You couldn’t get this out of me at a CIA black site
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This is Marty

I love Marty

Much like Doreen, when a furry was asked if he should do the interview, there was much angy

https://i.rdrama.net/images/168618783229101.webp archive- tweet now hidden

The shadow of Doreen hangs heavy

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16861878324622738.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16861878328190475.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16861878331537287.webp

Interview is actually far better than Doreen. But of course we get the "it's not inherently sexual" cope, an interesting "lots of us had trouble making friends" autism angle, and "we're misunderstood/easy to target" but never really answers the question of why we need kids there.

Jesse Waters reveals that he's a dinosaur-kin @Cdace

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Marsèy is dead. Say hello Marty, our new and original mascot.
u/hannibalbaracka is on a weird anti-parking crusade

He/She/It has been going around spamming city subreddits with what % of their downtown is dedicated to parking

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1686174796220789.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16861747955048807.webp

Not too sure what to make of it. Bot? Autistim? Carphobia?

They obviously spam info from https://parkingreform.org/, which is obviously anti-parking lots.

The Parking Reform Network educates the public about the impact of parking policy on climate change, equity, housing, and traffic. In partnership with allied organizations, we accelerate the adoption of critical parking reforms through research, coalition-building, and direct advocacy.

Blah blah standard DEI NGO more bikes and buses and less cars

These threads have the most impressions






edit: Thank you for the pin Carp! :#marseycarphug:

edit 2: Fun fact, Googling the org and it's just a house with a port-a-potty on the sidewalk in front :marseyxd:

Sequential realtime highlights -








Emotions are high. Let's take some time to process this before we make any rash decisions and end up losing our dozens of weekly hours of unpaid labor we put in censoring people on a gay orange messageboard.



Spez is so unbothered by all of this that he's promised not to ban any jannies who take their subs offline for two whole days :marseykneel:

He hasn't said anything about not dejannying anyone, though. But I am being told that "limit perms" means they are immune to dejannying as well. Let's see how that goes.


Apollo Grifter has entered the chat

The guy who makes money cutting out Reddit's ads and serving his own is now here to thank the jannies for improving "one of the worst weeks of my life" by supporting his continued theft.



Not a janniecord leak, but this comment really spoke to me. Reddit charging for people to circumvent their only revenue stream is literally anuddah shoah :marseyhitler2:


Thank you /u/dom_shady, moderator of /r/ChampionshipManagers with 339 members and heavy hitter in the protest.

CuckRowdy has summarized the entire meeting in an easily-digestible bullet point list!


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:marseymexican: Meccicans go full 3rd world when Bongland :marseybong: tries to send in civilian Divers to rescue 6 British soldiers trapped in Alpazat cave

Do you guys remember that world famous Thai cave rescue by uber experienced British Cave Divers? The one in 2018, when 13 schoolboys and a teacher had to be drugged, and then slowly unconsciesly transported underwater across like 2km of underwater passages? Rocket Daddy called one of them a p-do man on twatter. One of the divers was known as Rick Stanton, a mega neurodivergent boomer bong loner, who had like 30 years of cave diving, and cave diving rescue experience.

Well our story takes place in 2004, about 15 years earlier in Mexico, when our boi Rick Stanton was called by the British military to help save some bongs who got caught trapped in Alpazat caves after a flash flood, very similar to the Thai cave rescue incident.

Well the way it works is that Rick isn't actually part of any actual institution or rescue organization. Not like Burgerland's coast guard. His dayjob is being a firefighter. But because diving underground and in caves is so astronomically dangerous, there's very few peeps on planet earth's Billions who actually has garnered the skillset and capability of being able to stay calm underground, underwater, andd with no capacity to even orientate yourself upwards or downwards. Dozens of cave divers end up dying each year, because even experienced open water divers continiously underestimate the dangers of underground diving.


So the way it has worked for the past 35 years was that Bong military would call Rick and any other of his fellow renowned Cave Diver rescuers, every 2 yearsr, to come and help whenever some british peeps got stick in watery caves; danger zones where the usual brit special forces or special rescue workers could not even dare for fear of getting stuck and drowning.

The point is that Rick and his fellow diving autists don't belong to any miltary arm, they are just experienced regular civilians whom are often deferred to by the british equivalent of seals and stormwater rescuers. They only belonged to the Cave Rescue Organization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_Rescue_Organisation


In 2004 6 British Navy and Air force guys, who were part of a british Caving Association, decided to goof off during their official work hours, and set their off time in an "official military expedition to support adventurous training." These cavers wanted to partake in the cave rich region in which they found themselves. Totally unoffical like :marseywink:

Unfortunately for these chodes, a flash flood occurred right as they were in the Alpazat cave, trapping them behind sumps of underground waters. This moment would result in frosty diplomatic tension between Britain and Mexico for the next decade.

