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>Kanye West is controlled opposition :marseyagree:

>Jews paid Black Panthers to want to have intercourse with white woman :marseyagreefast:

>Jews are Commies who want a world of Jews and non-Jews :marseymerchantsoy:

>Tupac teams up with the Jews :marseygasp:

>something something Diddy Notorious B.I.G. :marseydizzy:

>Kanye and Tupac were groomed! :marseydiscord:

>Prager U are Jews! So is Ben Shapiro!!! :marseyohno:

The overall goal is to discredit the idea of Jewish supremacy by putting a psychopath (intentional) in the spotlight to call out their power




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The black chud

The gay chud

And milo

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kanye mf release an ep asap before you mature from this phase

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I don't need to release an EP just to please you, so back off.

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A black man and 2 gay twinks run for the alt right

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Nick Fuentes and Kanye drama


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I just went into their subreddit and they are absolutely the epitaxy of human shit, they congratulate each other for scalping and making huge profits from people who pay their prices ABSOLUTELY SICK one person brought their 27th PS5 and is happy about the profits their making from desperate people


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