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[Boring agenda serious post] The reddit mindset will be the end of western liberal democracy. Venting my probably r-slurred thoughts here cause who cares.

I have long realized that reasoning with redditors has no purpose. No, expand that on people online in general. If you are stuck in an echo chamber long enough, you have zero problems doing the most incredible mental gymnastics. The internet will unironically be the end of western liberal democracy. We are regressing to ape like mental mindsets, our group can do nothing wrong, our group is always right, the other group is always wrong and only commit evil. Debate, compromises, talking to and understanding each other which Form the basis of our democracy are fading. Was uncle Ted a psycho? Yes. Was he despite his methods right at the end of the day? Looking at the internet probably yes.

Well anyway if you got here thanks for entertaining a Schizo. Feel free to insult me and call me paranoid in the comments, I probably deserve it.

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This better not awaken anything in me.

Aw i wonder whats inside!

Based tedposter

People have always been this dumb and I don't think liberalism can be stopped, non-liberal countries will get eaten by marketing and die.

At least you'll be able to make your AI avatar overlord Cirno, so you can just pretend they're being tsundere when they execute your family for eating 8 sunflower seeds instead of 6.

I don't think liberalism can be stopped

Tell that to the Talichads


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The reddit mindset will be the end of western liberal democracy



Yes it's very much fucked at least on Reddit itself. It's much safer to go along with the status quo which was the case in my experience. As someone outside the US, I unironically believed CNN 100% until the oppression olympics came over and I suddenly became the equivalent of an American straight mayo male.

I reckon only the straight mayo male experience will make people sit up and realise how illiberal things have actually become, so maybe those dumbasses will cause their own demise by slowly finding more groups of people to blame since blaming straight mayo males feels a tad passe at times.

I'm just letting you know that I didn't read any of that

the end of democracy

good riddance

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

We can be super gay about this and argue that with enough propaganda even in a democracy your vote isn't actually yours.

Democracy died with women's suffrage, it was fine before that.

Jk, men were r-slurred enough to vote for women's suffrage, nvm lol.

so true

What if they were afraid of sex strikes?


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It’s not “edgy,” democracy beyond the extremely local level is completely fucking r-slurred. Why does a barista need to have a say in foreign policy? Why is a homeless addict qualified to assess who has the best policy on corporate tax rates? Why should anyone give a millionth of a shit what a cashier at Kroger thinks of military spending package? This is an idiotic concept.

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

Damn I have really got under your skin today. 🤗

💖 Student Body President! 💖

Haha you responded to what I said to you, triggered much?

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:


don't let the gussy bring you down, king


I think carp, the philosopher king, should make all the choices for what will happen in the US

I'm not qualified to do any of those things either! It's very literally r-slurred to suggest that I should have any say in the federal government whatsoever!

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

Think of the seethe my friend, think of the seethe.

Oh I mean yeah like I definitely would do it, but I shouldn’t be allowed to.

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

Could not agree more 🤗

Edit: I’m sorry I’m being a cunt today

💖 Student Body President! 💖

any say in the federal government

I don't think the average American has any say in the federal government anymore. I think it's an ecosystem sausage factory that exists simply to support and grow itself.

This is why I don't vote

pinkname lives matter

Giving the redditor r-slurs effectively double the voting power.

He's even humble and aware of his own failings. We should definitely crown him.

But we don’t vote directly for policy on a federal level. We vote for representatives. Ideally, we vote for representatives that will make good decisions. Anyway, I do see your point.

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This is why decision-making should be handed over to educated technocratic professionals like Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Chicago associates.

Well, it must be doing ... something. It's one of the best predictors for wealth. China may have figured out the next dominant model though

Correlation, not causation.

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

The causation might be flipped too. The richer a country, the more stable the democracy is and the longer is lives.

No mom, I would be the GOOD pol pot

That's why we have representative democracy, not direct democracy.

Don't worry champ. You will still have a choice after the war. You can live in the communsit thought police authoritarian state or the semi Democratic theocracy that at least maintains some traditional American values as long as you love Jesus.

Can I love Jesus but still call people r-slurred online?

No. That's called being out of time now.

Bullying people online (especially redditors) doesn't count as a sin. If anything you're doing work of the holy lord.

Yes but you'll have to incorporate scripture to keep yourself right with the Lord.

Jesus was r-slurred

How are you gonna have a choice lol? It will just be whoever wins.

tRaNs lIvEs mAtTeR

Partition is a thing.

Wrong actually . The "Reddit mindset" as you put it is the epitome of Western Liberal Democracy. Inshallah it shall be replaced by something more robust and more perfect like a Caliphate.

I keep thinking about this. I see people in pretty much any news or political sub that has enough people to reach r/all, and I see them cheering on mandates for unvaxxed, getting unvaxxed to lose their jobs, cheering on the deaths of the unvaxxed, and they are all incredibly smug while doing so. I don't think they have even thought once that if you push a group hard enough, and that group has such different ideals than you about freedom and they own a lot of guns, they might secede or decide to shoot everyone trying to keep them down. The thought of civil war over what they are pushing has never crossed their minds.

