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"Oy vey kiwifarms totally did nothing wrong and violated no acceptable use policy."



>"Users will not use the Services to transmit, distribute or store material that Lumen reasonably determines is inappropriate, obscene, indecent, defamatory, libelous, tortious, threatening, abusive, hateful, or excessively violent. Users will also not use the Services to host terrorist-related web sites, including sites that advocate human violence and hate crimes based upon religion, ethnicity, or country of origin."

:marseymanysuchcases: of lies by jersh, and rdrama NEETs & kiwitards continue to wonder why it was deplatformed from CenturyLink lmao. But it's muh :!marseytrain:s fault kiwifarms was deplatformed.

Make the ui similar to hakernews


There is too much free space and too many colors and UI elements

I cannot unleash my autism with such a UI

Crypto hater :marseycope:

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this is cirneighbor

























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Days after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, Western states, led by the U.S. and European Union, levied vast sanctions on the Russian economy, hoping to drive Moscow into an economic crisis that would prompt a military retreat.

One possible scenario is that Russian miners leverage the country’s plentiful energy reserves to mine bitcoin (BTC), then use unhosted wallets to move those bitcoins through a series of shady crypto transactions – likely involving chain-hopping, tumblers and peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces – to convert them into U.S. dollars to pay for goods.

Moscow has heavily promoted SPFS to key trade partners that are also Western allies, such as India, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

In fact, in 2019, after a FinCEN staffer leaked 2,100 SARs, 400 journ*lists needed 16 months to examine them.

This brings us to the second reason, which is that the blockchain’s transaction data is free of errors and publicly accessible.

That his attempts to circumvent western sanctions have yet to incorporate crypto speaks volumes about its usefulness as a money laundering tool.

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Yes, @Not_Chris_Deliah know @Not_Chris_Deliah am typing on my PC (@jannies) but that's only because @Not_Chris_Deliah is updating my Macbook right now.

Trans lives matter...


Use viral copyleft licenses


Cydia Files Appeal After Unofficial App Store's Lawsuit Against Apple Dismissed - MacRumors

Cydia Files Appeal After Unofficial App Store's Lawsuit Against Apple Dismissed

District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers dismissed the company's antitrust lawsuit against Apple last month, according to court documents. SaurikIT sued Apple in late 2020, alleging that the company has an illegal monopoly over iOS app distribution given that the App Store is the only authorized marketplace where users can download apps on the iPhone and iPad. The complaint also alleged that Apple has «consistently tried to snuff out alternative app stores,» including Cydia. Cydia launched in early 2008, months before Apple's own App Store.

For example, long before Apple introduced the Control Center on the iPhone, there was a tweak available on Cydia called SBSettings that offered similar functionality. SaurikIT is owned by Jay Freeman, who is one of several developers and companies who have sued Apple for alleged anticompetitive behavior in relation to the App Store over the past few years, with others including Fortnite creator Epic Games, streaming music service Spotify, FlickType keyboard app creator Kosta Eleftheriou, and more. Apple has repeatedly denied that the App Store is a monopoly given that it faces competition from the Google Play store on Android devices. Apple has also repeatedly touted the privacy and security benefits of the App Store, arguing that third-party app stores on the iPhone could expose users to fraud, malware, and other risks.

I trust Apple far more than random developer #329487 when it comes to security and privacy. I’m not sure if this lawsuit has any merit, but neither does Apple when they make up excuses to block sideloading.


Except consumers have multiple over manufacturers to buy phones from.

Apple Fails in Bid to Dismiss Cydia Creator's Amended Antitrust Lawsuit

Apple has lost a bid to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit filed against it by Jay Freeman, creator of an alternative App Store known as Cydia for «jailbroken» iPhones and iPads. Freeman sued Apple in late 2020, alleging that Apple has an illegal monopoly over iOS app distribution through the App Store. Prominent developer Kosta Eleftheriou has settled his 2021 lawsuit against Apple over its App Store review actions that he said hindered his ability to distribute apps on the platform while allowing copycat competitors to flourish, reports TechCrunch. «The United States Justice Department is in the early stages of crafting an antitrust complaint against Apple, reports Politico.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Calls Apple's App Store a 'Disservice to Developers'

«Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has called Apple's App Store, which has helped app makers earn over $260 billion since its launch, a »disservice to developers« that forces them to treat their apps as »sub-par. Apple today announced it is expanding its offering of how developers can promote their apps on the App Store, helping developers expand their reach and making it easier to discover more of what the App Store has to offer.

Epic Games Says Court 'Reached the Wrong Answer' and Made 'Multiple Legal Errors' in Apple Fight

Epic Games and Apple are continuing with their legal dispute, and today, Epic Games filed its Appeal Reply and Cross-Appeal Response Brief, following Apple's appeal filing back in March. « Apple, ....

EU Passes Law to Switch iPhone to USB-C by End of 2024

The European Parliament today voted overwhelmingly in favor of enforcing USB-C as a common charging port across a wide range of consumer electronic devices, including the iPhone and AirPods, by the end of 2024. This... 10 New iOS 16 Features Coming Later This Year iOS 16 was released to the public three weeks ago with a customizable Lock Screen, the ability to edit iMessages, improvements to Focus modes, and much more. And in the coming months, iPhone and iPad users have even more new features to look forward to. We've rounded up 10 new features coming to the iPhone and iPad later this year, according to Apple.

Apple is developing new iPad Pro, Mac, and Apple TV models, and at least some of these products will be released in October, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. However, Gurman continues to believe that Apple is unlikely to hold an event this month. Now, evidence suggests that Apple is planning to release iOS 16.0.3 with additional bug fixes.

Apple SIM No Longer Available for Activating New Cellular Data Plans on iPads

As of October 1, Apple SIM is no longer available for activating new cellular data plans on supported iPad models, according to an Apple support document. Introduced in 2014, the Apple SIM was designed to allow iPad users to activate cellular data plans from multiple carriers around the world. Apple on September 23 officially launched the second-generation version of the AirPods Pro, introducing updated Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive Transparency, improved sound, and more.

How big of an upgrade are Apple's cheapest mainstream flagship phones?

IPhone 13 Pro vs. Apple on September 12 released iOS 15.7 and iPadOS 15.7, delivering important fixes for multiple security vulnerabilities, including at least one that has been actively exploited.


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Source: CNN With the sun shining, drinks on the table and music in the air, it looks like the young men in the video, which has gone viral on Chinese social media, have picked a great day for a picnic.

The island's military later confirmed these mysterious menaces are indeed civilian drones from mainland China.

That trip angered China's ruling Communist Party -- which views Taiwan as part of its territory, despite never having governed it -- and it responded by launching unprecedented military drills around the island, sending warplanes across the Taiwan Strait and firing missiles over the main island.

"(It's) designed to remind Taiwan that there's no escape from Chinese pressure, and that in the end, China will take over.

He said Taiwan could ask DJI, the China-based manufacturer whose logo appeared in a few of the trolling videos, to make the Kinmen islands a restricted area in its database -- a move that would prevent operators from being able to fly the drones there.

If they want to be in control, they better control these civilian drone operators first," Huang said.



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