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:!marseycapywalking: megathread for bugs and suggestions :marseycapywalking:

pls post all bugs u find or suggestions u wanna give here :marseycapywalking:

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If you could add an option to "collapse all" to the top of the thread so you only see the top level comments like they have on the BaconReader app it would make it a lot easier to read threads with tons of comments

(Pic of what I mean)


Regression in <br> tag!

> I like using

> the <br> tag to write




PS: The preview still shows no interline between new BR tags

Cant remove my vote from a poll, only change my vote from one option to another

this becomes a problem when people do this

For the radio-button polls (select only one option, as opposed to the checkbox polls), I don't think there's an easy way to change that. A lot of fragile behavior, e.g. Carp's censuses and contests, relies on people not being able to remove votes. Also it's good for drama if people get locked into answering stupid polls.

In the case of the example you linked, I'll see if we can find some way to make it clearer to people that it's already possible to append options to existing polls by editing the post.

Bug: Enter long comment chain, then exiting takes you back to first 25 comments on the post. You have to click see more comments to go back if there are more than 25 comments.

My alerts wont clear for some reason with the bday theme. They reapear when navigating using the back key

are u using the android app

Yes, the page isn't updating. I have to manually clear the cache in app settings to refresh.


My alerts wont clear

Error in rDrama app V2.3. The pages save and don't change even if you exit app or click reload button.

Oh already posted NVM.

can u use the PWA instead pls

I am using the PWA now.



its when u save a shortcut to the website in ur homescreen, that shortcut acts sorta like an app, give it a try

I prefer the app but ty for replying.