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Old pic of pseudo cuck gets posted on cringetopia

Why are y'all being so weird about this, I don't understand. The dudes helping a single mom care for the kid yet all y'all assume that he wants to fuck, it's so weird


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Man, If I had a bestfriend I'd do the same even if that person is someone I'm not attracted to. Imagine seeing your bestfriend crying and struggling to maintain a child, wouldn't you help?

no lol the fuck, thats not my kid


Redditors and their strange language. "Maintaining" a child? And why assume it's a struggle and would lead to crying?

And why assume it's a struggle and would lead to crying?

Have you seen what redditors cry about?

Redditors are perpetual children. They think childhood is something to be maintained, rather than "raised" out of.

Id help if it was a single father because i love my boys.

Single mothers probably have a rolodex of simps, so :chadno:

The man above me is a groomer.


Id only consider helping if we fuck on the reg but I have a strict ‘no single moms’ rule

Why even have dating apps when you have this principle in addition to your height?

Single moms don't usually go for 16 year olds anyway so I think you're safe

an old friend of mine actually did this, he got attached to the kid, but then she found some other guy, married and moved away to some other city.

if i had a best friend


I am unironically triggered by people who spell "best friend" as "bestfriend."