"probably" r-slurred

Online tedpillers are fuckin weird to me. Like, how often do you get computer priveliges in the inpatient psych ward?

For me uncle Ted was right about his views of what society is turning into but wrong about his conclusions of how to fix the problem.

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Yes exactly. His conclusions I disagree with. Are you low IQ or something?

If you're for real a neoluddite ecofascist go find a nice cave to live in and jerk off over bomb daddy

I just told you I disagree with his conclusions. I am confused by your inability to read. Are you special ed? I dont want to bully a special ed kid.

So what you're saying is you disagree with everything he said except hating foids and browns lol

No. I agreed with his assessment that liberals are insane and that modern society the way its structured is somehow improving everyone's life but also making everyone feel emptier and without purpose. I disagree with his conclusion about escape or bombs to be the only viable solutions.

Dude just admit you like a serial killer because he hates black people and bitches. You'd look like less of a dumbass

Nah fam, I am learning from you he hated blacks and bitches. Didnt get that far in his manifesto. What exactly did he say about then and please give me the exact wording.

Gonna let you know right now that you're gonna argue with a master baiter

But mom, it's I R O N I C

But mom, it's I R O N I C

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Twitter does much more harm than Reddit.



Definitely so but i find twitter a lot funnier and dramatic, reddit is a black hole of mayoid losers

Yeah, but they're losers, they never mattered and never will. Reddit may be open to many millions more braindead users than before but the core of reddit is still IT button monkeys and other near useless office wagies. Whereas Twitter has more wingcucked hotheads and spergs and adult tumblr refugees.

The internet will unironically be the end of western liberal democracy

It has been dead for as long as I've been alive and I am not convinced it wasn't stillborn. Also this wasn't a very impressive longpost, you can do much better if you unleash your inhibitions I am sure.

enjoy some good content on the matter!

The issue seems to be that the only way you can criticise society is through the lens of groupthink. I don’t know why this has become the case but it seems that you can’t oppose consumption without making it about China or conservatives driving trucks.

You can’t discuss the implications of a lack of religion without it immediately being construed into a current political discussion of party politics. You can’t discuss the global hegemony of mega corporations without it being turned into a discussion of rich old mayo men ^TM or a conspiracy about Bill Gates and conspiratorial theories linked to identity politics. You can’t discuss any distaste for modern society or the ethics of advertising and marketing.

You really can’t discuss any issue of the sort because you have to pretend to be content with your life or you will lose connections that you have established in your daily life- people just don’t want to hear it so you don’t talk about it. Instead you can only sneed on sarcastic Internet forums.

But there is a possibility that this might all be cope due to laziness and lack of want to commit to anything in society on a philosophical level. Or a delusional need to wear a mask interacting with your surroundings so that when you’re rejected or hurt it wasn’t actually the real you but the version of you that you were choosing to portray outwards, and I am sure that this is something a lot of people do all the time.

I feel like I would want to engage in earnest if I was given a chance to but now that I live in a setting where professionalism is seen as a key requirement both privately and publicly I don’t know how that would be possible. I hold my tongue every day and it is exhausting to be playing a role that I did admittedly bring upon myself in a way, I could have had the guts like uncle ted and just remove myself from a society that I have always felt was corrupt in as great of an extent as possible but I am weak and I crave status and pleasures that I would have to give up.

Instead I have become a bitter observer that can only engage with other people by saying what I think will best benefit my situation to a great extent.

Reddit makes it seem like everyone is an extremist. My personal agendapost theory is that the extremists on both sides are making more extremists.

That Portland university public freakout video posted here yesterday sums it up. Like the professor said, these are fringe people in society trying to limit discourse. They call people fascists but they are the ones stifling any other opinion but their own. They even broke equipment because someone was saying something they disagreed with.

I thought it was refreshing to see that only a 3-4 people were being assholes and the class clapped when they were kicked out, but reddit makes it seem like these people are the majority creating more extremism. Reddit stifles conversation because these are the people in charge. They have no jobs, no love life, and their opinion of the world is very negative.

I think you are correct in your assessment. I easily get along,and find common ground with, people IRL that have a different opinion. These Reddit and Twitter losers are just that… social reject, anxiety-ridden, shut-in, losers. Oh, and also teenagers, but teens are supposed to be stupid.

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Didn't read this but im sure you could have left the word "probably" out of the title.

The reddit mindset came from somewhere. Since I am ancient, here are some of my thoughts. I remember the early days of the internet. It was new and exciting, but honestly, society was much different back then and more tolerant of a diversity of political opinions. That made the internet fun. Because people were interested in discussion and did not, in the back of their mind, have the purpose of obliterating other viewpoints. This sort of thing is still present in many small, closely-knit communities in America. People have lived in them for centuries. You rely on your neighbors. Republicans and Democrats get along because they know, in the end, they are in the same community.

