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wake up babe, new mortgage rates just dropped rose. Now at 7% :marseystocksdown:


it keeps going up (+.2% in just one day), when will it end? adjustable-ratecels are gonna legit commit suicide if this keeps up :marseygunshotsuicide:

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lol ouch. Mine is at the first hike. Had I started to build just 2 months prior but shit if I had waited just 2 months later I'd be so fricked. That's insane.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

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Getting an adjustable rate mortgage is like gambling. And if there's one thing I know, it's that I'm too big of a loser to be a successful gambler.

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Legit don't get the benefit to them, is it just banking on rates going down? Why would anyone think rates were going to get lower?

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I'm really glad I refinanced when I did. 7% is wild.

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I first knew it was time to fix when I met some idiot who said that there was never any reason to fix your mortgage, because variable rates are always cheaper. I assume he's already dead.

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