Colorado shooter never stood a chance at being normal.

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lol dad was on divorce court

guess the dad is half ching chong

![](https://media.tenor.com/eCsOXisusk0AAAAC/kick-ball-kick.gif) ![](https://media.tenor.com/7IQLQfsXCGsAAAAd/kung-fu-master-ball-breaking.gif) ![](https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AnnualRipeLacewing-max-1mb.gif)


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This dudes been on everything lol zero shame.

That kid was never gonna make it :marseyitsover:


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what this is telling me is that the shooter needed a way better agent, like his dad

a Z list career in entertainment would have saved all those gay people

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The Romans were more civilized, they just watched some lions tear you apart.


This is so much better though.

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