Luckily for these dipshits, there was prefabricated emergency camps in a drier part of the cave, similar to mount Everest where they have several intermediary camps, as the Alpazat cave system was very large. So they were ok, and wouldn't immediately starve or drown like the Thai schoolboys, they were still stuck like plugs. They even had a radioset with them to communicate with the outside.



At this point in time Mexican President Vicente had a low approval rating from his constituents, and seized upon the moment when reports came that not just Brits, but British soldiers were trapped in Alpazat cave. He drummed up controvesy, in order to be seen as a strong and decisive leader who would take on foreign intermingling.

The 6 morons trapped in the Mexican cave were just fools goofing off, but now their presence in an awkward place was threatening British-Mexican diplomacy. If they were just civilians, it wouldn't have mattered, but because they were British armed forces personnel it looked dodgy as frick to the mexican press.



Basically the Mexican prez was all like WTF are ur soldiers doing in our natural environment!? The gossip :marseygossipshock: and tall tales in the Mexican media made a rumor that British espionage forces have been secretly digging in Alpazat caves, looking for Uranian deposits to mine in secret, but the Flash flood made them be caught red handed!! :marseygossipsmug::marseymeangirls:

This event was fire onto oil, because prior to these 6 fools getting stuck, the very month prior to this, a secret report got leaked which proved that Britain had been spying on Mexico, so the mexicans were already fired up.


The british diplomatic arm, was all like: What the heck are you talking about?? But because the cavers had radioactive-detecting equipment with them when they were rescued, it all but confirmed the rumor in the mexican media at that moment. But these radioactive detection devices were more used to detect dangerous gasses in isolated caves, and were standard equipment - not something you can mansplain to angry mexican special forces barking in your face.


The biggest force for contention between the Bong and Mexican ambassadors was that the Bongs refused the mexican rescue forces. This enraged the mexicans who believed they didn't want to be rescued by mexican personnel so that they might have time to stash away incriminating evidence of their secret mining whatever. Meanwhile, the british military didn't trust the local mexican rescue operator's capabilities, and wanted their own men, including their cave diving specialists like Rick Stanton. They knew full well how dangerous under water cave rescue operations were, and weren't in the least bit diplomatic in their statements that they didn't trust mexico to safely rescue the 6 bongs.




When the Mexican general came to the Alpazat cave and demanded the British rescuers there to show him where the 6 other divers were stuck, because he didn't comprehend they were blocked off by vast underwater bodies, he was lead to the 1st sump under which the cave tunnels disappeared into the dark waters. Exiting meekly like a r-slur, he finally consented to the british cave diving specialists to get on with the rescue operation.

Cave divers Richard Stanton and Jason Mallinson assisted the soldiers one at a time to exit the caves, and the dive for each to 13 minutes - just so you guys can appreciate just how fricking deep these guys were stuck at. The dive was 300m long.

Hilariously, when Rick and Jason exited the caves towards the waiting press and cameras, the other mexican rescue workers, that did frickall during the operation, would exit with them shoulder to shoulder, as if they had a hand in the rescue to look good for the cameras. :marseylaugh:


Anyways after much Polandball tier diplomatic peepeewaving, the british military personnel was allowed to frick off back to Bongland.

Another amusing story before the rescue took place - When Rick and Jason, the two experienced cave divers, arrived in Tacoland, they were immediately shadowed (comically badly) by mexican espionage personnel. When they were met at the airport, a mexican woman with flawless english would ask them really weird questions, like: to which branch of the british military do you belong?

Rick and Jason would stare at each other dumbfounded, and be like: mate we're only civillians!

But no matter how much they tried to convince the mexican authorities that they were merely two nondescript civilians, the more the mexican spies attributed more outlandish identities to the divers, until the mexicans had convinced themselves that these two troublemakers were dodgier than pinballs. I mean what nation would just contract ordinary citizens to come to another country in a rescue operation!

That's all i got, GOOD NIGHT:marseyretard2:

Hello everyone, I'm need some advice from other polyamorous people.

The best psychologists around! :marseysmug:

I'll try to keep this vague in case my partner follows this sub.


>My (f29) partner (m30) was cheated by his now ex-girlfriend. She was honest about the encounter and called about a week after the break-up to tell him that she has an STI.


He got tested and said that he was clean, but I am still waiting for my results.


The STI is treatable fortunately,


but I am still upset that this is happening because my partner does not practice safe sex


because he "can't" use condoms. He also has had multiple partners besides me and the ex within the last few months none of which he used protection with.


