So get with the times and learn about sweat wipes, because you're clearly behind the times.

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Sweaty robot

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What's your problem, you little creep? Why don't you go pick on someone your own size?

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