Facebook agrees to protect fragile journ*lists from bullying online.

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They deserve to be bullied merely by virtue of being on facebook.

Ah yes, carrying on the proud tradition of uncovering news and informing the public by crying to Daddy about how hard it is to be a j*urno

:!marseyshooting: :marseyjourno:


Terminally online Brazilian bussy blasting homo stirs the pot again. Only a gay could do the seethe generating work that Glenn does. He truly does it for the love of the game.

Glenn is the good version of Pete Bussyjudge who rejected the CIA offer

journ*lists have been increasingly equating any criticisms of them with "harassment" or "bullying." So often, if a journ*list publishes a false or defamatory article and people object, they cast themselves as the victims.

Glenpai tells it like it is

The journ*list cries out in pain as he slanders you

Greenwald always summarizes my seriouspost takes quite succinctly in his tweets.

If you guys have never heard of Oliver Sipple, he pretty much saved Gerald Ford from being assassinated. The media spotlight on him led to the fact that he’s gay becoming public in a time when that was not acceptable and ruining every aspect of his life. In lawsuits, newspapers and magazines defended themselves outing him by saying he had become a public figure. Now they want to bitch about the fact that they have purposely thrust their lives in the spotlight by trying to wave their arms on twitter for attention and that those actions have consequences.

Here’s a radiolab episode that sums it up pretty well.


Journoids are the most actively harmful element of society and I say that with sincerity. Landchads and I-Bankers contribute to the efficient distribution of capital. Cops are at least occasionally useful. Lawyers help uphold capitalism and the rule of law. Used car guys sell people things they actually do need and only take advantage of literal retards. Teachers are sometimes more than mere propagandists.

Journoids? They do literally nothing of value, exist solely to shape public opinion at the behest of their leashholders, and should all be sent to re-education camps immediately (Allah willing). They are also almost all soys with maybe like 1 in 1000 being an exception.

A someone who’s been mostly closeted (just private about it really) forever, I really feel for the guy. journ*lists should not have the power to play with people’s lives like that. If I was outed before I had things going for me, my life would probably be a lot worse, and his certainly did.

We treat other behaviours that ruin peoples lives harshly: rape, assault, theft, etc.. But as soon as it’s the press making someone’s private life a “”national conversation”” and ruin someone’s life forever, it’s just the cost of doing business.

Yup, cost of doing business sounds about right. They actively profit from ruining lives while simultaneously lobby platforms to not allow individuals to have the same power that the press does. Calling it doxxing or some shit.

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I'd say no, but I've never tried. More of a Ridgid/DeWalt guy myself.

Glenn Sneedwald is the only good journ*list.

Big ups to Glenn. He legitimately got death threats during the Snowden saga and he's still got enough big dick energy to say :chadyes: to the people who rage tweet at journos

Absolutely abhorrent.

May Facebook be destroyed, and never return.

Nothing will infuriate me more than Medium writers pretending they are journ*lists.

There are actual journ*lists around the world who do risk their lives reporting in/about shithole countries because the public there needs it.

And guess what. Those aren't the people on Facebook. Because those populations don't have Facebook.

Its okay, we can still send them written letters. Alexa, when does the post office close?


Very dramaphobic.


One of these days journ*lists are going to pick on the wrong person and get really badly wrecked when that person hits back.

No, I mean an even wronger person than that.


This just means that bullying "journalists" needs to be done IRL

Just imagine getting the mic at a PTA meeting to bully a journo in the audience for 5 minutes straight and threaten to sue if they cut you off

Good morning I hate journ*lists.

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