However I am required by him to use protection whenever I have intercourse with anyone who is not him (I have one other partner besides him).


I know it's a double standard and his excuse for not using condoms is dumb, and not only is he putting me at risk but also my other partner. I've tried to speak to him before about using condoms especially when he was seeing multiple people at the same time but it did not go well.


I haven't spoken to him about how I feel about the condom issue since, and I know I have to now that this is happening. As of right now I have no interest in having intercourse with him at all especially unprotected, and while he is still having unprotected intercourse with other people.


To be honest I am really anxious about having this conversation because I know it will lead to an argument, and he can be explosive.


I don't really know how to go about starting the conversation or what to say. I know it's not his fault that she cheated on him, and he may feel like I'm punishing him for her actions, but i can't go through this again. Next time it could be something worse. Idk what to do and I've just been avoiding him in the meantime. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


How did she cheat on him? Y’all are poly. Are you saying “cheated on” instead of “lied to”?



Please do not use the word clean to refer the absence of an STI. Its immature and gross.




Not using condoms??.. red flag. Says he "can't" use condoms???..red flag. Says that you have to use them, but refuses to use them???... red flag.

Gets explosive with you when you voice your concerns????? HUGE RED FLAG!!!




Gentle reminder that using the word “clean” in regards to STI status stigmatizes STIs and leads to fewer people getting tested!




I (F) am allergic to traditional latex condoms and sometimes even the non latex ones give me a reaction.



the west is saved :marseychudblush:

context: a 'teen posted this video of him asking a girl to prom with a chuddy poster a few weeks ago and she said yes

he posted an update today!




!chuds !zoomers we have never BEEN more back :marseywereback:

Queen talks about how Korean men how trash and they suck at sex. Scrotes of rice mald at her


A woman made a tiktok listing her grievances with Korean moids and how they shouldn’t be idolized and real life isn't like Kpop. Some of the issues with the scrotes include:

*Most korean men have paid and slept with a prostitutes (50.7%) :marseygeisha:

  • Bad in bed :marseysad:

  • Don't support feminism :marseypussyhat:

  • Don't understand consent :marseyuterus:

  • They're racist :marseyracist:

  • They're homophobic :marseydisagree:

Surely the ricecels will take the criticism in stride :marseyclueless:

Looks mid from beginning to end of clip

OP: Not even mid. Just straight uggo

So why we speaking on her looks if you actually wanted to talk about what she was talking about 💀 incel

go suck a peepee if you hate women that much

Loser insulting a woman’s looks like you don’t get on dating apps and swipe yes on every single woman out of desperation

Just say you want a White man like most Asian women do. We ain’t gonna jump you.

Asian men who genuinely believe this should just start fricking white men at this point bc y’all have a hard on for them


seeing how i heard stories of how korean men treat black women foreigners this does NOT surprise me. my friend who is black girl who went to korea said she experienced more fetishization from korean men then anywhere else. it’s crazy


The conversation then steers into a discussion about how w*men hate sexy Indian dudes:

good on her for only throwing them under the bus if we were to talk about indan mn i would be driving the bus 💪🏾

wait till i tell you i'd throw desi men under the bus at the drop of a hat

I'd throw desi men under the bus for half a samosa

U bet I'd talk shit abt Indian men any chance i get

That's because there's absolutely nothing even remotely good to say about them


yeah ima believe a woman speaking on her own men before whoever tf dyjimgi is. 🫰🏽

idk why they're all acting outraged and surprised, for me it's not the first time I hear of similar experiences with korean men. of course generalizing is usually not good but at this point I thought what the girl claims in the video was common knowledge lol

Asian men work hard and get paid well and usually are family orientated, never understood the hatred asian women have for their men

It’s just because they’re not white lol

It's hilarious cause just the other day a tweet went viral talking about how asian men - black women are the most successful interracial coupling. So are asian men really that bad or do you just fiend for white peepee?

Is this this an ameriKKKan psy op?



She's just self hating :marseycope:



the obvious AAVE affect is so cringe too. like stop

Why do bobas do this? It's one of their most annoying traits. "Y'all don't even get me started . . . ASIAN MAN BAD" fricking suburbanites trying to sound hard

Maybe they are racist



I think that, for a lot of women, the repulsion to being exposed to ugly male feelings might be some sort of trauma response because when those ugly feelings cause men to lash out, it's often the women around them that suffer the consequences.

Apart from that, honestly? I think it's natural to have feelings (initially) that run a spectrum between aversion and repulsion. It can be frightening to see someone in the throes of grief, depression, anxiety, etc. I think for a lot of people in general there's a natural impulse to withdraw from that.

