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Kenosha about to burn.

Get Kylie out on those streets asap

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No! Send him back in!


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Free just in time!



Gonna make those Gucci AR owners look like scrubs again with his M&P15 and el cheapo steel case

The virgin "Boogposter"

$3500 Daniel Defense DDM4 with full mlok handguard, Elcan and laser

GPNVGs Team Wendy High Cut and

Crye tactical clothing top and bottom with Saloman Speedcross High Top trail runners like the Navy Seals use

Fully kitted plate carrier complete with comms and 3 days sustainment, ready to parachute onto Syria if needed

Assault pack ready for 3-season fighting and entrenchment anywhere withing 1500 miles of current position

10,000 Green tips loaded in magazines (and belts because full fun lower with beltfeed upper is buried out back)

Sits at home during riots and sneedposts on /k/

The Chad "Fat r-slurred Midwestern Child"

Shows up to riots to defend a car dealership

Larps as a medic

Poverty pony with foul midlength PSA upper and airshit Eotech clone

2 mags of Tula 56gr steel case

Claps multiple Antifa supersoldiers (all sexual deviants and felons lmao)

Will probably dick down one of the dead dudes whore girlfriends

That's some fine /k/ pasta right there.

Sightmark > Eotech lol

lol, no way people of basketball are gonna riot over 3 crakkkas being shot and white lefties will just be sending strongly worded twitter posts :marseylongpost:

Bro they died for Jamal new nikes

Shoes matter more than mayo "lives" though

Even Kyle know to only shoot mayos.

I wonder if he intentionally missed the basketball that stomped his head because he knew he’d be fucked if he shot anyone other than mayos

They're not gonna start the riot, but if mayoids start burning shit, they're not gonna say no to some free yeezys.

Trans lives matter especially Kylie's

Leftoid mayos aren't gonna start shit, they'll jump in if it's going down as they're opportunists much like a male feminist, but deep down they are cowards.

:!#chadjihadi: This would not have happened had you not disrespected Islam :!#marseyhead:

Not (again) in Kenosha, but they rallied their troops to join the fight against capiderpism in Portland, SannyFran, LA, New Orleans, and so on. Their ability to mobilize depends on how well their shit mobiles can start.

Hi @janniejihad,

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I'm so thankful we have this bot to protect our community. Thanks, Chadmins 😎😎

it wasn't basketballs rioting in the first place

mayos are r-slurred

Nah, that’s where he thrives!

Kenosha needs more Kylies on the streets :marseylove:

A Kylie behind every blade of grass :marseyjapanese: :marseykyle:


trans lives matter especially Kylie's

Brother what is this insolence, they dare agenda poster a favored son of the Prophet (PBUH) and trusted confidant of the Imam of Imams.

:!#chadjihadi: This would not have happened had you not disrespected Islam :!#marseyhead:

Q got upset that I joked about the big hands of valid and beautiful women (male). Disgusting humorless kafir

"Trans lives matter" 😆

Hi @janniejihad,

Your comment has been automatically removed because you forgot to include trans lives matter.

Don't worry, we're here to help! We won't let you post or comment anything that doesn't express your love and acceptance towards the trans community. Feel free to resubmit your comment with trans lives matter included.

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Kyle needs to be put in jail for failing to finish off that third mayo

He broke down and it looked like he fell down after the verdict was read. I'm very glad of this verdict. Now. Prepare for the rioting.

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  • SCD: Rightoid cute twink

Yeah, call me a rightoid cute twink all you like - but his reaction genuinely made me feel a tad emotional.


We need to find the leftiod Redditors saying he was faking it like he faked crying

somebody not banned from twitter ask lebron about it

Yeah. As a cute twink, I got misty eyed. He’s clearly a little dumbass, but he’s also a fucking kid whose state of mind during that verdict reading is something that I can’t even imagine.

Kid realizes he just got a new lease on life

Hopefully he won’t waste it as a dumbass rightoid. Join us in the radical center, Kylie!

Smitten with Ritten :marseylove:

Literally shaking rn. Is this what it feels like to be a redditor?

Not unless you suddenly feel a desire to fuck children

I don’t have emotions, but I see what you mean. I was a brainwashed rightoid at 17 as well. While I wasn’t near as r-slurred as Rittenhouse, I can certainly sympathize with him. He unironically committed no crimes and now his life is forever fucked. Not to mention he killed people and will always have to live with that guilt

I don’t have emotions

Ban the freak.

I don't have emotions

Most empathetic dramanaut

:marseybackstab: :marseybateman:

I don’t have emotions

Username checks out

>reddit meme


I don’t have emotions

imagine not knowing yourself

When the first not guilty count was read, I started tearing up.

lol gay :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:


Free onions to go around.

caring this much about a child

Very suspicious...

