Jewish comedian made famous in viral video strikes down Rightoid Chuds

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If you get unironically mad and can't handle the bantz you shouldn't be a comedian.

Seething man calls others fragile

Many such cases

Cringe levels off the charts

Jesus christ imagine being this insufferable and still somehow getting gigs... There should be like a Standup SS which just burst into random standup """""""comedies""""""" and shoots everyone who attends.

Tom Meyers' reign of terror is finally at an end.

Check out tom myers latest set in NY on his YouTube channel its unironically sortve ok

Bong hit transplant


Oh shit now I am offended ! This nigga aint true jew, he is a larper

Can Jews even be redheads?

There is actually a Jewish redhead "type" that he fits pretty well. Also lots of redheads in the bible and consider this Samaritan lady:

Jews power is given only through mother like in my case and this nigga mother aint Jewish. So he should lech tiz-day-en

Yeah, theyre mostly just mayos with funny noses

I wanna rightoidpost so badly


Its not rightoid posting if youre not a rightoid.

"jewish people control TV and they're doing a great job" is a better bit than whatever the fuck his 8 minute rant is

I'd be booing that comedian tbh.


Do people not do it cause they are scared? Because they genuinely think some r-slur overreacting to a joke while being a comedian is funny?

I wouldn't boo him, in case people think I'm a soyboy who's agreeing with the comedian and booing the heckler.

Instead of boo you could always say joo joo that way no one would think that.

Is the heckler actually Sam Hyde?

That's not how anti-Semitism works

As if it was a joke or something. How about that.

I didn't know Reddit became a comedian




How does he make any money from his "comedy"?

Redditors will tell you that humor is derived solely from truth and nothing else. They write dissertations on it all the time. The true value of comedians is how they tell it like it is.

god i hate that guy. years ago he went viral for responding to a heckler and his entire schtick became 'le epic heckler destroyer'. and literally all his youtube thumbnails are :marsoyhype: of 5 years ago

finding some minor reddit drama: one, two, three

he's such a :marseyautism: i bet he finds this thread in a couple days

That weiner 100% has plants in the audience that set him up.

Oh its very well known.

Inshallah brother,

Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! ... Hell shall be their home

Oy vey :marseypearlclutch:

Twitter has me so complacent with reading sub 140 characters that when I see a tweet that starts with THREAD I just close it


Well what was the "joke"?



He said "what do jews control" or something like that, someone shouted out "TV" (because he was basically asking for it) and hofstetter flipped the fuck out.

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Can't wait for TV to become the new antisemitic dogwhistle

OP is a Trump supporter.

I have downvoted every post you have ever posted and have reported this post. If this behaviour does not change, your punishment will further continue.


dick-sucking terrible replies

Jarvis, print all "early life" sections of Hollywood producers

:mysides: :mysides: :mysides:

Lol what a sneeding bitch, 100% unfunny.

"hey white people do this"

"hey jewish people do this"


The TV cries out in pain as it strikes you.


:soycry: How could you say we control TV?

:gigachad2: Why yes we control TV and it's a good thing.

The fact that the guy who claimed Jews control the entertainment world gets kicked out of a comedy club by a Jewish comedian, is funnier than anything else Steve has ever done.

And Steve is so fucking lacking in awareness that he didnt even pick up on a meta joke.

Pretty based comment from publicfreakout.

If you strike me down, Soyjak, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

  • Obi-Chud Kenobi

This man plants hecklers in his audience to make these kinds of videos and statements

This dude bought an old church literally two blocks from my house and is turning it into an event center/standup incubator. Sent a letter to everyone in the neighborhood about it. Looked him up and could not understand how he's a "comedian"

are u trying to softdox yourself king

Eh, I moved out a year ago.

The internet is full of third- and fourth-rate talent who are scraping for any foothold they can get to develop into enough relevance for an NYT profile or a feature on cable. Poor guy is just clawing at the rocks trying not to slip off the cliff into total irrelevance.

And people wonder why incels and other women hating groups exist

Comedy has been dead since DDR buck broke the brains of the (((corporate media)))

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