That being said, I don't think you should be looking to your spouse/significant other to help you untangle your "deepest darkest secrets" (depending on what that even means in this context) unless that conversation is being paired with therapy. The average person is neither prepared nor able to help you, and this goes both ways; any woman who is willing to unload their baggage on me but is unwilling to see a therapist isn't someone I'd be interested in seeing on any serious level.

While you and other people might be willing to act as your girlfriend/wife's therapist, you should not expect them to be willing to do the same.




i just got out of a situation with a non-binary person who was literally telling me things they weren't telling their therapist.

at first it seemed fine but then problem after problem piled up and it was like ... dude i'm not equipped to handle this in the way you need. and then they would get weird when i couldn't do that, but also withdraw as if it were my fault i couldn't do the job of a therapist while also dealing with someone who is just being shitty to date because they aren't being honest with their therapist about their issues

i refuse to date anyone not in therapy, or who isn't being honest with their therapist anymore.

it's just not worth my time

i'll listen to your problems if i know you're getting professional help, but it's selfish AF to put the burden of suicidal thoughts on someone you're dating if you aren't seeking professional help for those thoughts. and it's even more selfish to blame that person for not being able to handle your problems.



I’m an neurodivergent woman but I always relate to so many of these male issues. I used to hold a similar view but with friends. They would eventually be like “please I’m not your therapist” and in my mind I was like WOW I can’t even talk about my feelings with my friends. After a few therapy sessions I was super embarrassed that I was literally just dumping the heaviest things on them. I didn’t really get it until I had it done to me in a relationship. God he needed therapy so bad. He would tell me the most horrific things about his childhood after blowing up at me and then he’d cry and I was supposed to console him. The first 10 times I felt so sorry for him but eventually it got to a point where I was like why am i consoling this man who has just said the meanest things and punched a wall? Why am I consoling someone who blames their anger/rudeness/silent treatment on their childhood but then refuses to do anything to mitigate it (THERAPY)? The other thing is that I had no idea how to help. I listened but I was scared of saying the wrong thing and making the situation worse.



The Drama in Brief

For the curious, this reddit thread has several mirrors of the leaked episode: r/Confinement: The Ep 8 leak was deleted. Linked thread is SFW. Video is NSFW.


Here are some archive links: Videos. Reddit threads: 1,2,3,4,5

Trans Lives Matter.

God Bless.




https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/002/301/350/f93.png :!#soyjakhipster:

Reddit employees on Blind say their own app sucks and spez would throw them under the bus for $5

God I love layoffs. It's when everyone drops the veneer or team spirit and starts backstabbing each other. I especially love it when it happens to Reddit.

In case you didn't know, Reddit had layoffs yesterday

New Blind thread about it. https://www.teamblind.com/post/Reddit-to-lay-off-5-of-workforce-tktrg0Br

A nice Microsoft poster tells everyone that Reddit is laying off 5% of its workforce. A innocent little SoundCloud employee makes a joke and boy are p-do Reddit admins mad.


Pedo Reddit admin says their app sucks. They all know about the blackout.




Confirmed that Reddit doesn't care about stupid powerjanny blackout.


oh you. You made a funny. It's good!


Anonymous janny still mad.


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Was at a store that had hundreds of these tampons marked down.

I got 50 of them to resell online.


The image is clearly criticizing TRA logic and arguing against romanticizing forced sterilization as 'protect trans kids'

One of the uncountable number of leftoid sneedfests on reddit misses this (of course) and goes on the attack against TRA ideology without knowing it

Sterilize? Where do conservatives think LGBTQ people came from? If I had a dollar for every LGBTQ person that came from a conservative family I'd be rich enough to slap Rocket Daddy in his smug butt face.

right wing libertarians are just nazis that haven't found their fuhrer yet

There was a nationalist group from WW2 that also wanted to do genocide on special needs and neurodivergent folks. 🤔 now what were they called again?🤔🤔🤔


>Advocates forced sterilization

Sounds about right

Title: Poor Meatball

:marseyyikes: that's some major leftoid racism.

:marseydagothur: would be proud of this mongrel dog shit.

on top of old smokey

all covered with cheese

I lost my poor Meatball

when somebody sneezed

By emizeko (they/them) :marseytrans2:

:marseyvivec: not even myself recognizes this abomination.

They’re all going to get creamed by Trump, it’s going to be a bloodbath. At least the Trump Biden debate for prez should be funny.

