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California can fricking suck as a car guy. Or a gun guy. But as a blue collar guy? It's amazing. (357)

How does it suck as a gun guy? (29)

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Call me management sympathiser idgaf but this one's not nearly as bad as y'all making it out to be. The employee's looking like a bit of a smart butt here that's all. (585)

Did you even read his situation? This is a brand new manager, obviously trying to assert dominance over someone who has been there longer. (-84)

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What a weird thing to get wound up over. As if none of your coworkers will know you're out sick? We have group chats at our work for this kind of thing because then other people know their duties might change because an expected part of the crew isn't showing up that day. It's not like he asked you to text everyone that your hemorrhoids are flaring up. Can't imagine why you didn't get that team lead position... (978)

I already had that Team Lead Position. I was already handling all the duties and requirements. Saved this dealership some money when they had a vendor try to come and install some retrofit arms for BEV-Compliance and discovered they didnt do their due diligence on checking if we even have compatible lifts. We didn't. But there's a lot I did that I'm no longer going to be doing. They can figure it out for themselves.So luckily now they get to return an unopened crate for a refund instead of going through the headache of returning retrofit arms that have had an installation attempt. Or worse, improperly installed and could possibly fail.The group chat didn't exist until 2 days ago. Theyve all called out sick and theres never been an issue before. It's a zero-effect on them. It's only a thing to this manager. (-68)

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I find it very bizarre that the people in this sub are obsessed with exclusively doing the bare legal minimum.At my job if I'm going to miss a meeting, I tell my team. My manager isn't my Mommy. If people are going to be waiting on me, I'm gonna be the one to let them know that I will be out. (467)

IMHO it's just a manifestation of the victimhood fetish that is pervasive in modern society. It started with the reality tv shows where theres never anyone from a normal butt background on there, that's not gonna get the viewers hooked! No, we only take non-binary amputees that lost a limb in a war torn country before swimming across the ocean and landing in the US where they promptly had 13 kids, got cancer, watched all their kids die horrific deaths, lost their home, struggled with addiction before finding JAYSUS, and live in a fricking van down by the river now.So people grow up watching this shit, and they get this twisted idea that if they want to be popular, they need to have some crazy assed adversity in their lives they're fighting against. But what if they're, like most, from normal butt families and have normal butt jobs and enjoy normal butt things? Frick off outta here with that shit! You fricking NORMIE! Im better than you because Im a goddarn VICTIM, don't you understan... (2)

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I have worked as both a manager and a simple peon and have seen a lot on both sides. OP, you look like a bit of a smart butt citing that code, but I do understand your reasons for not broadcasting it to everyone. Getting everyone on the 'same page' is usually a good thing. However that is not your responsibility. There are more negative aspects to this situation than positives which I don't think people realize. A company wide broadcast means that now everyone has a record of your business. There was an employee at a past job of mine who used all their sick days due to a chronic illness. Only a few close to them knew the real reason. It was nobody's business to know it and by law the company cannot share the specifics with other employees anyway. This person would also use their vacation days as their sick time off, never taking a real vacation. This was cleared with HR when they were hired. The disabilities act does so much more good than people realize. Due to the circumstances for... (2)

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Disagree. Manager is delegating manager duties to someone who is not at work. John needs to be paid on the clock for any communications with coworkers. It's just a text. Also this could be construed as discouraging the use of sick time which is literally illegal besides unethical. If that's indeed the manager's intention which it may not be. (-8)

By that logic he should be paid for telling management he is sick and can't come in. Which, unless it meets the legal criteria, he shouldn't. Which it doesn't, so he shouldn't. If you feel as though the law is wrong and that he should be paid, then sure you can disagree.But it certainly can't be construed as discouraging the use of sick time. Doing so is illegal and unethical, but that's very clearly not what's happening here. Again, OP's manager instantly said yes to the sick leave. Zero questions, zero criticisms. No guilt tripping. Dude just asked OP to let his coworkers know. We'll never know the manager's hard stance on it since OP went nuclear against a coughing baby, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that if he had just said "I don't feel comfortable broadcasting my personal health, sorry", then his manager would have been fine with that.If you feel that's not something he should have to do, then sure I can see that viewpoint. If you feel that being asked that is in some way offe... (6)

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1. Take notes, fellas.

