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boat and fish people are abnormally chill because they mostly care about being on the water and harvesting aquatic lifeforms and not logging digital rage and hate crimes

Fishing is the best, the drama comes afterwards when you exaggerate how many fish you caught to your friends :marseywholesome:

digging worms, heading out, beer in coolers or sunk down on fishing line if the ice dont last, cigars n ciggie girl they help keep the skeeters off I heard all the time no u just like to smoke nunky, fuck I miss been a ruralcel 😭 n ofc the lies told bb 🙌🏾


and the best dinner ever is fresh fish fried by the side of the river with just a squirt of lemon or something and whatever the cheapest beer at the gas station was..

I'm a ruralcel but I have to move to a big city in a couple of weeks, catch the big one for me plz :marseycry:

we fish in soul bb 🥺😭🥰 ✊🏾


I once sat for 90 minutes at least with a rod at my father's village home's pond waiting for a bite. Nothing. I get up, my aunt takes my place and immediately a bite. :!marseyraging: :!marseyraging:

I relished eating that misandrist fish.


Maybe it was a piranha and smelled blood :marseysmug2:


lmaooooo fish scarficed itself to the worthier opponent bb :marseynails:


is this your boo :marseymad:

he adorable aint he bb 🥺🥰



he needs to be buck broken though 😈

lmaooo bb here I am posting hole-filling holsum content :marseynun:n u getting all :evilblob:


@BasicallyADoxxer just wants to fill holes too



you know he's not my type bb he's all yours. Solid fishing tho, might have to pick that up again

>he’s all yours


ye I don’t date out at allllll :marseysweating:

but go bb go be out in nature feel the sun hear nothing but birds insects n wind bb 🙏🏾 wear sunscreen u fucking milky cac 😮‍💨


don't worry boo i'm about to go to arizona and expose my printer paper skin to the elements on the golf course for my brothers bachelor party. We'll see how it goes

I'll make sure to call my brother a CAC again for you lmao

babyyyyyyyyyyyy :marseycry: u gonna crisp nigga pls wear strong sunscreen 🙏🏾🤧




What the fuck


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where's the sunburn marsey when you need it lol

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One trip joined fishing for me. It wasn’t actually really fishing, it watch literally just catching. Drop my sinker to the bottom of the sea, catch fish I’ve never seen before, reel in and dehook, cast again, wait 90 seconds, and repeat for 2 hours straight. I stopped counting in the mid forties. I started cutting up random fish to use as bait which only accelerated the catching, weirdest shit in my life.

this like a fishing fever dream. Where was u bb someplace in euroland or burgerville? what the fish look like bb?


Off the coast of southwest Florida. Don’t remember where exactly, was with family over a decade ago and I just went along with the ride so don’t remember any location or other logistics. Most notable was a strawberry grouper and scorpion fish, both out of season but definitely both enough to eat with a few people fried.

Wrong lmao



Not chill, not skilled fishing, and not good /r/mealtimevideos content. Try again.

lmaooo nigga this rdrama if u looking for high quality 👉🏾🚪



>I think being gay is an insult

Damn bro, it's 2021. Your cracks are about 3 decades behind

I do have to ask, do twinks have a particular way of writing that you can identify not only their sexual orientation, but also their role within that orientation?

Cause that's fucking incredible. It's like dictational Gaydar™©®

I mean it's busted, cause you were way off base, but it's still pretty damn cool