Uhh isn't HexBear a leftist collective? You're really cheering for Orange man? Weird shit.


that’s what everyone was saying last time and it was a snoozer. Biden’s primary debate appearances where he was horrendously racist (“black families don’t leave the record player on”) and his eye filled with blood were a lot funnier in the end

:marseybiden: :marseybiden2: :marseyridin:

Praise Biden.

Is this how HexBear chooses to honor the Sixth House, the tribe unmourned and my homie Dagoth Ur? :marseydagothur2:

@Aevann does this shit count too? I think it should, HexBear is literally tankie central.


On reading the title, you might feel bad for the guy, but I think the pity will evaporate when you read his post. (Sorry for the wall of text, the entire thing is a gold mine) Cue the sad violin


my wife (male) and I have been together about 12 years, married for 8. We have had an "open" marriage from the beginning and it worked well for awhile.

However, at some point it began to become toxic primarily because of some unresolved intercourse and porn addiction issues on my end that became a coping mechanism for the tremendous amount of stress we have had (medical school for her and a demanding career for me, a toxic work environment, and two kids). In addition to diving into porn and sexual fantasy, I let my personal health slip and struggled with impulsive spending and hoarding. These issues were always present but magnified as our life stresses increased. The intercourse addiction began to impact our social relationships and I remained oblivious to all of this. Finally, at some point, my wife (male) had little sexual interest in me. We talked about therapy frequently, but we both put it off due to time and money and my inability to see just how bad it was needed and her inability to convey that I was in need of help. A year and a half ago she started dating a guy and I could tell it was getting very emotional, which was crossing our "open marriage" boundaries. I conveyed that I was uncomfortable with the relationship and she lashed out that it was the only thing that made her happy. She asked if I wanted her to end it (clearly to me, I did), but I told her I did not want to be responsible for taking away something that made her happy and I had made my feelings clear.

>it began to become toxic primarily because of some unresolved intercourse and porn addiction issues on my end that became a coping mechanism for the tremendous amount of stress we have had

translation: i couldn't stop jerking my ding-dong and am blaming it on muh stress

>I let my personal health slip and struggled with impulsive spending and hoarding.

translation: i got fat and spent all of our money on soyshit, but it totes isnt my fault, it's muh stress

>Finally, at some point, my wife (male) had little sexual interest in me.


>A year and a half ago she started dating a guy and I could tell it was getting very emotional, which was crossing our "open marriage" boundaries.

Oh no! Not the """""""""boundaries"""""""""! also i like how getting nutted in isn't crossing boundaries, but sharing your feelings is, lmbooo

>She asked if I wanted her to end it (clearly to me, I did), but I told her I did not want to be responsible for taking away something that made her happy and I had made my feelings clear.


A few weeks ago, she told me she is considering divorce. She initially said it was because of the financial and health issues coupled with no longer being happy without feeling guilty about her boyfriend. She then opened up about the role her bf had played in supporting her during our difficult marriage. She also told me that after speaking with her new therapist that she believes I have sexually assaulted her through coercion and manipulation (she has a lot of guilt in general and in this case, a false sense of needing to be a "good Catholic wife" and what she thought was her obligagltion) on several occasions. She now says that the pain from that is too great and she is not sure she can forgive me.

>she believes I have sexually assaulted her through coercion and manipulation

tbh I'm not exactly surprised lol who would want to have consensual intercourse with this guy

>a false sense of needing to be a "good Catholic wife" and what she thought was her obligagltion

RELIGION is the thing that's fricking up the marriage!

I asked her to break up with her bf while we figure things out. He picked her up and they went to talk and she said she broke up with him. I later found out she was still texting him at work and they were talking on the phone on her way home. I also found out the night they "broke up" that they had made some sort of plan that keeps coming up. I confronted her and she called him on speaker to break up. This time it seemed to be at least real for as long as we are sorting things out, but they have exchanged some texts once since then (1 week ago).

>I later found out she was still texting him at work

bro its over lol

We are starting Discernment Therapy and I want to keep the marriage together. I think with individual and couples therapy we can heal and move forward. I feel this is best for us, but more importantly for our 2 young children, but I worry that over the last year, her bf has used our struggles and stresses to play the hero and manipulate the situation in his favor. Now she seems to think these "new love" feelings for him would be lasting and she does not seem able to look at his flaws and consider how they could be a problem in 5+ years. She also does not seem to consider that she has put him on a pedestal, but only spent a few hours with him a week with the occasional weekend when I take the kids to our parents without her (I was unaware that's what she was doing and they tried to hide it). She then compares me to him, but I am the one navigating her anxiety and depression constantly and living the stresses of our careers and caring for our children constantly. I have grown bitter about her relationship and that probably shows. She has become very focused on herself (not all bad), but specifically working with her therapist on "Being happy without feeling guilty". She has always been selfless and family focused, but that has shifted during the relationship with her recent bf. We are starting Discernment Therapy, but I have no idea if she truly wants to figure it out or if she has already made up her mind and is just doing this to appease our Caholic families (who do not know about any of the open marriage or her recent relationship). I am very lost and looking for any helpful advice or resources (already starting individual therapy for myself).

