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Donations are needed for /h/Dinosaur

Many dramatards are wondering what happened dinoposts and when they will return. Lots has been going on to keep me busy but I have heard your cries! Your need for dino content will be satiated my friends once I have created /h/Dinosaur! But I can’t do it alone! I need your support! I shall be accepting donations for the creation of our community and all dinoposts shall be posted there henceforth

Edit: we are 1/10 of the way there!!!

Edit2: 1/5 of the way there!!!

Edit3: 3/10 of the way there!!!

Edit4: we are only 13000 coins away!!!!

Thanks for the donations and pins!

Edit5: 4/5 the way there let’s go!!!!

@TED_SIMP 4261 coins!

@TwoLargeSnakesMating 5000 coins!

@Crabby_Cummy 97 coins!

@King_of_the_r-slurs 970 coins!

@LongNose 100 coins!

@WeeabooRunner 388 coins!

@DudeBussyLmao 500 coins!

@MyPasswordwas12345678 1249 coins!

@uwu 290 coins!

@MrPennySlavaUkraini 3554 coins and pin!

@AAVE_Mathews_Band 970 coins!

@Elon_SUSk 1000 coins!

@YourMom 1001 coins!

@Aevann 1194 coins, progressive stack, and pins!

@Infidel 2018 coins!

@HepCardiB 242 coins!

@lx238u3rux 1000 coins!

@Tomboy_Respecter 500 coins!

@Detroitvelvetsmooth 970 coins!

@champion_of_zoz 2155 coins!

@SkabaDabaDoo 500 coins!

@AverageBen10Enjoyer 1000 coins!

@Chtorrr 357 coins

@dont_log_me_out 776 coins!

@Pomodorodorodoro 1097 coins!

@DahvieVanityFan 500 coins and pin!

@Nipsu 500 coins!

@Grand_Imam_Talichad 5500 coins!

@Dramacel 500 coins!

@Maximus 1000 coins!

@TheOverSeether 109 coins!


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Don’t worry snappy dinosaur can fix that


I love you Snappy you are really cute

Sorry. All of my funds are going towards /h/GiantAsteroid

Now watch this drive.


what's that?

r u gonna gamble or actually use it towards the hole?


Nah I actually wanna bring back the dinoposts in their own dedicated hole. I got sorted out on some irl changes with graduating, job, and moving so now I got free time to post more

donated ✅ hope others do too tho dinosaurs aren’t real n r placed there by s*tan to trick us


Good grift 👍


Dinoposts are sacred! No grift shall involve them


Will birdposting be allowed on /h/dinosaur?


Follow my account please.

And post memes here.

Birbs are their r-slurred offspring so yes!


U shut the fuk up



Gifted. Want to be ready when the dinosaurs inevitably break through the plasma fold and know that I have been supporting them all along. I'd love to have a stegosaurus friend that would take its clubbed tail and bash the shit out of stuff i commmanded to, like my neighbors cars or when they are being annoying.


Also missed all of your Dinoposting from the motherland :marseylove:

I’m excited to bring them back!!!


I hope you can do it bb :marseyhearts:

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:



i will give you all my dramacoin, how much do you need

We need about 44000 still

prove it

We only need 40000 now just look at my coin total smdh

idk what that means. but i realized i dont care if im being scammed cause i dont use my coins for anything, so ill give you all of them. i better get AT LEAST a dinosaur pic in return though

I send you my favorite!


hell yeah!!!

You were scammed, it’s fake Dino

Mb better luck next time

shut up

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The better Spino than that :marseysoylentgrin: scientifically accurate :!marseysoylentgrin: dinolet version that Redditors love

:!marseydicklet: :marseymanlet:

How do you make a hole?


I swear the sidebar didn't exist until you commented wtf


u should say the names of ppl who donated, it incentives others

You right I should’ve realized that


u should also write the amount they donated

When you have the funds make /h/conservative for extra seethe


:#marseydinosaur: :#marseycapydinosaur: :#platydinosaur: :#wolfdinosaur: :space::r::a::w::r:

We are the most wholesome hate community

wait I think k I gave u another 1k but I’m drinking lmk later kk 🫱🏾‍🫲🏼


You did!

will I be allowed to post hollow earth dinosaur stories?

As long as it’s a good story!


Dinosaur posts are part of /r/drama history and I'm thrilled to be a part of their continuation.

Donated the bare minimum just to keep Roko's Brachiosaurus from stomping me once the plasma fold opens up.


What’s that? :!marseyexcited:

You should name it /h/dino not /h/dinosaur

I probably will

:#marseycapydinosaur:             :#chadthankskingcapy:

best I can do is an updoot

I’ll take what I can get

Of course @TED_SIMP gave one of the biggest donations.


I’m perfect and also flawless

You also sperged out because you were 15 minutes too late see some r-slurred seagull.


I can’t help being attractive


can I be mod if I donate more bb? I’m sober now kek


Sure I’d probably need help anyways