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The Linux/Autism/Train Venn diagram is the most perfect circle in existence.

You can easily add furry to that.

He already said neurodivergent.

and speedrunner

not true. i use linux and im not trans (yet)

I'm no choo choo but damn am I an neurodivergent linux user

I've been dual booting linux and windows for like 12 years now, how many more years do I have left until I end up going full linux and taking HRT?

I give it a month

install gentoo

I've been single-booting linux for like a decade and I still have all my native primary and secondary sexual characteristics. There is hope for you yet.

You're just genderfluid.

I can already hear the eggshell cracking

A fun game to play is seeing how many fosstard related foids are 🚂s. I have a pretty good KDR.

What’s funny is I’m pretty sure the outreach programs just end up filling foid spots with more 🚂s - moids win once again. :marseycool2:

Why is it a furry? I tried reading the whole thing but that wasn't really explained

It is a mystery.


Never fails

Easier to create porn with

Cs people are deviants. That’s why.

Better question, why do furries 90% of the time draw the same stupid ass fox? Its the basic bitch of furry shit.

how unfortunate

A mascot to dethrone marsey.


Go fuck yourself you subhuman retard

:marseygigachad: would if I could

Would you be so kind to livestream your roping when the time comes?


go out like that chad who got watchpeopledie on the shitlist and got r/drama into the news



Human rights are a bourgeois trick

Beautiful work!


Microsoft wins once again by simply doing nothing.

i'm finley! | 21 y/o audiovisual transfem artist | revived Xenia the Linux fox | commissions opening soon! | music: @vcrslot

These people contribute nothing to society, let alone you second favourite OS kernel.

Thinking that this fox was ever an alternative to Tux, is like thinking my shitty fork of the GNU/Linux is an alternative to the mainline kernel

"It matches the transitions of a lot of the smartest, nerdiest Linux users I know

Show me ONE major contribution made by these people, except for the occasional CoC creation or mailthread pol spamming before it gets shut down.


Alexa, how many gulags are still active?

I think forcing them into freedom would feel like far worse punishment to these people than a Gulag. Exiling them to Siberia to "count apple trees" would be the true torture, not a Gulag where they have no agency or choice, because those are the things the try to escape intheir life already.

just remove their twitter followers every odd month citing a bug lol. These terminally online people have only social contact with online friends. The STASI tactic has never been so easy, undesirables !javascript:void(0)

Bullet much cheaper than paying guard, това́рищ. Twitter bot "mass-misgender" operation by organ of state, ФСБ, even more efficient.


There are currently TWO gu-lag-es on sale at AMAZON. Order?


What’s your favorite OS kernel?

NT, of course?

I’m pro ditching a lot of the mistakes of UNIX (though the quote “Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.” comes to mind) but I can’t say NT is great (as it exists). It suffers from the same problem all of Windows does - it’s greatest strength and weakness is the inability to drop backwards compatibility.

I’ve been a linuxoid for years now and haven’t touched Windows for any length of time post Win7 though so I’m biased, but my friends assure me it’s still pretty shit.


of course my favorite true kernel is Darwin. It is a true BSD UNIX with no nonsense politics, actually empowering users and making the world a better place.

Yeah Darwin is fine. It’s for sure impressive that it can scale from a desktop workstation to a smartwatch as well as it does.

The desktop is my only holdout currently when it comes to Apple (typing this on an iPad Pro). I grew up on Windows and pretty early switched to Linux so a lot of the macOS way of doing things doesn’t click with me. The lack of a native package manager really sucks (I know this was a linuxland invention)and I prefer the GNOME UX surprisingly as well.

If anything though I think not going full microkernel is Darwins biggest disappointment, I think it would be cool if we had a widely used desktop OS that was microkernel based. I have heard rumblings that Apple is aiming for this by proxy though by limiting more and more drivers to user space, but I guess we’ll see in the future.

They contributed to me feeling better about myself...

Is CoC really still a thing lol

Xenia, the fox girl mascot of Linux, was first designed in 1996 by Alan Mackey. She was meant to be an alternative to Tux, the official mascot.

Ok, but why? Why do we need an alternative for everything that checks a few more of the alphabet people boxes?

Femboy foxes are more valid than humans.

Groundbreaking take.

Weren't you a daakie novelty account?

A darky novelty account? Or a Darqwolff novelty account?

Neither though, IRL I am trans-racial.


lol people still trying to make Linux relevant in {CURRENT YEAR}. Just give it up an pirate a copy of windows like everyone else.

Took me awhile to figure out what the dick on its face was:

Libbie better.

The sub consists of various irony posters: "dirtbag leftists" (stupidpol), third-positionists (consumeproduct), and of course deuxrama whose posters are on an indeterminate number of levels of irony.