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A movie set weapons handler who loaded a gun for actor Alec Baldwin before it fired and killed a cinematographer was "sloppy", her trial has heard.

"Negligent acts" by armourer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 26, led to Halyna Hutchins' death during the production of Rust, prosecutors told the court.

Ms Gutierrez-Reed has pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence over the fatality during the production of the Western in the US state of New Mexico.

During opening statements for the trial in Santa Fe on Thursday, prosecutors argued that the defendant's "unprofessional" on-set conduct led to an avoidable tragedy in which live ammunition found its way into a weapon.

"You will hear testimony that she routinely left guns and ammunition lying around the set unattended and her gun safe and ammo cart were constantly disorganised," special prosecutor Jason Lewis said.

To make their case, prosecutors showed jurors boxes of ammunition that were on set the day the shooting took place, which they said contained live rounds interspersed with dummy ones.

They allege that Ms Gutierrez-Reed negligently brought live ammunition from her home to the set that day, including the bullet that struck and killed Ms Hutchins.

The defence case is basically to just keep saying that Alec Baldwin is at fault because he fired the gun. I'd love to see him do prison time but the armourer sounds much worse.

Today in Mountain Lion News

Slow day in mountain lion news. Im going to post a bunch of pictures of mountain lions instead.

marsey has gone insane

Boomer :marseydoubtit: Punches 8 year old

Holy christ :marseyklennysoren: pray for the teacher.


Working on IT stuff in various overseas locations. Soliciting a prostitute, marrying a foreign stripper, some debt, and being evasive about this stuff:

This guy watched a buddy in the airforce overdose on "cocaine" and lied about it. Guy was previously discharged from the airforce for hard drugs:

This 23 year old was working as an IT manager but seems to have been moonlighting. He had a criminal record in his youth and was busted with marijuana and illegal firearms:

Married manager is an alcoholic. An interesting vignette but nothing unheard of. Beverage consumption quantities in document seem unreasonably low. Goes to AA and gets clearance:

Boomer making $168K can't be bothered to pay taxes or bills:

I'll give credit to the reddit post I found this site from. Apparently one of Kim Jong Un's relatives who has fled to the US is working in defense:

edit :{

Veteran aircraft mechanic has secret wife in Peru:

"[M]y use of recreational drugs on my personal time in no way reflects upon my trustworthiness as a keeper of national secrets. I do not plan to change my lifestyle because that would be absurd, and directly contradictory to the first sentence of this statement. If the DOD wants a dog who has no personal principles, they can find one elsewhere.":


There are many more of these and a decent fraction are worth the read. Most common thing in these is debt. Sometimes it's sympathetic but sometimes its hardcore trailer park vibes.

This is a goldmine. If you guys upvote some jannies bickering or shitty drawings over this I will lose any respect I had for this site.


Before anyone asks, it's AI.

Bardfinn is definitely getting shares. rDrama bros...we lost...

reportmaxx any redditor who says they bought shares through the reddit program if so :marseylaugh:

Remember to be invited onto their program you needed a high karma or high mod action account



The future of AI: [Removed] OR As a large language model the bacon narwhals at midnight

Google AI pitch meeting: Everyone seems to be mocking our AI. How can we make it more woke and cringe?

I have an earache and I'm cranky

it means a lot that you care /u/Battleloser

Absolute shitshow thread where OP divorces wife for not having s*x with him after speaking with a chud therapist

6000+ comments and more by the minute, post is only 4 hours old. OP:

When my wife was pregnant her libido dropped. I searched around on the internet about it and apparently its very common in case of pregnancy and postpartum period. So I didnt push it any further. Then she gave birth and no s*x. I waited for a year to broach the conversation about s*x because apparently breastfeeding decrease libido.

After lot of discussions we went to therapy. Couples therapy was a very different experience to me, my wife was just better talking about her feelings. So I was advised to go to individual therapy to help me with it. I found a dude, and we hit it off instantly. He is my type of therapist, no BS kind of guy. Calls you out on your BS and then accurately explain whats going on. Our couple's therapist is a woman and very preachy in the way she talks, I am like get to the point.

So few months into couples therapy and the conclusion was that I need to manage my expectations regarding s*x. That we are not gonna be having that much and that quality of s*x that we once were having.

