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I can only really tell you what's worked for me (a big conservative-looking mayo guy with a stern attitude in general). Confronting it head-on helped me a lot.

It doesn't immediately take hold but by like the fourth or fifth time I started getting "yeah you right"s.

Typing like that is literally racist. Someone tell Twitter.

I recommend reading the book, “For mayo Folks Who Teach in the Hood.” It’s not too long and it is a great read for your situation.

hahaha it only has to be one word: "Leave"

u/wifeenjoyer with the witty one liner 🤭🤭.

I had a teacher who's first teaching gig was in DTLA with like, juvie kids. she was co.pletely broken and didn't try to enforce any rules. It was depressing

Just straight up admitting you have no streetcred. lol

What's with this connecting with students talk? Somehow I doubt that's a thing in China, SKorea and Japan and aren't they all outpacing burgers in education?

There's no 🏀-chinese after all

The uyghurs were the Chinese equivalent, refusing to work and stirring up unrest, as always daddy XI solved it better than any inferior mayo mind could

With China's involvement in Africa, interracial marriages are on the rise. We will spread that melanin everywhere!

But no black 🍔 so there's that.

Chinese dislike Blacks living in their country. One of the earliest student protests in China were against African students lol. And recently there was a case where on African student raped or murdered (possibly both, I can't remember) a Chinese girl and that caused so much anti-African hatred to erupt all over Chinese internet and now the general public even hates the educational programs that the government offers to the children of African elites (where they get assigned a birthing person Chinese "study buddy").

Obedience is beaten into you since childhood in Asia. It is only in the west that one must be convinced to follow authority figures.

Chinese students literally clean their own classrooms too. There's no janitor

There's j-slurs for the hallways and facilities. They didn't trust us to mop those, but then again this was elementary school.

And suicide rates

She missed the main point of her education degree which was supposed to train her to excuse such discrepancies so fast that she forgets that she ever noticed them.

I recommend reading the book, “For mayo Folks Who Teach in the Hood.” It’s not too long and it is a great read for your situation.

Ah yes, reading books will totally help you get those bitches in line

There is substantial research that indicates the harmfulness that teachers' implicit bias plays on students of color. They are given more suspensions, detentions, and failing grades, even when all other factors are accounted for.

All the teachers fault. Those poor black babies dindu nuffin

First of all, kudos for posting this. It must have been hard and that’s pretty brave

So brave you picked up your phone, opened and wrote an essay about your failures as a teacher. Literally the bravest thing anyone did, ever.

I hate teachers and I hate mayo women, and dont even get me started about what comes out when you mix the two.

"I hate teachers and I hate mayo women, and dont even get me started about what comes out when you mix the two."

You get america

Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! ... Hell shall be their home

Is “implicit bias” even a real thing?

Yes, and it’s unironically a fundamental and essential mechanism for understanding the world, assessing risk and guiding how you relate to other people because stereotypes are usually right.

Racism doesn't exist...and if it does it's a good thing. This is the brain of a fentanylated mayo 🍔

Losers with blunted social awareness be mad because my superior biased senses tell me that when I see a gypsy I’m about to get robbed.

Guys stop fighting :(

That gypsy has as much rights to be on the same street as you, and he isn't robbing - merely taking back what your ancestors stole from him

Yes. You never did one of those free IAT things online?

How much it matters is debatable but it exists.

Those tests are BS pseudoscience BTW. Inconsistent and not real world applicable

They're impossible to test for, so who knows

make a white wman te*cher marsey

Idk how that would look tbh, maybe Ill do it if you give me some ideas. Might be too much of a hassle though.

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Teacher Marsey getting fucked by

Long skirt, blouse, stupid glasses, pointing stick because the bitch is like 5 foot 1

teachers are just j-slurs of the classroom

Lmao the soft bigotry of low expectations.

when u so woke u let kids get abused so u dont look racist

the real abuse is not bearing your kids for being mayos

As someone outside of Burgerland, I wonder how Asian parents and latinx parents react to being lectured by mayo teachers on some mayo nonsense. Especially on parenting styles. For me, I know that Asians are EXTREMELY touchy about being told by others on how they should raise their children. So when some mayo foid goes on and on about anti-racism or gender-neutral teaching or how kids shouldn't get an ass-whooping for not getting straight A's ( ), do Asian and latinx parents over there just tell them to fuck off?

Everyone has been ignoring mayo bullshit for literally centuries. It's only when they come knocking on your door with superior weaponry that you really need to worry.

How do I teech these keeds

Itd all be moids

This may be seething but the girls at my school were mean and never disciplined.

The only time I ever got sent to the principal's office was when older girls stole my ball and I knocked one over trying to get it back. She smiled at me from the ground and then went to tattle knowing I'd fucked up. I cried because principal was scary black woman that was friends with my mom. Fighting other boys was fine though.

At this point you just should have shot up the school tbh. Show these foids their place.

Yea ofc girls are cruel but they can be two faced and know how to negotiate with the mostly women teachers. If youre a dude just get better at not getting caught

This is standard grade school foid favoritism.

Struggling with students of color

But latinx and asians are listed with mayos as good students

saying black, brown, african, melanin-enhanced or BIPOC is all racist so you have to beat around the bush

Another zero-drama agendapost. Nothing here but earnest mayo handwringing.

Then create the drama here you lazy cunt.


zero-drama agendapost

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I had a colleague who did a big presentation on implicit bias in medicine and education. There are a few measurable outcomes that improve when black people are treated/educated by black people. Their proposal was more diversity training for non-blacks. During their seminar, I asked if this effect was seen for other races, and if there was any evidence that the intervention they suggested worked. The answer was no to both (the answer was actually that diversity training can lower scores on the IAT but that they didn't follow doctors after an IAT to see how that affected medical outcomes). I said it sounded like they were making an argument for segregating black people. That went over like a lead balloon.

One of my black classmates in high-school used to call his mayo teachers "my nigga" extremely based

A black classmate convinced his mayo friend to hard r while he stood expressionless as the teacher gave a look of horror.

Basketballs have different communication styles than YT. You problem is you are using words to deliver the message. you should be delivering the message in a series of twerks.

God imagine being a teacher in a black area

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