Democracy dies as Twitter kneels on the neck of the Wall St Journal.

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Why are journos so obsessed with defending SBF and FTX (basing this on the Coffeezilla video)? Like it really seems like its becoming one of those culture war things where the chuds are taking the side of SBF committed fraud and the journos are saying no it was just negligence. why is this the hill you are gonna die on?

also the fricking leap to DDR is just :marseychefkiss:

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Journoids are the enemy of the people, always remember that.

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Because SBF was a top democrat donor

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Is this the next g*mergate??

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:marseymerchant: Who nose why?

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Honestly I think because rightoids are making antisemitic memes about it. That and the millions of dollars in funding for the democrats probably has something to do it.

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The guy isn't being defended here lmao.

They're comparing sbf to trump - both are con artists/grifters.

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it is hilarious snappy

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