During Bush's presidency, the internet changed. You started to see political discussions popping up in communities that were not about politics. It was democrats that usually initiated these political discussions. Republicans had mostly been of the mindset that you avoid politics and religion and contentious debate. The left brought it to communities that weren't about politics or religion. That only got worse. It's gotten exponentially worse. Politics had to be inserted into every facet of life. The technique is nakedly Marxist. You aren't allowed to enjoy your team sport, you must also consider how problematic some agenda item du jour is. You like that TV show? Did you know that one actor is a blatant Republican? And the leftist takeover of entertainment is obvious and disturbing.

It's not that people WANT to be only in groups that agree with them, it's that people were shoved out of groups, so they formed their own where they might exist and not be harassed. That definitely has the result of creating echo chambers. Thinking that reddit is a microcosm of anything is a mistake, since a LOT of people don't post on reddit. These people work all day. They touch grass. So their voices are absent on reddit and the voices of young, angry leftists are amplified. Because they are, it's given the false impression that their views (and some are radical) have mainstream support. I think that's part of what led to all the BLM activity. That's definitely what has led to the antifa activity. The political right doesn't really tend to take to the streets much. The last time the right had any kind of REAL widespread demonstrations was during the Tea Party era after Obama was elected. There was no violence, they often left places cleaner than they found them and they were still labeled terrorists.

For people who took part in Tea Party protests, watching the BLM activity and seeing it called justified and peaceful and okay was an absolute joke. But again, the right doesn't really tend to take to the streets. The right was also not ignorant of the fact that these protestors allegedly upset about George Floyd, were outside Trump's mayo House wanting to tear down the fence and do I don't know what...and Trump had nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd. Then the Democrats set up a way to bail out protestors that had actually done something so wrong they got arrested for it. The left claims that the Overton window has gone hard right, but every objective look at political issues shows the opposite. The public at large has moved left. The question is, how far left do these people want to go? Because we face a dangerous possibility now and one that I was deeply concerned about during the Trump era.

If there are people getting away with doing violence, if there is no law or a double standard for it, if people think that the Constitution is no longer in effect and the government has become unrepresentative of the people ... there's a possibility of electing an actual strong man to put a stop to it all. That's if we don't have a currency collapse first, leading to mass chaos and a government declaration of martial law.

AWESOME POST!!! Everything you wrote was just spot on. I also jumped on the net earlier than most people. I remember, on usenet, you would NEVER see politics brought up in unrelated threads. Like, a forum, say rec.arts.Disney.parks, might have a thread that is political (and titled appropriately), but a thread talking about, say, the differences between the Florida and California Haunted Mansions would not end up in a flame war (about politics, that is, lol). Anyway, great post.

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A lot of young people probably think that ye olden days of the internet was people just screaming the n-word and being awful all the time, but it wasn't. Nobody thought that they could NOT do it, so people just didn't really do it. Conversation was mostly organic and unreserved, but you never saw Nazis going, "Hello. Did you ever consider that Hitler was correct?" It's just not something that happened. Also, back then people were enthusiastic about trying to digitize literally everything, historical documents...etc. and getting them online so that everyone could access them. In the past five years in America I've often looked for a thing that I use to cite something and I can't find it on a google search. It became SUPER noticeable that some of my favorite citations for various debates were somehow being disappeared from the internet.

I think it had a lot to do with the Nazis and tankies had their own forums, so it never occured to them (nor had the desire to) fuck with non-political forums, or to "get revenge" for getting their forum removed or censored. Of course, they still have their own forums, but not on huge sites like Reddit. That is interesting about the citation thing. I lost interest in formal debates years ago, so I haven't noticed. I've become totally disillusioned, basically.

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Good post.

If there are people getting away with doing violence, if there is no law or a double standard for it, if people think that the Constitution is no longer in effect and the government has become unrepresentative of the people ... there's a possibility of electing an actual strong man to put a stop to it all. That's if we don't have a currency collapse first, leading to mass chaos and a government declaration of martial law.

I'm glad that someone else thinks along similar lines. That chain of events has been niggling in the back of my mind since 2015 and Congress's reckless spending alongside the horrifying kinds of rhetoric embraced by the mainstream the past two years have thoroughly convinced me that it's a foregone conclusion and the only safe option is to get out before things really hit the fan. Have you put any thought into what country you'll be emigrating to? I've had issues figuring out what would remain worthwhile long-term in the absence of the Pax Americana.

I am also beyond pissed that the right gave up their fight to try to be fiscally responsible. I am afraid that the time to successfully rein in the spending and save the economy is passed. We're in debt to China and have let them buy up land in the USA. They aren't a friend and never have been. We also funded the research in Wuhan, I mean what the fuck? We said it was so dangerous that we outlawed doing it in our OWN country and then we funded it in fucking China for fuck's sake? I don't plan to move. I have loved America for long enough that I'll go down with the ship. But the people who managed to hold shit together through world war rationing and a Great Depression are NOT the people we have in this country now. Everyone is used to ease and bitching about minor inconveniences. The moment cities run out of food and with our lazy reliance on just being able to buy it at the store, shit could get real very quickly.

That's nice sweaty. Why don't you have a seat in the time out corner with Pizzashill until you calm down, then you can have your Capri Sun.

yeah but in the 1970s everyone was on heroin and we survived that