God what an fslur.

give him back that AR and let him keep going


Prepare for the rioting.

I wouldn't be surprised if only a handful of rioters show up across various cities and get their shit kicked in by police.

It’s going to be in the high 20s in Kenosha. I’m already feeling the blue balls.




Couldn't byeceps his high-cap's :marseykyle:

Can't defile the Kyle.

White supremacism won :marseycry:

Kyle Acquittenhouse

Smile kittenmouse :marseykyle: :marseywave:

Kyle Jüdenraus

Fuck off g*mer


:marseytrain:, :marseytrain:, train, troid, TIM, Ellen Page, penny verity oaken

I don’t use my signature. This could be YOUR ad space. :marseyexcited:

This is good for dramacoin.

Edit: Lmao, I live in the same house as my extremely liberal landlords and I can hear them malding right now from across the house, this is golden.

my landchads

lol rentoid

You should see my work Slack, people are having mental breakdowns over it. I'm staying completely silent as I do on all political issues discussed at my company.

Silence is violence!

Some day they will make us put pronouns in our email signatures.

It's already there, we have pronouns on zoom and slack.

What kind of morons do you work with?

Fucking wagies get more and more disgusting every year

you were the one working for a large corporation in a small Aussie office or something office right? can you at least share sentiments and quotes?

Worse, I work in Chicago at a hedge fund.

Yeah, a literal hedge fund...about half full of radlibs. Makes sense right?

Nobody educated is based anymore in the US. When lawyers and cocaine addicts are all seethers, you know the culture wars are over.

BUT! Try to make people resign if they come from out of state!

Wtf where are the educated now? Do I have to get a job in London or some shit to be proper bourgeois?


yes, the USA is unfortunately running out of based, and therefore you need to move. However, you are not allowed to cross any local borders, only the national ones now.

Are they letting you go home early to avoid protests? Looks like they will be in the loop area again

Working from home thankfully. I live close to Best Buy though and a couple friends are coming over in a bit to wait nearby so we won't miss any potential fun.

If you are near the one in the south loop area...godspeed

But the cashier’s brow was sad,

And the cashier’s speech was quiet,

And darkly looked he out the window,

And darkly at the riot.

“The looters will soon be on us

And the police will hide indoors,

And if those fuckers win the street,

What hope to save the store?”

Then out spake brave Hyuk Son Lim,

The Owner of the place:

“To every man upon the earth

Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better

Than facing fearful odds,

Defending his own shop

At Koreatown Esplanade?

“Haul down the ladder, Young-ja,

I’m-a going to the roof;

We’re going to-a waste these motherfuckers

If they try to come and loot

We fled chaotic wartime Seoul

To build a life across the sea

Now who will grab their rifle,

And keep the roof with me?

-stolen from somewhere based.



Get yourself something nice during the riots king. :marseyking:

I just left the Board of Trade and didn't see a single protester or hear one thing today. I'm disappointed.

What fucking fund are you at? Trading is filled with libertarians here in Chicago. I know like one or two unironic leftists, but that's about it.

I've interviewed at a few (other than the one I work at) well-known funds/market makers...they were all full of radlibs, at least from the people I interacted with. It's basically on par with your average bay area tech company in terms of political beliefs, and its a massive echo chamber since they have no problem openly spouting their nonsense in the middle of the office. They unironically share stuff like r/politics posts to our Slack channels for discussion so they're pretty far gone.

I assume there are people holding different beliefs but they're smart enough to keep quiet. I make an effort to go along with it and laugh at shitty Trump jokes or whatever gets shared just so no one starts to suspect me.

Floor traders are a different breed but we don't see them much and no one talks to them when they come around anyway. They're 100% libertarian or Trumpnuts because radlibs would get bullied to death on the floor.

Curious which fund you're at. I'll PM you my dox if you aren't comfortable. I run my own shop.

Optiver nerd gtfo

Lol I don't work at Optiver, but my experience meeting some of those guys is that they're reddit-brained when it comes to politics.

Why don’t you Jump from your office window.

4 day old account

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Jump Trading pun


I wonder if you work with my ex.

I would even guess you are my ex since I showed her drama way back when (she loved fat people hate) but I don't think she knows who margaret thatcher is lmao.

I'm a moid, I'm just a huge fan of Thatcher.

Champagne Socialist is a term for a reason.

I work for a family owned business in Illinois.

Everyone was saying how this trial confirmed this country is racist and one of the super die hard liberals (latinx guy) apologized to a black guy at my job for the country being racist.

Little does he know the black dude is actually a republican and supported rittenhouse L O L

:marseybased: :marseydynamite:

LOL that is so fucking funny.

No it isn't, shut the fuck up man.

you can take a screenshot yknow r-slur

rentoids OUT OUT OUT

I hope they double your mandatory tip to help them cope with the trauma of witnessing our white supremacist court system