>I worry that over the last year, her bf has used our struggles and stresses to play the hero and manipulate the situation in his favor

neighbor the bar is really fricking low to be a hero here lol

>she does not seem able to look at his flaws and consider how they could be a problem in 5+ years

speck, meet plank

>I am the one navigating her anxiety and depression constantly

b-word you caused the depression!!!!!

>I have grown bitter

yeah no shit

>She has become very focused on herself (not all bad)

lol he seethes, plus it's the same thing he was doing

SURPRISINGLY, redditors are roasting the shit out of him. On a cuck support forum. hahahaha

BY THE WAY I don't think this is cuckshit fantasizing simply because of how bitter and resentful the guy is, and how much he wants to paint himself as the victim while not realizing that it actually makes him more hateable.

This is the post history from a single user today:


We are getting spam from this and similar users advocating for the blackout. Now, I know it's important to get the word out on things that matter to us, but it's not OK (especially as mods) to spam communities you don't even participate in.

This is astroturfing and spammy. Period. As mods you should know better. Please stop. :marseysoycry:

Trans janny /u/CedarWolf

Some subs also can't participate in the blackout.

For example, it's all fine and dandy if somewhere like /r/baseball or /r/soccer goes dark for a day or two, but it's not okay if a sub like /r/SuicideWatch or /r/selfharm goes dark.

The support subs have a duty to be there for their users.

Yes because getting zero updongs or one reply saying "Don't do it, you are loved" or getting spammed with the suicide hotline is going to bring folx back from the brink. Those subs should be shut down tbh.

Some big titty sub janny

:!marseygigatitty: +17 Then how about you report that user? Just because a mod did that doesn't mean it's an issue with mods. You're just grouping a large number of people together over the actions of one based on a tenuous link.

:marseyjanny2: I had this issue 5 times in the last 48 hours in /r/Spain. 4 were confirmed mods, the other was an alt.

So yes, it is a mod problem.

And yes, I reported this. But it's both important for admins and mods to be aware of this issue.

-15 No, it's not a mod problem. Apparently it's a problem with the Spanish. :marseyflagspain::marseymini:

See what I did there, grouped an entire population together based on a tenuous link. If you have an issue with that, but can't see an issue with the way you're grouping them, then you're the problem.

None of those users were Spanish, by the way. Zero interaction in any community from Spain or Spanish speaking.

Again, if you fail to see an issue, i won't convince you otherwise, but getting mod spam is a problem.

Again, it's not mod spam. It's user spam. When you understand that, you'll be one step closer to the rest of what I said.

Nice aggressiveness. I already told you 4 confirmed mods did this as well. I will no longer reply to you. :soycry:

A person that is a mod of completely different subs did it, but that doesn't make it a mod issue. Your complete and utter failure to realize that belonging to one group and doing something doesn't make it an issue from the entire group is telling. Typical Spanish belligerence.

Again: See what I did there, grouped an entire population together based on a tenuous link. If you have an issue with that, but can't see an issue with the way you're grouping them, then you're the problem.


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Sexual tension between nurse practioners and doctors reaching all time highs

There's something called "scope creep" which is where nurse practitioners and physician assistants are getting more and more ability to do things previously only allowed by doctors including prescribing controlled substances (depends on state). This makes doctors BIG MAD since they require a lot more education and usually know what they're doing. All NPs/PAs are supposed to work under an attending physician.

Residents, who are full doctors but still in training, are the main ones taking umbrage to the scope creep as they have an attending as well.

NP misses pulmonary embolism, doctors seethe

Doctors point out that NP care is more costly. It's also less effective and results in a lot of readmissions

Sleep deprived docs make a funny meme and dunk on NPs

Pick me nurse tells residents that NPs suck

An NP has a mentally stable reaction when told she's not a real doctor

Frozen insider advice: If you need real care, go to a doctor. If you need narcotics, go to an NP. They are just excited they get to prescribe the no-no substances.

Scatsy's Guide to Shit-Eating! :marseycrap::!horny:

We thought the community could benefit from these tips and tricks for the best possible outcome with feeding and eating.

Thank you to those who made this happen. You know who you are. ❤️❤️

Please feel free to reply with any suggestions or thoughts of your own. Let us know if you'd like to see more!