So I asked my therapist if I have to manage my expectations, and he said not really, if I dont wanna. He said there is nothing wrong with having expectations and if my wife cant meet them, she cant meet them. What I cant do it agree to compromise and then hold it against her head.

I thought about it and I have decided that compromise on s*x is not for me. I do not want to be in a relationship that is not sexually satisfactory, I have give two years to this relationship I am not willing to give more. And it seems like the couple's therapist and my wife are trying to make me be okay with subpar s*x life.

So I communicated it in therapy and the therapist response was basically that yes she is doing what I think she is doing but I should see it in positive light because she knows what she is doing and I dont. I told them that divorce is a good solution here because I will never be the one to manage my expectations. Therapist said she wants to talk more about it and I told her I am not willing to give you more money and whether she would do it for free. She didnt say anything and I just smiled and walked away.

I ended our couple's therapy and asked my wife for divorce. Wife is not happy about it and now wants to work on our relationship. But a relationship without a very good s*x life is not a good goal worth fighting for, for me. She said she will work towards it, I said do it then. its been a two days nothing has changed really. I mean she has all the time she needs before divorce is finalized so thats that, but I am not hopeful

I am giving more to this relationship than I am getting back from it. Its not sustainable. I think divorce is best for both of us.

It's sad to see anyone divorce, especially with a baby. I'm sorry you and your wife can't work it out. It's hard to say either of you are the AH here. Sometimes people change and things don't work out.

[OP response, -738 with 176 children lmao]I wont say that we cant work out, I just realized something about my wife, she does not have same goals regarding our s*x life as me. She is okay with me being the one to just manage my expectations.

I really dont see myself doing that. If she want to work together to restore our s*x life like it previously was then things can work. She does not, she thinks that we should readjust to a new norm. I am not willing to do that.

So I think we have reached an impasse, divorce is the only solution


Wife is not happy about it and now wants to work on our relationship. But a relationship without a very good s*x life is not a good goal worth fighting for, for me. She said she will work towards it, I said do it then. its been a two days nothing has changed really. I mean she has all the time she needs before divorce is finalized so thats that, but I am not hopeful

She only cares about your feelings when it impacts her comfort.

Do you want to be with somebody so selfish that you have to blow up your marriage before she'll even look in the direction of your feelings?

Is it really selfish not to have s*x when you don't want to have s*x?

S*x is part of relationship. You can't have a relationship without it. Otherwise you're just roommates.

No one is entitled to s*x.

No one is entitled to being an volcel either, sweatie.

it really seems like a very, very, butthole move to divorce your wife due to no s*x after she gave birth to YOUR CHILD.

you basically got her pregnant, and then left because the s*x life didnt recover. so what if it doesnt? its natural.


NTA is he supposed to accept a celibate life, of course it isn't natural

A celibate life is normal, lots of people are celibate.

@sandkwinn, is this true?

If the "compromise" consists on you giving up s*x then its not compromise at all.

Your therapist is right.

Nta for wanting to be a normal person

So are you saying that people who don't want to have s*x aren't normal? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” That's pretty rude just saying

Are you saying being ace isn't normal? :soycry:


Ironic how a lot of people are calling OP the arsehole here but if the roles were reversed and OPs wife made this post about how her husband has completely stopped having s*x with her and denies her intimacy for over a year since having his child; you'd all be sympathetic for the wife and still calling OP an arsehole.

Get your double standards in check for crying out loud. The only way OP is an arsehole is with his choice of wording and potentially going to divorce too quickly. But that's his choice to make based on whatever reasons he feels are valid.

This can't be double standards since men don't bear children which completely transforms every part of their mind and body. Also majority of women take care of the household and needs of inhabitants, not men, so if a man didn't want s*x with his wife anymore, it would stem from completely different reasons so it's not similar at all. Also, women are the ones more in touch with their feelings and is likely they would actually have a conversation with the husband instead of hiring a yes-man therapist who will validate her "needs" and diminish his

The double standard here is how we respond to when men and women bring up the lack of s*x as a problem regardless of the reasoning behind it.

As I said it's due to different reasons. Men don't start witholding s*x cause they're neglected and exhausted like women. It's usually because they're cheating

Men only withhold s*x maliciously, sexist. When women do it, it's only for angelic reasons.

