Free2Play Vidya MechWarrior Online has an Important Annoucement on Trans Rights

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In particular, moderation action was taken to rename a competitive team using the names Trans Fights and Trans Rights.

Trans is a slur, everyone knows this.

With the understanding that trans rights is not a political issue.


With the understanding that trans rights is not a political issue.

I wonder if "No Trans Rights" would be treated the same way.

The whole leftoid "my slogans aren't political and I should be able to express them anywhere at anytime without it being considered inappropriate" stance is tiresome.

it's not politics it's just basic human rights


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Yes, thats why its a political issue

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everything is political but HUMAN RIGHTS should not be a POLITICAL ISSUE

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everything is political but HUMAN RIGHTS should not be a POLITICAL ISSUE

this but unironically

Human rights is an extremely young concept in the context of human history. It's not some divine entitlement granted by God eons ago, but an inherently political concept that was created relatively recently. If you believe that it's divorced from any concept of politics, you have to explain how all of human history before it hadn't even conceived of the idea. Or is this just burger brainlet analysis that politics = party vs party?

Mohammed(pbuh) was a feminist, human rights aren't recent.

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Pure sniff ideology

Zizek throws a clump of dirt at the testicles of his wife's rap1st and laughs

With the understanding that trans rights is not a political issue.

I think everyone should use that as much as possible to show that it's a good argument and not absurd and arbitrary at all. e.g. my fart fetish porn subscription is NOT a political issue, it's a human right and should be paid for by the government, and since it's not a political issue you're not allowed to argue back.

SMH Carl Schmitt is rolling in his grave

In a normal word it would not be political but simply something the majority of people accept, but sadly there are too many shitty people who want to hurt trans people so it has to be made political

Trans rights are literally 80% of all politics right now.

Mechwarrior is still a thing?

Yes but it is entirely populated by boomers and gay Nazis.

Oh so its /pol/ invading /v/ got it.

Which one is which?

um sorry sweaty, it's actually battletech and I'm playing the 2018 game right now


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yep, that was a fun game. :marseyboomer:


Dilator E N G A G E D

Gender Dysphoria Level C R I T I C A L

Neovagina D A M A G E D E T E C T E D




I remember making silly mechs full of autocannons with no heatsinks (because unnecessary) and minimal extra ammo. It's amazing how many ACs you can fit onto a mech if you don't care for all those extraneous luxuries. And then just get close to a mf and BRRRRR in a blaze of glory!

It's Annihilator time :marppy:

Engaging D.I.L.A.T.E protocol



What did they mean by this?


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I do not regret quitting this game back in 2015. My only regret is giving you what little money I did back then. t. vtuber fan

I'm out! frog rightoid wingnut


I'm done. furry weeb

also, check out this snitch

But the left are the real snowflakes.

I sexually identify as a Marauder MAD-3R battlemech.

lmao this cuck isnt even a 1R

Battletech universe is actually pretty based and redpilled from what I remember from the lore from novels 30 years ago. I wish it became more popular unlike cringe shit like war hammer since battletech is basically neofeudal space politics in a universe without cringe scifi fantasy tropes like aliens or apocalypses or magic

Giant battlemechs are always based on my list :marppy:

40K has titans though

Give Lancer a look. It doesn't have the extensive lore of 40k or battletech, but it's a good setting and a fun system.

True chad war g*mers play Advanced Squad Leader

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My wife's boyfriend is gonna love this announcement


The only people that play this game are rightoids.