2. They all should come with warning labels :marseyredflag2:

3. Woman single, racists to blame :marseyconfused:

4. :marseykween: :marseycheers: "white men are deadbeats too " :marseynoooticer: :marseychartpie: ";)"

5. :coomerface: :soysnootype:

6. Making fun of single Mothers :marseythumbsup: making fun of interracial relationships :marseymad:

7. :donkeykongbooba: :marseyfrozenchosen: 10 seconds later :donkeykongsad: :marseyfrozenchosen: :marseymyeisha: :marseymarfan:

8. :marseychonkerfoid: "found the incel" :chudsmug: "Cro-magnon DNA! Check mate."

9. :chudette: "and you wonder why woman choose the bear" :marseyschizotwitch: "%J4$9P!"

10. :marseyseethe: "nice racism, dude" :marseysmug2: "thanks for noticing"


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A resident of Lekki, Lagos Island, has taken to social media to share his struggles with water scarcity in the upscale neighborhood. In a video that has quickly gone viral, the man shows about 1000 bags of water he claims to use daily for bathing.

Standing beside a massive pile of sachet water bags, commonly known as "pure water" in Nigeria, the man explains his predicament: "This is my daily routine.

Lekki, despite its reputation for luxury and high property values, suffers from significant infrastructure issues, with water scarcity being a major concern. Many residents, like the man in the video, are forced to purchase sachet water due to unreliable municipal supply.

That's harsh. I hope he isnt doing this for Social Media.

Before he rented the apartment, was he not aware that the place does not have good water? If he was aware of the situation, he is just exposing his stupidity by making noise online. And if he was aware of the situation before he rented the apartment, he probably rented the apartment because he thought he would be making enough money to buy expensive water but the economy has failed him and he doesn't want to be straightforward to state exactly what made him to rent the apartment.

Was he aware of the water situation but his landlord promised him good water and later failed him? If this is the situation, he should be straightforward to tell the public that his landlord deceived him.

I don try this one or two days, the hand pain and stress that fellow it is something else...

Opening many sachet of water and pouring it in a bucket is not easy...

How about putting the sachets in the bucket and using knife to burst through them. Then afterwards you squeeze out the bursted sachets. That's super fast. Try it

This one na clown, Ajah brown water wey we dey use bath and even taste salty sometimes. I have friends in Ajah and there water comes clean naturally. It depends on the areas where you get your place at.

mmm salty water

Can't the water be treated if it's bad? Why rely on tankers to supply water?

The water has high iron concentration or so

It is not totally safe even when it is treated.

It affects skin too if you have a skin that reacts easily.

The best reliance was lagos state water corporation but it no longer functions

Island (Surrounded by water) without water for usages no be Juju be dat?

Rubbish attention seeker.

20 sachets of pure water is even more than enough to bath a normal human being in single process.

Water supply? From where? Water corporation? Dem no get borehole?

I am wondering if it is an abomination to dig boreholes there.

I remember when I stay one yeye estate for Ajah not lekki sef, two bags of pure water for one bath. At least pure water still cheap then

Lagos supremacists should come and hear this

Oh people buy water from tanker in your almighty lagos

My town for Ihiala is far better than your stupid lekki wey no water รฑo light no road no good health system rubbish

So these lekki rumors are true

Are you guys prevented from sinking boreholes.


OP WesleyClark1776 :marseypop2: all over the thread

Bonus: offshoot bitching about whether Indians (.) should be classified as Asians or not

Monsters Inc Tried to Warn Us!
Happy Father's Day!
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