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:marseywoodchipper2:Mother hacks off boyfriend's genitals 'after he tried to rape her 14-year-old daughter' in India


'Fortunately I returned home in the nick of time and caught him red-handed.'

She explained how her panicked boyfriend even tried to attack her as she fought to protect her daughter from him.

'So I brought a knife from the kitchen and chopped off his private parts to teach him a lesson,' she declared. 'I have no regrets for what I did.'


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Based beyond belief ☝️☝️.

This is how you "teach boys not to rape"

More like not too upgrade

Detrans lives matter


Something something train post @AngrySteve

Collectijism bby I love you and all but can you not want to fuck teenagers?

Literally :marsey1984: stop trying to suppress this true american patriot!

So, normally I hate women. I hate them so fucking much

This woman is incredibly based and should be granted honorary man-hood

The β€œlay down and take it” instinct is by far the worst aspect of a certain percentage of women. Just start screaming, shaking, and bite out their neck veins. Fucked up shit.


She already got it :marseysmug2:


Where can I send the "Congratulations" card?




Fuck yeah :marseyjunkie:




bet you won't do it again










>Mother hacks off boyfriend's genitals 'after he tried to rape her 14-year-old daughter'

HOLY SHIT! That motherfucker got what was c

>in India


Based although I'm not sure how important the educational part is.



involuntary gender reassignment for all libertarians :marseysrdine2:

Omg a new nullo


This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

Wholesome πŸ’― frfr no cap. Raping scrotes get what they deserve



Trans lives matter



It’s better to kill them. Penis removal just makes them do more extreme freaky shit I think

Based mom. Fuck all those parents who let their partners rape kids so they can stay together.

Based based based based based

Castrate all men