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Baby duck :marseyduck: climbs up two stairs to use a playground slide

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You guys are so r-slurred lol. You'll believe anything.

Not reselling tampons you Mongo. I got them for people.

She also has vaginismus that sugarbabying has cured i guess. Click link for her tik tok mansplaining lol


vaseline? what in the !peakpoors use carmex like a normie


what does this mean?


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TERF forgot to get her naughty words loiscence


https://i.rdrama.net/images/16861735676365414.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16861735679540267.webp

Bong "justice" treats child male feminists lighter than this. fricking joke of an island

Another Reason For No-Fap :marseymonk:

Why you should refrain from ejaculating if you want to Astral Project.

I've noticed a few people asking about this, so here's some info on the Sacral chakra and why it's important to make better use of your sexual energy. This post refers to general benefits and also in terms of AP'ing.

Ejaculating can affect your energy levels. When you ejaculate, you are spilling the most powerful form of energy from your body. You can put your sexual energy to much better use by transmuting this energy up through the spine. You will have more power to leave the body, more willpower to manifest, you'll have more passion for life, and you'll feel more connected to yourself, others and the Universe.

Look into the micro cosmic orbit, there's tutorials for it online. You can practice the micro cosmic orbit whenever you feel the urge to ejaculate.

There is a reason why you might feel dejected, ashamed, depressed etc when you ejaculate. The Sacral chakra, which governs your sexual energy, also governs your emotions, especially ones of shame, frustration, and guilt. When you spill your sexual energy, which is a gift from the Universe, your Sacral chakra does not have the energy to balance these emotions. You are left feeling dissatisfied with life, with yourself, and with others. Since you feel dissatisfied with everything, you are left in a cycle of chasing after a temporary, euphoric feeling only to want to chase after that feeling again and again.

When someone gives you a gift, it is considered rude to throw it away. It is better to be grateful for the gift and make good use of it. Our sexual energy is a gift, and we can do so many things to make better use of it. We can manifest the passion we need to create the life we really desire, and to find the passion to love ourselves and others.

It's difficult at first, but if you fight the urge, after some time, you will gain a sense of self-control, and this sense of self-control will empower you, thus changing your self-image. The Sacral chakra fuels the Solar Plexus chakra, meaning you feel more confident, and you have more willpower to manifest. This doesn't mean just manifesting material things, but spiritual jewels too (which are the best jewels of all). You will find it easier to manifest an astral projection.

If your Sacral chakra is depleted of energy and is imbalanced, you will find it difficult to balance your emotions. The balancing of emotions is very important when it comes to astral projecting. This is because, if you're filled with emotion, desire, anticipation, ambition, fear, etc. while you're attempting to AP, you will not be able to AP. You do not feel these emotions when you're normally about to drift off to sleep, so you must let them go. There is no 'trying' in APing.

Another reason why it's very important to have a balanced Sacral chakra is, when you do succeed in APing, the ability to see things without the mask of emotions allows you to have a sense of control. You don't want to bump into the wrong entity and not have control over what emotions you feel. They will only benefit and eat from this fearful, negative energy.

I hope this helps.

EDIT: If you decide to send energy up the spine, it is important to stay grounded. This means frequent walking, connection to the earth, and maintaining your sense of connection to reality. Sending energy up the spine can result in a result in a Kundalini awakening.

EDIT: Please make this decision responsibly for yourself, not because I say it can help. If you DO decide to take this route, you should most definitely practice the microcosmic orbit. Retention issues can arise, especially for men, if you don't. This is because your sexual energy is looking to go somewhere, so this means you can decide to let it go, or you can direct it up the spine. Look into the risks of Kundalini awakening before deciding to journey on this venture.

EDIT: Some people are saying they can masturbate and still astral project. I'm not saying you can't project if you do. I'm saying if you're struggling, this can help.

Is seventeen times a day too much


What about astroprojaculation


Everyone is so butthurt to hear this because porn has been proven to be as addictive as meth, for men.

People get cranky when their addictions get pointed out

When Tradpilled Saviors of Western Civilization and New Age Spiritual Voyagers agree.

I feel like meth is a little worse bc I’ve never seen a guy steal a catalytic converter just to beat off but idk


Porn has one of the most vile energies I have felt attached to it. It’s like it is its own entity, and it isn’t a pretty feeling one.

I recommend spicy books 😂 that is the most woman thing I can say. But You can enjoy using your imagination without feeling 100% tempted to do anything. Plus they tend to have more of a foundation of love :)

I could tell a woman wrote this before she even mentioned it tbh.


