Colorado shooter never stood a chance at being normal.

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BASED Methchad

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Why boner


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Supplements? :marseystonetoss:

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The Schneider cut is finally released.

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Here's a longer video with more ball-kicking

If only all movies could be so forward thinking

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Why would it hurt them? They are just taking a swift kick to the themnitals which aren't sensitive like he/him parts are.

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Holy shit this dad is one of the most based and ape-pilled individuals alive. Serious Sigma Energy in everything he does

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Peter Coffin

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Nice post, bro! I posted it to twitter.

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Loool iconic ep. frick season 1 to 8 were good.

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season 6 best season for a reason! :smoke:

this one, bart breaks his leg, itchy n scratchy land, shining and time machine tree house of horror, homer gropes a hot co-ed, grandpa makes a intercourse drink, stone cutters, bart v australia, teachers go on strike and random towns people become teachers, those dirty shelbyvillians steal the lemon tree....GOD WHAT A SEASON.

i know i just listed off nearly every episode but it's all so frickin good.

i watch and rewatch those first 10(ish) seasons of simpsons far more than any one person should...

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What a tremendous lineup. Those seasons had so much heart and soul. Wasn't pointless antics for the sake of it. I do the same thing and Futurama as well.



Rewatching them is a painful reminder that -


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it was more grounded in reality in those days (in general...). lady gaga wasn't showing up to be lisa's best friend and they weren't COMPLETELY REWRITING THE HISTORY OF THE SIMPSONS (like having homer be the one who invented grunge music in the 90s before bart was born). celebrities would come on and be IN WORLD CHARACTERS AND NOT THEMSELVES. stories were (again, generally) about regular people stuff as opposed to ralph wiggum being a leading presidential candidate.

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Why wouldn't you just wear a cup


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Snappy Noooo :marseycry::marseyitsover:

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Uhmmm... Based?

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Did the repeated nutshots start before this kid was conceived?

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I can only assume this isn't his first time sacrificing his body on some ludicrous money making scheme.

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Need a Josh Brolin movie about this dude

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>Club Q is also the name of a japanese cbt studio

the pieces are falling into place


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Sounds like jr should've tried the supplements.

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lol dad was on divorce court

guess the dad is half ching chong

![](https://media.tenor.com/eCsOXisusk0AAAAC/kick-ball-kick.gif) ![](https://media.tenor.com/7IQLQfsXCGsAAAAd/kung-fu-master-ball-breaking.gif) ![](https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AnnualRipeLacewing-max-1mb.gif)


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The Romans were more civilized, they just watched some lions tear you apart.


This is so much better though.

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This dudes been on everything lol zero shame.

That kid was never gonna make it :marseyitsover:


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what this is telling me is that the shooter needed a way better agent, like his dad

a Z list career in entertainment would have saved all those gay people

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this is more of a fetish video than an advertisement

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I think you meant "he had everything going for him and just fricking blew it".

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Or did he surpass his father by becoming a warrior for dramatic terfdom 🤔🤔.

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The more I hear about this man the more based he becomes

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It's sad it took such a tragedy to make a person like this famous.

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can't believe i didn't knew about the guy that played the Terminator


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the candle that burns twice as bright, burns twice as short :platynooo:

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Yeah, you're right. This guy stood on the shoulders of unfathomably based gigachad genes, but managed to blow it.


:marseyceiling: Y'all getting enough bussy in here? :!marseyceiling::marseytwerking::!marseytwerkinit::marseytwerkinit::!marseytwerking:

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If this was 1000 years ago this guy would have led the equivalent of the Taiping Rebellion but in Europe.

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Isn’t that just called the Reformation

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I don't know enough to agree or disagree with this but I've had no other opportunity to post it.


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Personally like the time they threw those guys out the window. Defenestration they call it.

God bless the Bohemians and their love of throwing people through windows.

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Saved :marseykneel:

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