Anyway this is just the stuff I found in controversial, there's bound to be many more dramatic responses in the top comments.


OP posts a map of the rate of dog attack deaths per state, and in typical reddit fashion, the discussion immediately turns into a pitbull love/hate circlejerk. Drama and ad hominems follow.

Now to see the relative # of pitbulls per state.

Copy and pasting this everywhere because there's so fricking many of you.

Man there's so many stupid, disingenuous arguments around Pit Bulls and the people that make them are so fricking obnoxious that they never shut the frick up about it but I really didn't expect to see them on /r/dataisbeautiful.

The argument that Pitt Bulls are inherently more violent is idiotic and not based on fact. The circumstances of a Pit Bull's life and the power of their bite is what differs, not the breed itself.

Pit Bulls will obviously do more damage when they bite than a Chihuahua. That does not mean Pit Bull bites are more frequent or that Pit Bulls are more violent.

Likewise Pit Bulls are cheap, readily available dogs. Anyone of low income can get a Pit Bull. Designer breeds are more expensive and so less likely to be owned by individuals with lower income.

Lower income is heavily correlated with antisocial behaviors such as drugs and violence.

Dogs in such environments with upbringing will have negative outcomes, the same as children would.

It really is not hard at all to see WHY there are more Pit Bull hospitalizations than other dog breeds and it has absolutely nothing to do with breed tendencies.

And yet people like you won't shut the frick up about it, even here.

Comparing a Pit bull to a chihuahua is stupid. Their bite is more dangerous than most dogs, which is why they're so dangerous. Other large breeds will bite and release as a warning or in defense. Pits will latch on and actively try to tear off skin and limbs. The reason Pits result in more hospitalizations isn't because of poor people. The dog was literally bred to bite.

Pathetic. Get a real hobby.

Hm, yet you're the one all over this thread, replying to everyone with your terrible arguments. Maybe you're the one that needs a hobby?

I'm literally going to call a lawyer tomorrow and update my will so that in the incredibly unlikely event I am one of those 10 people you care more about than victims of gun violence some day and a Pit Bull does kill me, they make my tombstone read "It wasn't the dog's fault," just as a final frick you.

That's how stupid I think you are.

Dog owners are the problem not the good doggos.

Yeah it's definitely not super violent breeds that have been genetically manipulated to kill

I do agree. Pitbulls should be outlawed in US. Just like in 30 other countries and US Military bases.

But in the end, dog owners are the root.

I raised my pitbull better than your parents raised you. She's doesn't attack people or post porn online all day everyday.

This comment is so on brand for a pit bull owner, love it.

I feel like I have lurked sufficiently to determine how to correctly post reddit drama on rdrama, but if not please leave constructive criticism, so I can make better posts for the good of rdrama and also buy hats
marsey :marseysmugchristmas:

The Princess Bride (1987)

I've been putting off watching this for my whole life waiting until the right time because it's so hyped, especially in the nerds of my generation subculture.

It's good. There's a reason why it had so much cultural impact in nerd communities. But it didn't move me in the same way as for example the terribly underrated [Sinbad the Sailor (1947)](https://ย I with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and his redhead medieval Persian wife.

I think it's just too disjointed. There are great scenes which we all know before we watch it. I mean they even did an homage to the poisoning scene in TNG. But there's not enough of a beginning, middle, and end structure.

Cary Elweys and the princess drift in and out of the story, but while it's supposed to be about their "true love" we see virtually zero. Yeah, I get it, this is the conceit that little gay boy Fred Savage has an age appropriate aversion to girls and kissing and stuff. But maybe Kathleen Kennedy should have swooped in to subvert the expectations of 10 year olds and hint that you actually will like girls/boys.

It all makes a lot more sense tho when you spend 5 minutes looking it up on Wikipedia. His daughters (4-7) wanted to hear bedtime stories about princesses. There is nothing that a true chad loves more than when his little girl asks what happens next in your story.


Context: Abortion is legal in the UK up to 24 weeks - terminations past that limit can result in the foid and her doctor being prosecuted. This amendment will make it so foids can't be prosecuted, but doctors still can.

/r/uk thread

These threads will heat up, just wait.

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