Redirecting sexual energy through the spine is pretty advanced stuff because of how easy it is to unintentionally trigger Kundalini psychosis. I feel like the last thing people want is the most spiritually transformative and psychically terrifying period of their lives just because they wanted to AP a little faster.

Also semen retention has to be done properly, or you are gambling with infection, impaction, and other reproductive health risks.

I don’t know what the frick Kaczynski activation is but it sounds bad

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Honestly that's some bad luck lmboooo







Toorak homeowners accused of being ‘too rich’, asked to give away assets amid cost of living crisis

Toorak's median house price is a staggering $5,300,000, with the suburb having the highest average household income in Victoria of $185,000, according to Australian Tax Office figures for 2019/20.

Last month, residents in the exclusive Melbourne suburb of Toorak opened their doors to find a double-sided sheet of paper accusing them of being “too rich” and harming others as a result.

Jeff Yew, CEO of crypto company Monochrome Asset Management, said the notes were odd.

“The proposals are a little bit wild,” he told http://news.com.au. “There is also a level of ‘this can’t be real’.”

Mr Yew said he knows a lot of high net worth individuals through his work and that a friend, based in Toorak, had sent him photos of the bizarre letter. The chief executive himself is based in Brisbane.

Local Toorak residents are reportedly concerned as the message made reference to violence.

“In our business we deal with a lot of high net worth individuals. Toorak is a particularly wealthy neighbourhood, I would draw that assumption” as to why they posted the letters there, Mr Yew said.

“It’s a very direct way to appear threatening the rich.”

Data from property analysis firm shows the median house price in Toorak is $5.19 million.

Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Toorak is one of the richest in the nation.

It holds the record for the second most expensive property sale in Australia’s history.

A run-down 10-bedroom mansion was snapped up by crypto kingpin Edward Craven in August last year for $80 million, setting a new state record, and coming second in the country.


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Least radicalized /r/Australia subscriber


Yeah now stop and consider that someone paid to have those printed.

Now who's got too much money hey?

Idk maybe $200 to get some printed up.

Not too bad really.

If you have $200 to print some pointless flyers then relative to a lot of people, you are too rich!

Almost as dumb as the previous comment. The mail out is clearly a form of social protest.

Do you need to be flat broke before you are allowed to talk about social equality?

Talk is free. Flyers are not.

I think you are one of those "only the people richer than me are too rich".

Ok, so..? And..?

So and your comment is pointless. Someone tried to make a social point and had some small printing costs. Try engaging your brain and addressing the point he raises. Of course no one is going to sell there houses for a letter. Don't be so direct or literal. It's a form of protest.

It's a form of nuisance, the posting it here is more likely the real slactivism than the mail drops are any form of protest or activism. You pointing out two hundred bucks, that would imply you could guess the number printed or is entirely a finger in the air, pointless. The sanctimonious lecture that comes with it... And that posting history. Hmm, friends of yours?

Oh Harden up. I am just a vocal supporter of any one who wants to push for social change. Our country and society isn't "finished". We need to always work towards the ideal of what we think it should be and not just assume it'll work out in the end.

That's how all our liberties and rights have been claimed in the past. Pushing for them in small and big ways. And yes leafleting and starting a discussion counts.

Sadly I'm too old, bitter and cynical to be the one doing this, but I'm not so myopic and self-righteous that I consider someone investing their own time and money as "slacktivism" (which btw is a weak term invented to shame people pushing for change).


This is old news, but I fully support the letter dropper. Hopefully some Toorak residents read it and actually reflected on the message. If wealth inequality continues on the path it is, it's only a matter of time until the guillotines come out.

>trust me guys the commie revolution is just around the corner! even though food security is so good 30% of the population is obese and the masses are placated with r-slurred entertainment like MAFS, footy and horse/sports gambling people are definitely eager to fight a bloody civil war to usher in the communist utopia!!!



I feel like (if this isn't a hoax which it absolutely could be) I relate. There's no political will in Australia to do anything about the issues we face with housing, and the majority of people (mostly homeowners) seem to have a kind of "frick you, I got mine" attitude towards fellow Australians that are struggling. This feels like an act of desperation by someone who literally doesn't know what else to do other than try to speak to the humanity of the wealthy. I'm not sure it's effective, but I do get it.

I think the Greens definitely have the political will to do something about housing with there ambitious housing policy and wanting to remove negative gearing :marseysurejan:

I worked for a greens majority council they are a tad too classist to effectively combat this issue. They were also actively against social housing in practice. Despite the ways they would bandy about the issue

Greens infighting moment #564364375 :marseyxd:


: martyAboRentFree :


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